Hello :)
First of all, I would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese's friend. OBS,Chong, Vivian, Lee, Sin Hui, Hoho and so on.. Last Tuesday (28/1/14), most of our teachers is absent. Everyone just like, pheww, Syukur. Why? Because we have tonnes of homeworks that we'd to complete. Huh, I hate homework. Aina just play random song in her phone. I'm just sitting there scrolling my phone. Nothing to do la sangaat katanya. After recess, good things is still no teachers coming into our class. The worst part is.. mdro became real insane. He just sang and start dancing all around. Oh and we call him 'Along' and Syamir is 'Abah'. Me? Step mother. kuaja Aina. Mdro start taking selfie. hoaaa, weird part of mdro that I'd never seen. Where's da picture?? Here's some :P

haha.. Our class is the most awesome class than the others. Rancak, Jiwa Kental etc. Still can't believe that this year is our last year being a student. Huu sedeyyy. I'll do anything to make this year 'gempak' than the other years. 


Hello xx
Hiatus.. you know what it is hiatus? Its means take a break for a long long time. Just like No Doubt, Fall Out Boy and etc. And now... The Wanted. I don't really know what just happened. First, Max and Nathan's grandfather died. Then, they had cancelled Europe tour and now... they decide to take a break. In my opinion, they should take a break.Yeah, they must be tired and stressed with the tour, fans, rumours and new album. I just hoping that they will be fine and work hard to achieve their dreams. It takes a lot of hard-works to reach where they're right now. From Battleground until Word Of Mouth. I'm still proud to say that I'm a TWFanmily no matter what.  xoxo

Form 5 life? gaah, stress giler sia. Oh I'd a story here.Yesterday, there's a meeting with PBSM's members that evening. When Chong told us to sing PBSM's song.. That lil creature just standing behind my back and try to talk with me. I'm just like err.. hello, you and I.. we should hate each other and never considering me as your friend after this. He just like.. "eleh dyno merajuk.." I just wanna kick his head off. Gaaah.. Fortunately, me and him.. we're in different section so; yaaa.. DOBY IS FWEEEE!! pfft 

Oh yaa, I'm still doing doodles thingy and been thinking about selling them with cheap price. Anyone? lulz -_- I need money to buy PSP. I need 'em . Yeah, I've smartphone but.. just no. The game in play-store just too boring for me. Gaah, still planning that and I need my friends suggestion. They've brilliant mind than me. So yeah. have to say goodbye for now sir. bubyeh :) 


Hello xx
It's Friday!! yey, but tomorrow; my day is packed with tuition, tuition and tuition. SPM woih! but starting today.. I'll plan my days wisely. I'll do doodles, drawing and revision more often. And I'll do many mistakes as I can and I'll learn something from that mistakes. No Doubt! 

How was your form 5 life? It's only several days since school started and the pressure is indescribable. Tonnes of homework to complete. Covering form 4 subjects. Gosh, now I realised how stupid I am. T_T I regret everything! WTF I do last year!! I need to change myself . Being 'RAJIN' is a MUST from now on. It's almost 6.00 pm already. Tata! 


Hello peeps J
It’s been...several days since the school starts. The new class name? 5 Harmoni became 5 Arif. Dayyum :3 I feel smart. Lol, before this, Arif is the first class (bio). Full of smart student. But this year, dum da da da da!! How about the teacher? Our teacher this year is more better than last year. Pn. Azu is teaching us malay this year. HELL YES!! I love the way she teach the student. You’ll be facing SPM this year, comment? Argh!! This is more depressing than I expected. Monday-Friday.. school, doing homework.Saturday, school’s programme untill 1 pm. Then, at 4.00pm and 8.30 pm..I’ve math and addmath’s class. Sunday, chemistry’s class. Oh God.. I’m so tired.. One fact that can blow your mind.. All this happened in January. Tonnes of homework.. I’ve to do all that just for 9A+ for SPM. Ain and me are planning to meet councelling teacher to talk about how to manage time wisely, how to study effectively and so on. Dah insaf kata kau...

Sorry for this late post because I’m too busy managing school’s thing. Become secretary for Inovasion club and 5 Arif and cross-country event. I promise I’ll update my blog soon. Haa, again.. lack of idea. So toddles J