19 Nov 2013


"Hmm, hey.. can I take a photo with you?"
"sure,, *smile*" then; he's lying in front of me and started playing with mah phone.
A girl came.."hey, I listened to your remix almost every day"
*he's making face like.. ok, then? I don't fucking care*
"oops, sorry for interrupting you guys" and she walked away.
*he's looking at me and make a cute smile*

And that's the reason why I'm late to school. That dream seems so real because.. 3 days after, I can feel the way he touch me and his smile face. Awh but who's he? Nick :) Nick who? Afrojack :) Even some peoples said that his face look like monkey but this dyno doesn't give a fck. Awh, I'm in love..love is in the air.. I love you afrojack.. ok, that's too mainstream for a girl like me :( hmm.. School holidays have started aand I don't know what to do. My plan is.. sleeps for 2 months. Ohh, sound like heaven. 

It started raining right now.. My god, such a nice condition for me to start doodling :) Kinda lack of idea what to write right now. Next year is such a big year for 97's batch. SPM! and hello senior year. Watch out meh.. this dyno gonna be badass next year. Oh and there're suprise for us next year. Every class will change their name. 4 Harmoni will become>> Idk. Teachers gonna keep that as secret T_T craving to know. 

So yeah.. nothing to talk about. bye :)


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