Hello :)
It's hard you know.. Typing something on the keyboard while your friend is whatsapping you is hard. Can't really focus right now.It's gonna be a really long post because my blogging mood is on. Haha lewls. First of all.. being 16 is hard. And within 3 more months. This girl gonna be in form 5 which is senior and final year. I'm not really ready at all I mean I'M NOT READY !!! This all SPM thingy. Yeah.. this and next weak I'm having final exam which makes me so depress. The only thing that stuck in my head since last week is.. I wanna redo all of this. After complete that P.Islam paper I just realised that me is too dumb. Can't memorize anything. How I'm supposed to take SPM next year with me like this. "cepatlah habis final exam..aku nak mula balik baca..nak enjoy last freedom aku sebelum next year punya sekolah start". I'm already planned my activities during this school break. One of 'em is 'REVISION' .. Next year,.. be more hardworking, leave your laziness at home, stop making troubles with some kind of people and so on. 

Mission no.1 is getting Straight A+ in SPM 2014. Yess..gonna make sure that year is my legendary year. Dear Newcastle University... please wait for me and Ain there okay babe? 41k /month.. uuuu.. That's why it is worth to take engineering course that can promise you brighter future. Yesterday, while Ain and me waiting for our parent to fetch us.. we'd just created some IMAGINATIONS .. It's all about us.. " Aku nak beli BMW X6,hummer ka.. aku nak jadi parent paling sporting kat anak aku nanti" .. lewls.. It's so funny because the way we had the conservations is like we have already work as engineers and have kids. Kita hanya mampu rancang and plan jaa kan.. yang lain Allah SWT tentukan.. yang tuu memang konfem tak boleh lawan. All I want when I get married is.. good relationship and my utimate dream is having TRIPLET!! kk..just leave that thing because having triplet is almost impossible. Tak salah kan berangan :P dear aliens: please don't judge me for this. And then we saw this 2 not very hot guys came out from that Mercedes's car and they're just like. they're thinking that they are fabulous riding Mercedes's car. Dengan rambut paku berkarat..lewls .. Some people are weird..

Next week..let me see.. Sej and Physics.. Addmath and Math.. those are killers subject.. Never pass in addmath since we first met.. I think we should date after this whole final exam is done.. right Addmath? you'll be nice to me next year. Promise me naah?? Ok,,this crazy dyno just talking with herself like an idiot..Who's care.. I'm a Joker..No one can beat me unless you're Mr. Paris.. Next story is about "oi".. yep..actually, I'm planning not to like him so much to avoid the ultimate broken hearted.. Trying = dying. Dyno..just make sure your big feet never pass the "melampau" line.. just stay on the line and never crossed it.. Maybe we just don't know it yet whether our crush already have their own crush or someone that they like. And we are just another heart broken girl.. hadoii.. mood apa pulak serang aku time pukul 6 pm cenggini..

Last word.. cepatlah habis exam aku nak start lukis and buat doodles balik nii.. eyy tolong bagi soalan berjenis sikit boleh tak dear teacherssss?? I'm begging you like forever but you didn't listen to us. Haih =.= Tuhan Tolong ~~~~ haha.. gonna leave now.. gaya tak macam panjang pon post aku..kk babai..