1 Nov 2013


Hello (:
Hello November.. 1 Nov.. which means, the UITM's students will get their final exam result. I can't hold this feeling anymore..feeling to be annoying at "crushz" . Feeling like I want to send message at wechat to him.. "kau dapat brapa? okay tak? pass suma? ada yang kena repeat tak? " I just keep that word in my thought..Better shut up than be annoying.. he'll leave you forever if you done that. About final exam result.. my marks is terrible and horrified. Because what? Me and you will have a heart attack when you take a look at my result. Let just forget about that..

So after the exam.. the following weeks.. the teachers decide to organise a "asak minda" program thingy that.. you know, boring. And the bast damn thing is.. Liya and Ain just came only in the first day and the following two days.. they're absent and leave me alone at school with all these people. The first day.. that one IPG gave us some motivation for da next year SPM and addmath's teacher just doing problem solving method which I fell asleep because my brain just tired.On the second day.. we have history and chemistry.. I can't even understand what is the purpose of the activity that had done by the teachers. Chemistry? OMG chemistry is so fun with Mr.Lee.. can't describe how sporting he is. Siap nyanyi lagu Black-takkan terpisah.. haha..Third day.. we have Physics and Math. Idk what to write about what happen on third day.. During math, our group consists of Amir Syazwan,Adam,Tiqah band,Kanami, Najwa,two chinese,Syafiqa and this one girl that I can't remember her name. Boleh laa..takat ada amir cukup lah.. power math.

Oh..last Tuesday.. there's football match between Arsenal and Chelsea aaand Arsenal had been kickout for that cup after loss 0-2 with Chelsea. That match started 3.40 am, I went sleep at 12.30am.. On 2.40 am, someone a.k.a my "crushz" just sent a message. He's trying to wake me up from my beauty sleep. Takut lettew message aku ajak teman nengok bola. K. haha,. Sepanjang game berlangsung tu, tanya pasal no. telefon dia which aku dah ada dalam contact. He seems not care about his life. Bukan nak tanya dari mana dapat no. dia,, haha. herm, I got his no. illegally using this secret source. Feeling that hacker life. Haha, poyo je kau dyno. 

I was so boring last night. So,I just clicked that "people nearby" button on wechat and start searching for some people that can understand me. 'Almost cried because laughing so hard'.. Yang greeting aku suma ..ada repmitZ ..which yang suka taip perkataan macam tak pernah belajar bahasa Melayu. Muka Gay enough. Adaa Syada clone aka "flour face" <terbalikkan> . Look lesbian enough aand to jiwang. Aduh, so yang mana-mana muka boleh tahan, perangai, sejarah pelajaran elok apa suma aku accept la friends. While chatting.. my thought is still the same.' Dia ni tak nak wechat aku ker nak tanya pekabor ker' .. Haha, untill today, they're tonne of people try to add me as friends. I know laa I'm a Joker.People love to talk with me but please, could you stop posting post that make me think that you're gay/lesbian/rempitz? Just be like normal people does.. write in English or proper malay without adding any number or 'z'.. aand, don't type like you are using calculator. Annoying af you know..hergh

The last thing is.. *smile* please follow me on Instagram/Twitter.. I do follow back. Make sure you're not die hard fan of ID. I'll block you. why? Because of that niall's harsh word.. I blocked y'all in my life. Blame him. Make sure he didn't breed in da future. Dear "crushz", stop make me wondering about your feeling towards me.. just please wechat me first.. or can I call that twerk fairy to make all my wish comes true? Twerk fairy? haha.. check 'em on vine apps.Lewls, me,Anis,Farah and Mat Yus had stomach ache while watching all the funny videos in that apps. Make sure you watch it. No regrets. So,before this dyno become more dyno.. lets end this post with thizz..eh, ? me is rempitz gak ehh..haha 


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