29 Nov 2013


Em Hi
CHANGE. I need to change myself. Dear Deanna; please realise, next year is your senior year.. You'll face your goddamn enemy that is SPM. Please be diligent. I beg you huu t,t You'd promise to yourself since form 1, "I wanna be an architect and make my parent proud of me". That one day, people will ask my mom, "Deanna dapat berapa SPM?" and she will answer "Alhamdullilah straight A+".. I wanna prove myself to her that her son is not stupid. I'll buy her a big big nice house and have a pool inside it. I'll bring my parent and bro to go on vacation with my husband and son. To my father, I'll buy a BMW motorcycle/ sport car for him. 

That's my promises. To my future husband.. we'll walk together holding hand and face the world together. We'll have great kids. We'll picnic together every weekend. I'll not dominate ur life. Just do whatever you want. Just keep on track. I will not let jealousy fractured our relationship as husband and wife. You and I, we'll play Fifa on XBox everyday. Seems nice :) you will accompany me early in the morning to see my favourite football team play. Woah, sounds great.. bila nak boleh menikah tah. ROFL

Next year, muahaha dear juniors... I'm a good senior. I'll smile every-time I see u guys walk in front, beside, back, up, down me. Tegurlah, nickname je dyno, tapi bukan makan orang pun. Oh kalau tak faham subjek apa-apa, just fined me and I'll teach you... FOR FREE!! haha, mohon geng junior baca blog aku. And till today I'm still excited for school.. why? I'm just wondering what is the name of my class next year because the teacher decided to change the name of all form 4 and 5 classes. Form 1,2,3? I don't know.. hehe.. Hmm, kelab.. kelab inovasi <<cikgu jamil macam paksa>> persatuan PBSM.. faiq, you'll be my companion there. sports? hockey ... bcuz.. I love Mr. Osman.. lewls, naah. Other sports clubs seems bored.

Macam tak sedia ja macam nak tweet.. "wahey dah form 5", "esok SPM T_T", etc. I'm scared to death. God please help me face all this thing. Naval Arhitect wannabe. Right now.. all I need is my brother. Please wechat me something dear abang. Haih; I need ur advice to face this senior year.Yang penting.. No more ponteng kelas even kelas Sivik. Hidup aku tak tenang duk ponteng kelas. Haih yoo,. Ahh, baru teringat.. bye crush.. you're not student anymore. Please find a better girl than me T_T I can't see your flawless smile anymore. I've been stalking you for 4 years and yet.. haih.. sedih oo. I do stupid thing just to get ur attention. And awak buat tak tau ja. Pergh, terasa tong gas dibaling atas kepala. Please lah, tahun depan waktu amik result spm.. you knelt in from of me and said.. please be mine. Uui, berangan no. 1 cek oii. dah dah dah

Yang penting sekarang. Usaha usaha doa doa doa tawakkal. First month: January.. please pulun.. pulun pulun pulun.. bagi dapat A chemistry. Biaq Nora punya jaw dropped. Haha, I'm not stupid. Prove to Mr. Faris.. kau sombong aku tak peduli.. yang penting aku nak move on. Nak sentap sangat ngan aku hergh >.< I hate you.. I hate hate hate hate you.. heargh, ni payah, baik sangat dengan orang.. inikan pula cikgu.. jadi macam ni la. Rasa macam nak cekau gitar Justin Timberlake nyanyi kat dia lagu Taylor Swift - The Last Time.. "This is the last time, I won't bother you anymore."

This is the last time I'm asking you this,
Put my name at the top of your list,
This is the last time I'm asking you why,
You break my heart in the blink of an eye, eye, eye.

pergh,, haha.. Can I borrow your voice just for one day tay? hadui, guys, It's 0006 already. I've to sleep. Ready for new day tomorrow.. tata


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