29 Nov 2013


Em Hi
CHANGE. I need to change myself. Dear Deanna; please realise, next year is your senior year.. You'll face your goddamn enemy that is SPM. Please be diligent. I beg you huu t,t You'd promise to yourself since form 1, "I wanna be an architect and make my parent proud of me". That one day, people will ask my mom, "Deanna dapat berapa SPM?" and she will answer "Alhamdullilah straight A+".. I wanna prove myself to her that her son is not stupid. I'll buy her a big big nice house and have a pool inside it. I'll bring my parent and bro to go on vacation with my husband and son. To my father, I'll buy a BMW motorcycle/ sport car for him. 

That's my promises. To my future husband.. we'll walk together holding hand and face the world together. We'll have great kids. We'll picnic together every weekend. I'll not dominate ur life. Just do whatever you want. Just keep on track. I will not let jealousy fractured our relationship as husband and wife. You and I, we'll play Fifa on XBox everyday. Seems nice :) you will accompany me early in the morning to see my favourite football team play. Woah, sounds great.. bila nak boleh menikah tah. ROFL

Next year, muahaha dear juniors... I'm a good senior. I'll smile every-time I see u guys walk in front, beside, back, up, down me. Tegurlah, nickname je dyno, tapi bukan makan orang pun. Oh kalau tak faham subjek apa-apa, just fined me and I'll teach you... FOR FREE!! haha, mohon geng junior baca blog aku. And till today I'm still excited for school.. why? I'm just wondering what is the name of my class next year because the teacher decided to change the name of all form 4 and 5 classes. Form 1,2,3? I don't know.. hehe.. Hmm, kelab.. kelab inovasi <<cikgu jamil macam paksa>> persatuan PBSM.. faiq, you'll be my companion there. sports? hockey ... bcuz.. I love Mr. Osman.. lewls, naah. Other sports clubs seems bored.

Macam tak sedia ja macam nak tweet.. "wahey dah form 5", "esok SPM T_T", etc. I'm scared to death. God please help me face all this thing. Naval Arhitect wannabe. Right now.. all I need is my brother. Please wechat me something dear abang. Haih; I need ur advice to face this senior year.Yang penting.. No more ponteng kelas even kelas Sivik. Hidup aku tak tenang duk ponteng kelas. Haih yoo,. Ahh, baru teringat.. bye crush.. you're not student anymore. Please find a better girl than me T_T I can't see your flawless smile anymore. I've been stalking you for 4 years and yet.. haih.. sedih oo. I do stupid thing just to get ur attention. And awak buat tak tau ja. Pergh, terasa tong gas dibaling atas kepala. Please lah, tahun depan waktu amik result spm.. you knelt in from of me and said.. please be mine. Uui, berangan no. 1 cek oii. dah dah dah

Yang penting sekarang. Usaha usaha doa doa doa tawakkal. First month: January.. please pulun.. pulun pulun pulun.. bagi dapat A chemistry. Biaq Nora punya jaw dropped. Haha, I'm not stupid. Prove to Mr. Faris.. kau sombong aku tak peduli.. yang penting aku nak move on. Nak sentap sangat ngan aku hergh >.< I hate you.. I hate hate hate hate you.. heargh, ni payah, baik sangat dengan orang.. inikan pula cikgu.. jadi macam ni la. Rasa macam nak cekau gitar Justin Timberlake nyanyi kat dia lagu Taylor Swift - The Last Time.. "This is the last time, I won't bother you anymore."

This is the last time I'm asking you this,
Put my name at the top of your list,
This is the last time I'm asking you why,
You break my heart in the blink of an eye, eye, eye.

pergh,, haha.. Can I borrow your voice just for one day tay? hadui, guys, It's 0006 already. I've to sleep. Ready for new day tomorrow.. tata


27 Nov 2013



Hi guys; hari ni aku rasa cam erghh; reason? I missed Arsenal vs Marseille this morning. Aku ingat depa pagi esok. fuhh; nasib menang. Arsenal won against Marseille ( 2-0 ). Mandi apa semua terus bukak youtube tengok higlights pagi tadi. First goal at 33+ minutes. First Wilshere buh goal, nampak somebody angkat bendera ada logo 'meriam' trademark Arsenal tu. wuuu. Goal first kira cantik gak la. Penangan tendangan kaki kiri Wilshere.

