7 Dec 2013


Hi xx
December already. So, wahey hello SPM. Still not ready for the next year. I'm scared to death. How I wish SPM is easy as UPSR. Nah just NO. Lately, I've trouble sleeping. Normally, I sleep around 11.30 pm and woke up at 6.00 am but.. my sleeping schedule is fcked up due to school holidays. At 1.30 am, I still can't sleep, but praise to God, the internet is still working.. so here I'm last night wechat'ing my friends, scrolling twitter and instagram.. I've no life right now. Mum, can we travel to New York City right now and meet The Wanted? I miss my classmate. Anis , Saiyidah, Aina, Koala, Siput, Mat yus etc. Huerm, ooh and last night they was a Final World Cup Draw. Y'all know, I'm supporting Spain. My Cassilas, Cazorla, David Villa, Torres etc. Te amo chicos. But, this is the heartbreaking part. When they were playing, here in Malaysia.. It's time to go to school. I'm just like whaaaat!! Mum, can I move to Brazil? oohoi, Spain vs Netherlands. Speaking about Netherlands, that cunt is there. yeay that cunt aka Robin Van Persie. I hate you forever.

For next year, I'm hoping that I'll train myself to spend less time playing smartphone and busied myself with meaningful activities. I'd uninstall my BBM and planning to delete whatsapp and wechat.. But, yeah.. me and my brother can only communicate using wechat. Haih, button call/mesej kat telefon tak mau guna -,- Ain and me were planning to put our gadget into a box and bury it into the soil. Pergh, we'll take it out after SPM is done. I know, that plan will not work. I guarantee that. You know what, you know copycat? Someone who likes to imitate what we do. I mean, hello.. just be yourself. No need to copy what people around you do. Just do whatever you like without comparing it with other things. Only imitate the good things and bring good change in yourself. Haiyer, fedup with people like this. <<RIP dyno's grammar>>

Lately, HBO seems trying to kill me by showing Jeremy Renner's film. I mean.. mann, you show me Jeremy Renner and hope I'll be okay? NO! Can I kiss that guy T_T His muscular body and that cute face tho. Gosh, somebody please call the ambulance because I've a heart attack right now. I mean, just look at this face

His acting in The Bourne Legacy film was so majestic. Last AMA, he's one of the presenter. I just like.. No just no.. If I can hug him. *die* Oh here is some sad news. Paul Walker is dead in car accident..Ferrari nohhh.. That Fast and Furious actor. His son make me burst into tears, her caption in her Instagram was so heartbreaking.. How I wish I can sit beside her and console her but naah.. dia tu Kristian.. me hanya boleh ucap takziah ja. Huemm, soory. Stay strong Meadow Walker. 

OOhey should go study now. bye :)


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