21 Dec 2013


hi hello.

I'm panic right now. Oh god, I can't log in my Tumblr :'( Why just not making new account? no!! I've my followers there and I've follow many people using that account and picture that I've uploaded. Huu, and I just sent my email to tumblr support and now I'm waiting for their reply. Oo wait, they replied to my email. They're asking me to wait and don't make any account yet. Oo, they're so sweet but better hurry up. I wanna reblog everything about Arsenal Party and Monreal. Arsenal party.. can't believe Arsene Wenger dressed up as the bananas in pyjamas with his co.< Is this real or they're just joking? I dunno : /  Per dressed up as jack sparrow and Szczesny dressed up like robocop. Monreal wore Ninja Turtle costume, he wore mask and shell behind is back. HAHAHAHA. Ramsey make a good choice! He dressed up as Rambo. Rambo Ramsey. Mesut Ozil? SUPERMAN!! Mikel as Zorro. Ryo as Santa Claus. Santi as Mario. They're too cute.!! oh and Podolski as hulk. Giroud as captain america and may more. Yea I just got good news!! I can log in my tumblr again. Thank you tumblr support! I love you guys *kissing my netbook screen*

Senior year is coming !! Dyno is coming like a bouncy ball!! Pfft.. And, my senior year is not same as senior year in high school musical. They've hot guy and purdy gurl. Naah, the guys in my batch? Half medium la. -..- SPM!! Knees on the ground. O Allah, please make sure my 9A+ dream come true. Amin! Hey 15 years old Dermarian, yo waddup? got ur PMR’s result already huh? Congratulations lil bros and sis.. 89/151 students got straight A. And you guys picture is on Utusan Malaysia’s newspaper. Lucky batch!! What your parent gave you? Smartphone? Playstation? Trip to Paris? CAR?! My parent just gave me smartphone and that damn thing has ruined my form 4 life. I got addicted to it. Every minutes I've to check my twitter and Instagram. Arghh,!! Next year.. revision/text books!! You and I will getting married. We’ll divorce after SPM. Sebarang surat bantahan tidak akan dilayan!!

This 23rd, I’ll go to keyel. You know keyel? Keyel = KL. For? Vacation!! I hope I can meet DJ NAS-T somewhere. If I found him.. I must take a picture with him! That’s it. 23-25. School stuffs? Tak beli lagi. Watlek watpis dulu. Lool! I’m excited to meet Anis, Saiyidah, Aina, Izzati. Farah, Liya, Ain. Mat Yus, Izuan, Afif Redza and etc.. I miss Hamonikans.. Harmonians? Harmo...  aah nevermind. Next year gonna be tough. Because? That fcking stairs. The numbers of stairs that I've to climb is crazy. I can lose weight next year : /  And Arsenal vs Bayern Munich. Lol, amender ni.. haha. Lets make thing easy. I wish Arsenal will win that match. Arsenal vs Chelsea. No! I wish Arsenal win but at the same time I want Chelsea to win too. Chelsea? Ur supporting Chelsea now dyno? No.. I like Juan Mata. That’s it. Yea.. yeah mann.. yeahh. Pfft. Ajet bosscielny jadi rapper atas plane. So yah, we’ll meet again in next post. Buhbye~~ oo, please tell your parent that you love them because you gonna die after seeing this picture..

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