And rasa bersyukur gak la Arsenal menang lagi. Arsenal memang patut angkat piala la season ni. Other good things is, nasib abang angkat aku tu tak on internet.. 'sibuk study agaknya', kalau tak memang kena beleter la ngan dia..'adik, kenapa tak tengok match Arsenal, rugi ooo .. bla bla bla' nasib bagi mesej mau voice message tu; I'm dead. Aku tweet tadi pasal aku terlepas match pagi tadi. 'eleh, yang tu pun nak tweet'.. ikut suka hati aku la acc aku hergh --" then someone reply. Ada jugak manusia ter'missed' match pagi tadi sama dengan aku. Haha~~

So, aku search la gambar about Arsenal tadi, then I found this.
Tengok gambar tu, aku rasa macam 'berdebar'.. I. WANT. TO. GO. THERE. weyh anis, kita dah janji kan, one day we'll go there and cry together. Nak pi woih, you know, my ultimate crush, acehh bajet ah aku; mention nama terus.. bukan ada sapa baca pon blog ni.. Kamarull, Adam, Kamal , Zarrin etc penah pi tempat ni. Bukan semua nama tu crush aku, teka la sapa. Ohooi, okay Deanna, please promise to yourself that next year you'll get straight A.. please please please dapat biasiswa pi NewCastle sambung engineering. Well, mau boleh nanti aku dapat anak aku nak buh nama 'Zafran Tech Engineering'.. hambooi, haha. Mesti snurul jeles. haha. Dah dah. You see that monument, I'll upload my picture posing beside that monument in Instagram one day.

Just bayangkan. Gunners only kayh. Turun dari teksi and realising that you're standing in front of EMIRATES STADIUM. Aku penah janji kat Anis dulu, aku pi sana aku nak guling atas padang dia, aku nak peluk tiang gol, aku nak lari atas padang tuu, aku nak berdiri kat corner.. If I have chance to meet Giroud, Podolski ,Mesut, Cazorla, Szczesny etc.. first thing I'm going to do is..memalukan diri dengan teryak .. and... this is important, take a selfie. Hoh, memang kena juah ah, balik Malaysia, woih abang, adik tangkap gambo dengan diorang.. haha. "facepalm". I could spent my entire life there. 'baca dengan nada sayu' Aku teringin sangat nak tengok Arsenal lawan live, orang lain bersorak aku teryak, believe me. Sebak kud kalau impian kita tercapai. Nanti kalau SPM aku dapat result gempak... benda pertama aku sebut.. Arsenal, wait for me. 'evil laugh' haha, gaya macam nak bakar stadium jaa aku. Haha.. 

And nanti kalau aku ada kerja and dah .. married. 'puii' .. I'll stay at London for a while and send my kids to practise with Arsenal squad. Kalau boleh, aku nak salah sorang anak aku jadi player Arsenal / footballer, your mama will support you till the end hun :) Bila anak aku umur 16+ , hah jum balik Malaysia, hang kena ambik SPM macam aku jugak, ROFL. Aiyy, bila tah boleh pi Newcastle nii, aku nak jadi engineer cepat skit. Dapat gaji, Arsenal; come to mama. Hahaha. The Wanted,Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars hampa tunggu sat noh. Arsenal is more important. 


22 Nov 2013


Have you ever been thinking like.. what if you're drowning in a vast ocean? What would you do to save yourself from dying? Or you just give up and let God decide whether you're alive or not. I'd experienced this before and I never mentioned this to anyone even my friends doesn't know about this. I've drowned before.. but not in the vast ocean. I must be dead now. That incident happened when I was in primary school. <<standard 6>> My school organised a trip to Langkawi as all of us will face the UPSR exam. Macam trip untuk motivasi laa. It was fun because you know.. all my best friends/classmates are with me. Day 2 in Langkawi.. teachers decided to let us enjoy in the swimming pool. My face doesn't show that I'm worried of everything. My biggest secret that time is.. I don't know how to swim even diving. When I jumped into the pool.. thank god that the water level just like.. keep me safe from any danger situation. But, all my friends are playing at the centre of the pool because the water level there is deep. With my higher confidence level, I just like push my body to the centre of the pool. Let me tell you how it feel when you're drowned in the water.

