8 Nov 2013


Hey peeps (:
I feel so alone right now. Yes I know. There's still someone with me. Up there (: but; you know. Things keep tearing apart right now. Why did you change? Do you have any problem? Just share with us. You're not the same. We miss the old you... why you'd become like this.. you know.. you'd make people around you fell guilty xx Idek what I did wrong to you. You're so quite right now. You're not the person that I met in the past.. I know; you must said, "I don't live in the past".. yea that's true, but.. things from the past helped us until today. Without the past.. I may not 'lepak' with you guys. Just please.. you've a week to settle all this problem before the school holidays.. unless you have given up on our friendship. I know.. you're not weak person that give up so easily without trying (: 

CRUSH. Why I met you? Herghh... can't fight God's decision. There're way too many problems that I can't handle. I'm depressed. Sad. Pain. Sometimes I just wanna grab a knife and cut my wrist. But, I not that stupid; I'm still normal and I can think wisely. Haih. Dear readers; Do you ever get sick of me writing about how sad and depressed I am? hergh.. dino is always being 'kabut' and crazy. woooii.. you know, we have to keep smiling because maybe... we are somebody's crush. Dear future husband.. I'll be your greatest wife and mother to you and your son. I promise. Crush ooi, why your team didn't win that competition? Why you guys just created a regular product? I just wanna meet you face to face mann. We'd met before but you don't know about my existence.. sigh sigh sigh. HE WAS MY ROMEO.. ONLY I WASN'T HIS JULIET. My heart just broke into pieces. Keep wondering who's his crush..stalking his twiiter and wechat 25/8 << too much laa pulak>> hergh. Please be mine.. Please.. I want you forever. huu.. <okay, being psycho much>

FINAL RESULT? please no. Hell no. Addmath? I got single digit bruhh. RIP dino's SPM result.My hearts just shattered when I knew all those results. Feeling so so so stupid bhaiii..fuck. Hergh.. from now on.. I'll stop wishing and start doing. None bitch that could stop me after this. And hey, my Twitter friend..she's really hot chick. 16 same as me. She just tweeted me like.. 'hey, just telling me if you're going'.. going to? AVICII'S concert!!! she just got her tixx. She is so Lucky.How I wish my house is near to Sepang. I'll go to every concert that held there. And how I wish I have A lot of MONEY. Guys, please have sex in my wallet and produce more money and make me happy all day. Ugh, sejak bila dino jadi ceni aah? haha, since Nathan date Ariana kud. Fortunately.. I'm Jay's girl. no.. Mesut's girl.. I mean.. Ramsey's girl..noo szczesny.. I mean monreal.. ok, why there're too many handsome man in this world. Gonna fly to Venus and date an alien..That would be fun..haha...Last wednesday.. me and Ain.. we just soaking wet. Haha.. walking back to school with that weather. Memang tak ahh.. Dengan Hujan lebat.. Shaking to death lol.. we broke the law. Lintas jalan ikut suka,. haha.. and we'd made several videos while walking in the rain.. romatic siakkk. Hahaha.. I just.. I don't wanna be in that situation anymore..nyesal bhaii. Haha,, naib tak demam.Habis basah kasut.. wergh. 


OMG!! How cute is LOKI,.. hips don't lie babe (: Well, I'm so happy to know that me.. myself have decided to being active on tumblr again. YEY! But.. don't follow me if you're not a football fan because I love to reblog anything that relate to football/Arsenal.. or football..LOL. And hello to my new tumblr's theme. woohoo.. jakun right here.. haha. Spending several hours editing tumblr. My eyes are tired and you know what.. my spectacles is missing in my house.. haih; Where did I put that thing>? I don't even remember.. huuu T_T So, last Thursday, I brought my net-book to school just in case of "boring" . So, me,Ain and Izzah decided to "lepak" at our class even the teachers had warned us.. sorry guys. We're bad kids. Bad kids doesn't follow the rules. So, yeah.. we watched 'The Conjuring' and I swore it's scariest shit ever. The sound is REAL man.. There's one part where  all of us screamed for 2 seconds because of SPM. Haha. Poyo je kau kita suma,, haha. Actually I'm looking forward to watch Insidious 2.  So yah.. better keep continuing my BM's folio.. babai xxxx

p/s: "Anoboll" is Ain's new toy.. hahaa

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