Hello :)
For the hundredth time.. I'm breaking my promises.. AGAIN! lewls.. am such a dummy. How? ha ha ha, the day after I post that last post in this blog. I tried to message him. I sent "sorry" and 'knock knock' < my message's ringtone> "'meow' sent an audio message" . I thought that every girls that get this type of message must be super duper happy meh. Audio kud..leh replay over and over unless you delete it. Fell like millions of butterflies flew in my stomach. And I was like.. nak dengar ker tak nak.. Tak mau sakit hati lagii laa katakan. The moment when I pressed that audio message.. aand.. alalalalalaa cute nyeww..k.. ter'over' pulak. Dengan slang Perak+KL. haha.. I think he was in the good mood I guess because I can fell that in his "magical" voice. Can't describe how happy I am at that time. haha.. Dyno is happy back again. weehuu.. and that ultimate joker just being 'busybody' ja.. Asking me 'macam-macam'. Adoii, suka buli aku laah. Nak balas dendam ler tu sebab aku pernah merajuk ngan dia dalam kelas math. Salah dia arr, aku tanya.. dia pi layan budak-budak lain. Revenge is sweet. Hahaha

Missing you.. yep.. I'm missing my UITM's sisters and brothers. Sembreak laa katakan. Hhuhu..nak sembang kat wechat macam tak ada topik jaa. I miss the moment when we're just like.."lepak dulu.." while the other groups just "pulun" dicsussing their future project.Lulz.. Teasing liya just because she has bf. Hahaha. Miss all the moment that we'd experienced before. And ain? Missing that less handsome kwang so laah. haha.. Yang hensem "meow" aku.. I think that I should change this "meow" to another word because that word just remind me at kimi. Haha.. kaki bash orang jaa keja. how abaout "sakai"? kesian pulak.. "oi" laah.. because he just love that phare so much.. "cik oi.." ..haha. 

Sebelum terlambat..Selamat Hari Raya Eid-Adha.. weuu..lepak kat rumah tok ja la. Aand I hate that. When all my lil cousins came. Chaos happen. Dah la hyper..Ya Allah.. I can't fit with them because am the only one who age 10+ years.. haih..tensyennya. Dengan tak der internet.. can you feel me. Aand another shock moment when I just know that I've another 2 niece.. oh God.. since when my aunty got pregnant? I don't see any baby bumps.. Adoii.. am not peka with keadaan sekeliling. Oh.. and tomorrow is school + exam days.. yey.. -.- sejarah paper 3 and agama.. wish me luck guys..