Hello peeps. Welcome new header,new bio and everything. My status right now? DEPRESSED, HATE MYSELF, SERABUT AND ETC. I just don't know how can I became like this.. Maybe last night. I'm completely breakdown. Broken. Hurt. And realize.. I'm so fcking annoying much. Being annoying to my friends, 'meow',mr.Joker and everyone. Hazwan, kakak2 and abang2 UITM,teachers,parent,lil bro. My idol. EVERYONE!! I hate last nigh.. I hate it I hate it.. *wipe tears* ..thanks 'meow' for that fcking video message. You made me realize about everything that relate to my life. Yes.. I have friends that happy with their lives and having some kind of 'sporting' parent. Me? I have THE MOST annoying parent on earth. They didn't gave me permission to go out..socialize with other friends, holding phone is considered I'm using facebook. About facebook.. I'm already delete my account because I..was so 'tertekan' when my mom always 'bising' at me like forever.. I'm never be perfect in front of her eyes. I'm usually shut my mouth when I'm at home because my life is done there. That's why I'm hyper at school like trolling ain, made fun of liya,syahirah and izzah because.. I can't do that at home. I'm alone. There're just me,books and internet. I have such a pathetic life told ya. Last night, that 'meow' just added another 'pathetic thing' in my life..

I've lost motivation to do anything. The feeling of emptiness and feeling that barely anyone is there for you is killing me in the inside. The feeling that no one understand you anymore. My future seems.. breaking apart. Who am I right?? To have feeling towards my gender is the WORST things I'd ever done. Yeah.. who wants me right? This 'pathetic' girl that never pass in addmath, such a MEAN girl, always wanting people that she never get,spend her whole life to get some attention from community. That's me. Seems God never give me any chance to get the feeling of being love by someone.   

 What's my plan after this? SPM. yeah, get straight A, continue study, fly to England, make my dreams come true and be an Architect. That's it// getting marry and get kids? HA HA HA. Forever alone camni nak kahwin. You mean..marry with person or something. If person.. tak der calonlahhh. so.. babai 'meow'. I'll never bothering you anymore. So keep your thug life ahead. And remember.. you just lost this awesome, crazy, anti-jealousy, TWFanmily , football fanatic, A cute Gunner girl. One day, I'll be miss by you and you'll realize that you just lost me. I'll be always be a #2 Joker in history of mankind and remember.. tanjung dawai ada tanjung and dawai. Remember!! Next year.. let the game change because that is my SENIOR YEAR. RULE CHANGE. New 'DEANNAAAA' is heading and will lead this whole thing. More awesome, annoying and even moreee EXCELLENT. hahahahahahaha.. and remember.. I'll be Henry Sturges cool type.