30 Dec 2013


Hello people. 
Arsenal won against Newcastle last night 1-0. And PERLIS won too. Piala Proton. 7-6. I’m so over the moon. Actually the main reason I write this post because my blog seems full of dust. I just.. lack of idea. I don’t know what to write. Gaah, my life is boring. I don’t have any ‘special’ friend. My parent just keep me in the house. They’ll say no if I asked their permission to go out with my friends. Oh, I almost forgot. I’m Asian -_- Asian parent is so damn weird and strict : / Do you study for this school holiday? Hell NO! I’m not ready for school. I’m not ready for 2014. SPM. Dayyum. Wait a minute. You know what. It feels like... a dream. Time flies so fast. Rasa macam baru kelmarin dapat surat tawaran ke SMK Derma, kenal Anis Farhana, Saiyidah, Nazlifa etc. 2010 is my best year. So many important event occurred in 2010. That year is where Justin Bieber became famous when his hits song ‘One Time’ became popular. I thought he was a girl when I listened to that song for the first time. Naah, he is a boy with that hair, his arm is clean without tattoo. 2010 is where I found The Wanted. Nathan is 17 yrs old that time. Now he’s 20 years old, Siva and his girl engaged, Jay’s new hairstyle, Nariana, Nathan surgery, Word of Mouth etc.. 2010 is where I met my err. H-.. GOOD LOOKING senior. But they don’t know about my existence,, untill now. -..- Wait..I’m creepy af.  Naah, I miss 1,2,3 TEKUN!! I wish I could turn back time but I can’t do that.

You guys changed me for the better. And now here I am. Next year is my senior year. 4 Harmoni became 5 Arif! We’re like family now. Anis is like our big sister and Afif Rodzi is our big bro. Lil bro / sis? Lol. Even the teachers in school doesn't pay so much attention to our class like other classes, we’re still awesome. We’re not stupid.. just lazy. Blergh :p 2013 is great too. I met Faiq, Hazwan.. know who’s being a bitch to me.. that stupid form 1 student. I met big sisters and bros from uitm arau. Meet my unknown status brother. Ain, Liya and Me became friends. Damn, that event should be highlighted. Ozil signed for Arsenal and Walcott became a father. *wipe tears* Met Mr. Faris Azmi. I’m done with him, Idc what he’s doing right now. Just go and leave. Forget all. And 2013.. Justin Bieber is retiring. Thank you Aaron Ramsey!!! Thank you!! For the first time, Me, Anis and Saiyidah masuk pertandingan melukis banner. Haram tak menang. HAHAHAHA. For the first time, MU is not in top four premiere league. Sorry, Arsenal’s fans tengah sibuk main layang-layang. Biasa la atas bukit angin kuat.. hahahaha!!

11/6/14. 17 years old. I don’t want to grow up. Growing up hurts. I’ve to deal with various people in my life. People always judging you whatever you do. *kau minat The Wanted? The wanted tu bukannya famous pun* , *u’re so pathetic* , etc.. Just smile. That should shut the haters mouth. If that happen to you, what will u do? Me? I’ll punch them.hahaha nope. I’m serious. Why u don’t puch that kid that bashing u in twitter? Oo dear, she just 13 years old. To young too dumb to realise. I’m giving her second chance ;) 2013 taught me to not trust people so much. How crazy.. I mean.. After SPM, If I get good result.. I’ll further my study to Newcastle.. become an architect. Go to Emirate Stadium, meet Arsenal’s player, Meet The Wanted, Linkin Park using my own money.. Getting marry and having kids.. craazy mann. Next year, I’ll use my time wisely. Make memories with people you love as mush as I can.. I’ll do many mistakes as I can.. so I can learn from the mistakes and make me a better person. Appreciate your besties and so on. Enjoy the little things in life cause maybe one day they'll be the biggest things. Here’s to the kids who hates themselves. Stop trying to commit suicide or cut your hands. Those are stupid. Sia-sia Allah bagi otak tak mau guna. Appreciate yourself. I love you guys. Brace yourself because next year will be challenging. Stay strong xx

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