Hello :)
First of all, I would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese's friend. OBS,Chong, Vivian, Lee, Sin Hui, Hoho and so on.. Last Tuesday (28/1/14), most of our teachers is absent. Everyone just like, pheww, Syukur. Why? Because we have tonnes of homeworks that we'd to complete. Huh, I hate homework. Aina just play random song in her phone. I'm just sitting there scrolling my phone. Nothing to do la sangaat katanya. After recess, good things is still no teachers coming into our class. The worst part is.. mdro became real insane. He just sang and start dancing all around. Oh and we call him 'Along' and Syamir is 'Abah'. Me? Step mother. kuaja Aina. Mdro start taking selfie. hoaaa, weird part of mdro that I'd never seen. Where's da picture?? Here's some :P

haha.. Our class is the most awesome class than the others. Rancak, Jiwa Kental etc. Still can't believe that this year is our last year being a student. Huu sedeyyy. I'll do anything to make this year 'gempak' than the other years.