Hello Kiddos :>
Hey..Hai.. You know what? Final Exam is officially over. YES! YES! LEGACY.. That's the new Nicky Romero's music featuring Krewella. It's so awesome I told you. That picture above is so ME. Hmm.. yeah, my "crush" is gone. I mean he's not dead. He just walked away from my life just like that. Hm, maybe that is the right thing to do. Yeah, just walked away from my life.. leave this joker alone. She doesn't deserve any guy in this world. Remember kiddos.. If the right thing goes wrong..just turn left. SEE? simple kind of life that we all deserve. What happen? I'm not gonna tell this here because it is so OPEN a.k.a public "-- but the only thing that I can tell you is.. he just call me crazy. Yeah, Joker never be smart. They are crazy. Okay. Fine. Just live your life and leave me here. But, someday I've to go to their place too because our project is not ready yet for next year competition. Scare to death baq hangg. Hmm.. anyway. Righ now; my heart feels very empty. and "krik krik"..and so boring. My phone just "krik krik" too. Duh, joker #1 tell me that his place has no internet connection. Alaaa~~ hmm, and hey. I got brand new celebrity crush.. sorry koscielny and Henry.but this guy is always be on top of my heart. Sorry for my bad English here. Naah, act like I have thousand of readers reading this poor blog. He is...

[ INTERNAL SCREAMING ] waaa.. he's dj nas-t. He have 6 pack-abs, fierce face and he's so funny. The important thing is.. he is a DJ. alalalaaa~~ y u so cute. Err.. police, he shouldn't be this hot, Please arrest him and send to my room. One more thing is.. he like to play that sims game.. aww..cute giler~~ But, last night I just reviewing abil's keek and I saw their keek..TOGETHER. Before they're breakup. He is so sweet anyway. Abil just like " do you love me?" and he answered "I love you".. I almost burst into tears. Nasib dah break <ahahaha,, mean gilaaa> I just like scrolling my twitter and saw some people tweet about nas-t being hot.. My thought is like.. I'm gonna stab you million of time if you have crush on him. One more thing is.. "his smile is creepy" ..welppp!! I like his serious and mad face. No wonder he should be a model. Liking somebody that never likes me back is a part of my life routine told ya! Imagine that..  I found nas-t's wechat.. we are chatting together and he asked to meet me.. He liked me and he proposed me. We married and have twins. Ahaa!! IMPOSSIBLE~~ <shontelle's voive> that's how I sleep almost everyday.. Imagine about that then I fell asleep. And do it again tomorrow. Thug life. No wonder people keep telling me that I'm crazy like hell.

#ForeverSingleTakAderBFSelamenyer < amboih hashtag > haha.. HA HA HA.. *facepalm* I wanna start doodling back again..woohooo .. hoo hoo.. haha.. wayar fius otak tercabut satu barang kali. And you know.. Our final exam last week is the worst.. I mean.. dahla buat kat dewan official orang yang jawab SPM & PMR nuh.. aduii, we're not that stupid to cheat in that hall teachers.. two way to cheat in exam is brought notes and 'selit' kat bawah kertas and just go to toilet and googled the question or view the image using smartphone. Which I'm doing that for Chemistry's test but halfway there I'm just like.. Insaf sat then batal niat nak cheat. I shouldn't lie to myself. I've to work hard like others that don't cheat. Next year gonna be big year for me and the pressure keep haunting me.. "hang dapat teruk SPM..say goodbye to Newcastle and ur Architect job".. I have major problem with my addmath and chemistry. Oh why!! Arghh.. come on BRAIN..you can do it..please help me to understand this 2 subjects...

You know..the wanted and linkin park have new album this year.. Yeyy.. but money.. why you always dissapear when I need you.. kemon arr.. erghh, buat bisnes cam liya sakgi baru tau.. tengok tengok mampu beli bmw X5 apa.. HA HA HA.. berangan jer tawu.. blah arr dyno..Ur crazy. so..toddles:) ehee