It feel like how hopeless you're. How weak you're to fight all this thing. I just like.. tried to scream "help" but I was too nervous and panicked. I just hoping that someone will see me dying right there. My thought during that time is just a flashback what my parent look like, remembering what they'd said to me, my happiest moment with my friends and beloved people, and all I can see is water above me and I'd breathing problem because I'd no enough air. I just like imagine that my parent are crying when looking at my dead body. When all my hope is fading suddenly I heard someone called my beautiful name <<hukalohh pfft>>  "HANIS!" then I felt someone grabbed my hand to the side of the pool. And I just like.. take a breath and cough so hard. My head dizzy. I looked everywhere to find who's saving me just now// I see nothing. Everyone seems so happy and didn't realised that I'm drowning just now. No one knows I'm drowned. hergh @#$%^& I'd such a GREAT friends tbfh.Actually, I knew the person that saved me. After he grabbed my hand and pushed me to the side of the pool, he just left. And yeah, he's a guy and after that incident. He pretended that he never saved me. That one moment when I'm drowned that day, I only remembered this until today, and this keep haunting me like forever.. when I'm drowning, I realised how many sins that I've done .. sin against my parent, teachers, friends and everybody.. Am I going to heaven or hell. I was hoping for one chance to apologize to my parent and everybody. I was so not ready to meet my creator.

And today I realised. God have gave me chance that day. He sent someone to save me. And I'm sitting here like nothing to do. I'm still make my parent angry with me. How ungrateful I am. Didn't appreciate what He gave me before. I feel guilty. I'd broken my promises. O Allah please forgive me what I've done :(  That incident had happened 3 years ago but I still can remember how it feel, how hopeless I'm, knowing that nobody will help you. You'll never realise how lucky you're to have parent, siblings,friends and etc until something knocked you down and nobody will help you. I've experienced that :) before this, I said so much bad things about my parent such as.. my mother talk too much, always judging me.. but now. I appreciate her and the people around me :) 

Dear people;
don't judge people by his/her appearance/ tweet. You'll never know someone until you talk with that person. Like me, the first time I met Liya I assumed that she is arrogant by her face. You know, she always make that 'morning' face that we've do something wrong with her. But when I talked to her.. she is actually pretty funny, open-minded and you know.. she is good friend. So people, stop judging people like you're perfect. If someone judging you.. just fck em' because you're cool and they're jealous with your 'coolness'.



19 Nov 2013


"Hmm, hey.. can I take a photo with you?"
"sure,, *smile*" then; he's lying in front of me and started playing with mah phone.
A girl came.."hey, I listened to your remix almost every day"
*he's making face like.. ok, then? I don't fucking care*
"oops, sorry for interrupting you guys" and she walked away.
*he's looking at me and make a cute smile*

And that's the reason why I'm late to school. That dream seems so real because.. 3 days after, I can feel the way he touch me and his smile face. Awh but who's he? Nick :) Nick who? Afrojack :) Even some peoples said that his face look like monkey but this dyno doesn't give a fck. Awh, I'm in love..love is in the air.. I love you afrojack.. ok, that's too mainstream for a girl like me :( hmm.. School holidays have started aand I don't know what to do. My plan is.. sleeps for 2 months. Ohh, sound like heaven. 

It started raining right now.. My god, such a nice condition for me to start doodling :) Kinda lack of idea what to write right now. Next year is such a big year for 97's batch. SPM! and hello senior year. Watch out meh.. this dyno gonna be badass next year. Oh and there're suprise for us next year. Every class will change their name. 4 Harmoni will become>> Idk. Teachers gonna keep that as secret T_T craving to know. 

So yeah.. nothing to talk about. bye :)



3 words..


So, wahey Ain.. you're now 16. 4 more years and boom! you're 20. That time.. I should call you 'granny' and my beautiful/handsome son will call you aunty. Hmm, wait.. it seems not right here.. hmm by the way; It's been an honour to be your ultimate friend for this past month. I can't even remember how we can be a friend. Hmm that's weird. So, today we should hangout together celebrating your birthday but.. naah, my parent seems busy af and my two brothers "sunat" . And I don't have any gift for you. But hey, you have a boyfriend, just ask him for a gift. I should thanked you for being my friend and to liya too. I can;t describe how happy I am when you're sitting/walking/crawling/climbing next to me.

