19 Nov 2013


3 words..


So, wahey Ain.. you're now 16. 4 more years and boom! you're 20. That time.. I should call you 'granny' and my beautiful/handsome son will call you aunty. Hmm, wait.. it seems not right here.. hmm by the way; It's been an honour to be your ultimate friend for this past month. I can't even remember how we can be a friend. Hmm that's weird. So, today we should hangout together celebrating your birthday but.. naah, my parent seems busy af and my two brothers "sunat" . And I don't have any gift for you. But hey, you have a boyfriend, just ask him for a gift. I should thanked you for being my friend and to liya too. I can;t describe how happy I am when you're sitting/walking/crawling/climbing next to me.

So, next year.. we have to fight for straight A in SPM. After that.. just stick to the plan.. yea that plan.. got straight A, masuk A-level and fly to Newcastle. And tadadadaa~~ we're engineers.. *dancing* now you're 16. mm, what about license? you wanna ride motorcycle? Hahahaha Ain bawak motor.. funniest thing ever. Wait. wanna know what I'm imagining  right now.. you're riding motorcycle with Busu. Hahahahaha.. sweet siak. 

Thanks for always lending me your ears to hear my stories about Arsenal,The Wanted, Mike Shinoda, No Doubt, DJ Nast, Afrojack, Nicky romero, Paiq, Ila and etc. Even your face like.. 'I don't care what this bitch talking about.. just listen to it' .. I appreciated that :) A good friend will do that.. just listen to it without fucking care. Ain.. the first girl I ever met that having crush on Riezman Kinda. Hijabista! hahahahaha And Ain is a hard-working person.. you know.. she just helped me put the plate into the basin, sent Liya's book and mine to the teacher.. And that's the reason why I'm gaining weigh lately. I do less works right now. Even she's hard-working.. helpful; sometimes.. Ain. you're annoying af. Sometimes you just talked.. like that person is standing 10 kilo fucking miles away. But naah, I'm not mad.. at all. Rasa macam nak 'shove' garpu masuk dalam mulut ja.

Please take it easy.. haha, don't take too serious over a joke unless you've same personalities as hoziqq.. haha. And so yah.. happy birthday Ain.. have a good day today.. today jaa la, hari lain tak tau. Please listen to the wanted today. so ngeee :)


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