4 Nov 2013


Hello (:
I don't know why I love staring at the rains. It makes me feel calm. So hey, for apple users, can you guys please buy word of mouth on Itunes and rate it 5 stars? please.. Please make that album hit the no. 1 in I tune's chart. I don't own any apple's product so.. you know. Kindly help me please.. haha. My parent love Samsung than Apple's product. Idek why : / So, yah. yah yah yah << sawan kejap >> so, today I realized that..  all this whole time, I just keep reminding myself that.. I don't need someone and then I realized that.. the truth is, no one need me :( I mean, there're no one that willing to talk to me. I just being you know.. ALONE and being FRIEND-ZONE! For right now and the rest of my life.. I'll keep myself out from the community. I mean..not at all.. Just being myself. 

<I'm sorry but I've to talk about this> The truth is.. aku menyesal jumpa abang-abang UITM haritu. The brothers only laa..the sisters aku okay ja.. They just make me look stupid.. wait a minutes, I'm stupid already..okay more stupid.. haih. How I wish I can forget every detail things that relate to them. How I wish I can forget their names and looks. O How I wish I'm never go to their places last month. How I wish... haih. Sigh sigh sigh. Erghh, I'm trying to reduce people around me. Only my family,friends and teachers around me and that it. I'm done. ergh.. this growing arms symptoms is killing me. It's so painful. Fortunately, I've Yahoo! to help me and I found the solutions to reduce this motherfuckin pain.. right now.. there's a towel wrapping my left arms and mann.. It's so good.. hot+cold water. pergh, the pain is going away and come back after the towel start cooling.. Can you just go away pain? I hate you.

Anyone has twitter here? same goes here.. You know the most annoying in twitter is.. "UNFOLLOWERS" I mean..you know,, there're some people followed us in twitter and after several days they started unfollow you.. Fortunately we have some websites that could tell us who had unfollow us that day and you know what bitch.. I know who you are...the one who unfollow me.. you just came like..aiyy, followback please..and I do follow you and what happen.. you unfollow me back then.. I mean..aiyy bitch..I'm goin' to unfollow you like forever. Thanks for your commitment. You are just messing with my following numbers. Sorry for that emo stuffs. I can't hold this anymore and guess what.. I become lazy because of you bitch.. lazy to follow back people in twitter. fakoff laaah!!

Oh, just now.. one of my wishlist is completed.. I watched "Ngorat" movie. Awhh, Nas't's character is being a husband who is addicted to game aka psp. Awh..he's so cute and funny.. anyonyonyo..  The last part is the best ..like his wife < in that movie > told his friends that they'll get a nephew.. and Nas-t being so blur and just said.." wait what? emm, that mango trees.. since when it fruits? " lool.. ahahaha.. you know.. nephew is "anak buah" and he thought that "anak buah" is "anak buah mangga"..haha. oh, his name in that movie is Ajo.. ehehe. And he smiled A LOT in that movie. RIP my feeling. I just like.. hugging the tv and said.. can you please be mine? crazy people here.. 

so.. happy new year in Islam today y'all.. ehehe.. moga kita buat amalan yang lebih baik untuk tahun baru ini.. InsyaAllah :) so, yeah.. gonna keep continuing my h/works.. so bubye. :*


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