So, next year.. we have to fight for straight A in SPM. After that.. just stick to the plan.. yea that plan.. got straight A, masuk A-level and fly to Newcastle. And tadadadaa~~ we're engineers.. *dancing* now you're 16. mm, what about license? you wanna ride motorcycle? Hahahaha Ain bawak motor.. funniest thing ever. Wait. wanna know what I'm imagining  right now.. you're riding motorcycle with Busu. Hahahahaha.. sweet siak. 

Thanks for always lending me your ears to hear my stories about Arsenal,The Wanted, Mike Shinoda, No Doubt, DJ Nast, Afrojack, Nicky romero, Paiq, Ila and etc. Even your face like.. 'I don't care what this bitch talking about.. just listen to it' .. I appreciated that :) A good friend will do that.. just listen to it without fucking care. Ain.. the first girl I ever met that having crush on Riezman Kinda. Hijabista! hahahahaha And Ain is a hard-working person.. you know.. she just helped me put the plate into the basin, sent Liya's book and mine to the teacher.. And that's the reason why I'm gaining weigh lately. I do less works right now. Even she's hard-working.. helpful; sometimes.. Ain. you're annoying af. Sometimes you just talked.. like that person is standing 10 kilo fucking miles away. But naah, I'm not mad.. at all. Rasa macam nak 'shove' garpu masuk dalam mulut ja.

Please take it easy.. haha, don't take too serious over a joke unless you've same personalities as hoziqq.. haha. And so yah.. happy birthday Ain.. have a good day today.. today jaa la, hari lain tak tau. Please listen to the wanted today. so ngeee :)


8 Nov 2013


Hey peeps (:
I feel so alone right now. Yes I know. There's still someone with me. Up there (: but; you know. Things keep tearing apart right now. Why did you change? Do you have any problem? Just share with us. You're not the same. We miss the old you... why you'd become like this.. you know.. you'd make people around you fell guilty xx Idek what I did wrong to you. You're so quite right now. You're not the person that I met in the past.. I know; you must said, "I don't live in the past".. yea that's true, but.. things from the past helped us until today. Without the past.. I may not 'lepak' with you guys. Just please.. you've a week to settle all this problem before the school holidays.. unless you have given up on our friendship. I know.. you're not weak person that give up so easily without trying (: 

CRUSH. Why I met you? Herghh... can't fight God's decision. There're way too many problems that I can't handle. I'm depressed. Sad. Pain. Sometimes I just wanna grab a knife and cut my wrist. But, I not that stupid; I'm still normal and I can think wisely. Haih. Dear readers; Do you ever get sick of me writing about how sad and depressed I am? hergh.. dino is always being 'kabut' and crazy. woooii.. you know, we have to keep smiling because maybe... we are somebody's crush. Dear future husband.. I'll be your greatest wife and mother to you and your son. I promise. Crush ooi, why your team didn't win that competition? Why you guys just created a regular product? I just wanna meet you face to face mann. We'd met before but you don't know about my existence.. sigh sigh sigh. HE WAS MY ROMEO.. ONLY I WASN'T HIS JULIET. My heart just broke into pieces. Keep wondering who's his crush..stalking his twiiter and wechat 25/8 << too much laa pulak>> hergh. Please be mine.. Please.. I want you forever. huu.. <okay, being psycho much>

FINAL RESULT? please no. Hell no. Addmath? I got single digit bruhh. RIP dino's SPM result.My hearts just shattered when I knew all those results. Feeling so so so stupid bhaiii..fuck. Hergh.. from now on.. I'll stop wishing and start doing. None bitch that could stop me after this. And hey, my Twitter friend..she's really hot chick. 16 same as me. She just tweeted me like.. 'hey, just telling me if you're going'.. going to? AVICII'S concert!!! she just got her tixx. She is so Lucky.How I wish my house is near to Sepang. I'll go to every concert that held there. And how I wish I have A lot of MONEY. Guys, please have sex in my wallet and produce more money and make me happy all day. Ugh, sejak bila dino jadi ceni aah? haha, since Nathan date Ariana kud. Fortunately.. I'm Jay's girl. no.. Mesut's girl.. I mean.. Ramsey's girl..noo szczesny.. I mean monreal.. ok, why there're too many handsome man in this world. Gonna fly to Venus and date an alien..That would be fun..haha...Last wednesday.. me and Ain.. we just soaking wet. Haha.. walking back to school with that weather. Memang tak ahh.. Dengan Hujan lebat.. Shaking to death lol.. we broke the law. Lintas jalan ikut suka,. haha.. and we'd made several videos while walking in the rain.. romatic siakkk. Hahaha.. I just.. I don't wanna be in that situation anymore..nyesal bhaii. Haha,, naib tak demam.Habis basah kasut.. wergh. 


