Lie to me

Hello :)
'Carpe diem' means what? I don't know, I just saved that picture because of the image quality :p So yaa.. hai. It's been a long time since I post something in this blog. You know, busying finding the purpose of life. Pfft, ok I lied. I'm having havoc weeks. First examination is suck! Ya, I'm not well prepared for this exam. Insaf oi nak SPM :( Chemistry brought tears to my eyes. Let see if addmath will done the same thing or not I don't know. Yea, it's march already and I am not ready for SPM. Can we turn back time so I could restart over? Okay the answer is no : < Life as senior? The first main thing is, my HEIGHT. I AM... SHORTER THAN FORM 1 STUDENT. Even Zarul said that he thought I'm 14 . Who's Zarul? muehehe.

You know what.. dino got herself a new friend. Aand he's 15. ok not cool just no. I never saw him in my real life. He said he never saw me at school. Yeah. I am holographic. This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we all fcking done with the exam. I wanna restart my life all over. I don't want to see that bitch face again. He lied to me. Not once but several times. I couldn't coop with that type of man. He's a player yet rich. Ugh DO RICH PEOPLE NEED TO BE A PLAYER? aaaaahh, I am so stewpid to bewlieve that ew guy. I loss him but hey I got new friend. ok I mentioned about my new friend twice in the same paragraph. Who? Syasyasya shhh. hahahahamaybeIneedmorefriends. Those form 3 students never failed to make me smile/laugh. Sakai semua. rambut bumbung laa, si kacak x kacak la... etc. 5 Arif? what happened? nothing.

We all started bashing amir for his stupid attitude :p Do I need a friend that being emo so easily? Haih.. nowadays Amri's being cute by liking cute kitty/cat post in Facebook. It's such an honor to be one of his friend since 13. Liya call him Pierre Andre cus' their face look alike. And Mat Yus got himself a new smartphone. He started adding people in wechat and sent stupid voice message in whatsapp group. Our whatsapp group name is 'Mat Yus Berkemban'.. haha. how? I don't know. He don't even mind we called him that. Kawan macam inilah yang kita mahu. Gahh, idea oo idea please come to me bae. Oh yes doodles. Teachers, please stop giving us too much homeworks because we all need to breath sometimes.. I mean always! Too mush h/works just stressed me out. Can I become engineers by tomorrow and drive hummer to workplace please? work hard. The only recipe to achieve my dreams. It's 6 pm already. Bye :B
Syasyasyaszczesny :p