Hello xx
Hiatus.. you know what it is hiatus? Its means take a break for a long long time. Just like No Doubt, Fall Out Boy and etc. And now... The Wanted. I don't really know what just happened. First, Max and Nathan's grandfather died. Then, they had cancelled Europe tour and now... they decide to take a break. In my opinion, they should take a break.Yeah, they must be tired and stressed with the tour, fans, rumours and new album. I just hoping that they will be fine and work hard to achieve their dreams. It takes a lot of hard-works to reach where they're right now. From Battleground until Word Of Mouth. I'm still proud to say that I'm a TWFanmily no matter what.  xoxo

Form 5 life? gaah, stress giler sia. Oh I'd a story here.Yesterday, there's a meeting with PBSM's members that evening. When Chong told us to sing PBSM's song.. That lil creature just standing behind my back and try to talk with me. I'm just like err.. hello, you and I.. we should hate each other and never considering me as your friend after this. He just like.. "eleh dyno merajuk.." I just wanna kick his head off. Gaaah.. Fortunately, me and him.. we're in different section so; yaaa.. DOBY IS FWEEEE!! pfft 

Oh yaa, I'm still doing doodles thingy and been thinking about selling them with cheap price. Anyone? lulz -_- I need money to buy PSP. I need 'em . Yeah, I've smartphone but.. just no. The game in play-store just too boring for me. Gaah, still planning that and I need my friends suggestion. They've brilliant mind than me. So yeah. have to say goodbye for now sir. bubyeh :)