OMG!! How cute is LOKI,.. hips don't lie babe (: Well, I'm so happy to know that me.. myself have decided to being active on tumblr again. YEY! But.. don't follow me if you're not a football fan because I love to reblog anything that relate to football/Arsenal.. or football..LOL. And hello to my new tumblr's theme. woohoo.. jakun right here.. haha. Spending several hours editing tumblr. My eyes are tired and you know what.. my spectacles is missing in my house.. haih; Where did I put that thing>? I don't even remember.. huuu T_T So, last Thursday, I brought my net-book to school just in case of "boring" . So, me,Ain and Izzah decided to "lepak" at our class even the teachers had warned us.. sorry guys. We're bad kids. Bad kids doesn't follow the rules. So, yeah.. we watched 'The Conjuring' and I swore it's scariest shit ever. The sound is REAL man.. There's one part where  all of us screamed for 2 seconds because of SPM. Haha. Poyo je kau kita suma,, haha. Actually I'm looking forward to watch Insidious 2.  So yah.. better keep continuing my BM's folio.. babai xxxx

p/s: "Anoboll" is Ain's new toy.. hahaa

4 Nov 2013


Hello (:
I don't know why I love staring at the rains. It makes me feel calm. So hey, for apple users, can you guys please buy word of mouth on Itunes and rate it 5 stars? please.. Please make that album hit the no. 1 in I tune's chart. I don't own any apple's product so.. you know. Kindly help me please.. haha. My parent love Samsung than Apple's product. Idek why : / So, yah. yah yah yah << sawan kejap >> so, today I realized that..  all this whole time, I just keep reminding myself that.. I don't need someone and then I realized that.. the truth is, no one need me :( I mean, there're no one that willing to talk to me. I just being you know.. ALONE and being FRIEND-ZONE! For right now and the rest of my life.. I'll keep myself out from the community. I mean..not at all.. Just being myself. 

<I'm sorry but I've to talk about this> The truth is.. aku menyesal jumpa abang-abang UITM haritu. The brothers only laa..the sisters aku okay ja.. They just make me look stupid.. wait a minutes, I'm stupid already..okay more stupid.. haih. How I wish I can forget every detail things that relate to them. How I wish I can forget their names and looks. O How I wish I'm never go to their places last month. How I wish... haih. Sigh sigh sigh. Erghh, I'm trying to reduce people around me. Only my family,friends and teachers around me and that it. I'm done. ergh.. this growing arms symptoms is killing me. It's so painful. Fortunately, I've Yahoo! to help me and I found the solutions to reduce this motherfuckin pain.. right now.. there's a towel wrapping my left arms and mann.. It's so good.. hot+cold water. pergh, the pain is going away and come back after the towel start cooling.. Can you just go away pain? I hate you.

Anyone has twitter here? same goes here.. You know the most annoying in twitter is.. "UNFOLLOWERS" I mean..you know,, there're some people followed us in twitter and after several days they started unfollow you.. Fortunately we have some websites that could tell us who had unfollow us that day and you know what bitch.. I know who you are...the one who unfollow me.. you just came like..aiyy, followback please..and I do follow you and what happen.. you unfollow me back then.. I mean..aiyy bitch..I'm goin' to unfollow you like forever. Thanks for your commitment. You are just messing with my following numbers. Sorry for that emo stuffs. I can't hold this anymore and guess what.. I become lazy because of you bitch.. lazy to follow back people in twitter. fakoff laaah!!

Oh, just now.. one of my wishlist is completed.. I watched "Ngorat" movie. Awhh, Nas't's character is being a husband who is addicted to game aka psp. Awh..he's so cute and funny.. anyonyonyo..  The last part is the best ..like his wife < in that movie > told his friends that they'll get a nephew.. and Nas-t being so blur and just said.." wait what? emm, that mango trees.. since when it fruits? " lool.. ahahaha.. you know.. nephew is "anak buah" and he thought that "anak buah" is "anak buah mangga"..haha. oh, his name in that movie is Ajo.. ehehe. And he smiled A LOT in that movie. RIP my feeling. I just like.. hugging the tv and said.. can you please be mine? crazy people here.. 

so.. happy new year in Islam today y'all.. ehehe.. moga kita buat amalan yang lebih baik untuk tahun baru ini.. InsyaAllah :) so, yeah.. gonna keep continuing my h/works.. so bubye. :*


1 Nov 2013


Hello (:
Hello November.. 1 Nov.. which means, the UITM's students will get their final exam result. I can't hold this feeling anymore..feeling to be annoying at "crushz" . Feeling like I want to send message at wechat to him.. "kau dapat brapa? okay tak? pass suma? ada yang kena repeat tak? " I just keep that word in my thought..Better shut up than be annoying.. he'll leave you forever if you done that. About final exam result.. my marks is terrible and horrified. Because what? Me and you will have a heart attack when you take a look at my result. Let just forget about that..

So after the exam.. the following weeks.. the teachers decide to organise a "asak minda" program thingy that.. you know, boring. And the bast damn thing is.. Liya and Ain just came only in the first day and the following two days.. they're absent and leave me alone at school with all these people. The first day.. that one IPG gave us some motivation for da next year SPM and addmath's teacher just doing problem solving method which I fell asleep because my brain just tired.On the second day.. we have history and chemistry.. I can't even understand what is the purpose of the activity that had done by the teachers. Chemistry? OMG chemistry is so fun with Mr.Lee.. can't describe how sporting he is. Siap nyanyi lagu Black-takkan terpisah.. haha..Third day.. we have Physics and Math. Idk what to write about what happen on third day.. During math, our group consists of Amir Syazwan,Adam,Tiqah band,Kanami, Najwa,two chinese,Syafiqa and this one girl that I can't remember her name. Boleh laa..takat ada amir cukup lah.. power math.

Oh..last Tuesday.. there's football match between Arsenal and Chelsea aaand Arsenal had been kickout for that cup after loss 0-2 with Chelsea. That match started 3.40 am, I went sleep at 12.30am.. On 2.40 am, someone a.k.a my "crushz" just sent a message. He's trying to wake me up from my beauty sleep. Takut lettew message aku ajak teman nengok bola. K. haha,. Sepanjang game berlangsung tu, tanya pasal no. telefon dia which aku dah ada dalam contact. He seems not care about his life. Bukan nak tanya dari mana dapat no. dia,, haha. herm, I got his no. illegally using this secret source. Feeling that hacker life. Haha, poyo je kau dyno. 

I was so boring last night. So,I just clicked that "people nearby" button on wechat and start searching for some people that can understand me. 'Almost cried because laughing so hard'.. Yang greeting aku suma ..ada repmitZ ..which yang suka taip perkataan macam tak pernah belajar bahasa Melayu. Muka Gay enough. Adaa Syada clone aka "flour face" <terbalikkan> . Look lesbian enough aand to jiwang. Aduh, so yang mana-mana muka boleh tahan, perangai, sejarah pelajaran elok apa suma aku accept la friends. While chatting.. my thought is still the same.' Dia ni tak nak wechat aku ker nak tanya pekabor ker' .. Haha, untill today, they're tonne of people try to add me as friends. I know laa I'm a Joker.People love to talk with me but please, could you stop posting post that make me think that you're gay/lesbian/rempitz? Just be like normal people does.. write in English or proper malay without adding any number or 'z'.. aand, don't type like you are using calculator. Annoying af you know..hergh

The last thing is.. *smile* please follow me on Instagram/Twitter.. I do follow back. Make sure you're not die hard fan of ID. I'll block you. why? Because of that niall's harsh word.. I blocked y'all in my life. Blame him. Make sure he didn't breed in da future. Dear "crushz", stop make me wondering about your feeling towards me.. just please wechat me first.. or can I call that twerk fairy to make all my wish comes true? Twerk fairy? haha.. check 'em on vine apps.Lewls, me,Anis,Farah and Mat Yus had stomach ache while watching all the funny videos in that apps. Make sure you watch it. No regrets. So,before this dyno become more dyno.. lets end this post with thizz..eh, ? me is rempitz gak ehh..haha