Hello Kiddos :>
Hey..Hai.. You know what? Final Exam is officially over. YES! YES! LEGACY.. That's the new Nicky Romero's music featuring Krewella. It's so awesome I told you. That picture above is so ME. Hmm.. yeah, my "crush" is gone. I mean he's not dead. He just walked away from my life just like that. Hm, maybe that is the right thing to do. Yeah, just walked away from my life.. leave this joker alone. She doesn't deserve any guy in this world. Remember kiddos.. If the right thing goes wrong..just turn left. SEE? simple kind of life that we all deserve. What happen? I'm not gonna tell this here because it is so OPEN a.k.a public "-- but the only thing that I can tell you is.. he just call me crazy. Yeah, Joker never be smart. They are crazy. Okay. Fine. Just live your life and leave me here. But, someday I've to go to their place too because our project is not ready yet for next year competition. Scare to death baq hangg. Hmm.. anyway. Righ now; my heart feels very empty. and "krik krik"..and so boring. My phone just "krik krik" too. Duh, joker #1 tell me that his place has no internet connection. Alaaa~~ hmm, and hey. I got brand new celebrity crush.. sorry koscielny and Henry.but this guy is always be on top of my heart. Sorry for my bad English here. Naah, act like I have thousand of readers reading this poor blog. He is...

[ INTERNAL SCREAMING ] waaa.. he's dj nas-t. He have 6 pack-abs, fierce face and he's so funny. The important thing is.. he is a DJ. alalalaaa~~ y u so cute. Err.. police, he shouldn't be this hot, Please arrest him and send to my room. One more thing is.. he like to play that sims game.. aww..cute giler~~ But, last night I just reviewing abil's keek and I saw their keek..TOGETHER. Before they're breakup. He is so sweet anyway. Abil just like " do you love me?" and he answered "I love you".. I almost burst into tears. Nasib dah break <ahahaha,, mean gilaaa> I just like scrolling my twitter and saw some people tweet about nas-t being hot.. My thought is like.. I'm gonna stab you million of time if you have crush on him. One more thing is.. "his smile is creepy" ..welppp!! I like his serious and mad face. No wonder he should be a model. Liking somebody that never likes me back is a part of my life routine told ya! Imagine that..  I found nas-t's wechat.. we are chatting together and he asked to meet me.. He liked me and he proposed me. We married and have twins. Ahaa!! IMPOSSIBLE~~ <shontelle's voive> that's how I sleep almost everyday.. Imagine about that then I fell asleep. And do it again tomorrow. Thug life. No wonder people keep telling me that I'm crazy like hell.

#ForeverSingleTakAderBFSelamenyer < amboih hashtag > haha.. HA HA HA.. *facepalm* I wanna start doodling back again..woohooo .. hoo hoo.. haha.. wayar fius otak tercabut satu barang kali. And you know.. Our final exam last week is the worst.. I mean.. dahla buat kat dewan official orang yang jawab SPM & PMR nuh.. aduii, we're not that stupid to cheat in that hall teachers.. two way to cheat in exam is brought notes and 'selit' kat bawah kertas and just go to toilet and googled the question or view the image using smartphone. Which I'm doing that for Chemistry's test but halfway there I'm just like.. Insaf sat then batal niat nak cheat. I shouldn't lie to myself. I've to work hard like others that don't cheat. Next year gonna be big year for me and the pressure keep haunting me.. "hang dapat teruk SPM..say goodbye to Newcastle and ur Architect job".. I have major problem with my addmath and chemistry. Oh why!! Arghh.. come on BRAIN..you can do it..please help me to understand this 2 subjects...

You know..the wanted and linkin park have new album this year.. Yeyy.. but money.. why you always dissapear when I need you.. kemon arr.. erghh, buat bisnes cam liya sakgi baru tau.. tengok tengok mampu beli bmw X5 apa.. HA HA HA.. berangan jer tawu.. blah arr dyno..Ur crazy. so..toddles:) ehee



Hello :)
It's hard you know.. Typing something on the keyboard while your friend is whatsapping you is hard. Can't really focus right now.It's gonna be a really long post because my blogging mood is on. Haha lewls. First of all.. being 16 is hard. And within 3 more months. This girl gonna be in form 5 which is senior and final year. I'm not really ready at all I mean I'M NOT READY !!! This all SPM thingy. Yeah.. this and next weak I'm having final exam which makes me so depress. The only thing that stuck in my head since last week is.. I wanna redo all of this. After complete that P.Islam paper I just realised that me is too dumb. Can't memorize anything. How I'm supposed to take SPM next year with me like this. "cepatlah habis final exam..aku nak mula balik baca..nak enjoy last freedom aku sebelum next year punya sekolah start". I'm already planned my activities during this school break. One of 'em is 'REVISION' .. Next year,.. be more hardworking, leave your laziness at home, stop making troubles with some kind of people and so on. 

Mission no.1 is getting Straight A+ in SPM 2014. Yess..gonna make sure that year is my legendary year. Dear Newcastle University... please wait for me and Ain there okay babe? 41k /month.. uuuu.. That's why it is worth to take engineering course that can promise you brighter future. Yesterday, while Ain and me waiting for our parent to fetch us.. we'd just created some IMAGINATIONS .. It's all about us.. " Aku nak beli BMW X6,hummer ka.. aku nak jadi parent paling sporting kat anak aku nanti" .. lewls.. It's so funny because the way we had the conservations is like we have already work as engineers and have kids. Kita hanya mampu rancang and plan jaa kan.. yang lain Allah SWT tentukan.. yang tuu memang konfem tak boleh lawan. All I want when I get married is.. good relationship and my utimate dream is having TRIPLET!! kk..just leave that thing because having triplet is almost impossible. Tak salah kan berangan :P dear aliens: please don't judge me for this. And then we saw this 2 not very hot guys came out from that Mercedes's car and they're just like. they're thinking that they are fabulous riding Mercedes's car. Dengan rambut paku berkarat..lewls .. Some people are weird..

Next week..let me see.. Sej and Physics.. Addmath and Math.. those are killers subject.. Never pass in addmath since we first met.. I think we should date after this whole final exam is done.. right Addmath? you'll be nice to me next year. Promise me naah?? Ok,,this crazy dyno just talking with herself like an idiot..Who's care.. I'm a Joker..No one can beat me unless you're Mr. Paris.. Next story is about "oi".. yep..actually, I'm planning not to like him so much to avoid the ultimate broken hearted.. Trying = dying. Dyno..just make sure your big feet never pass the "melampau" line.. just stay on the line and never crossed it.. Maybe we just don't know it yet whether our crush already have their own crush or someone that they like. And we are just another heart broken girl.. hadoii.. mood apa pulak serang aku time pukul 6 pm cenggini..

Last word.. cepatlah habis exam aku nak start lukis and buat doodles balik nii.. eyy tolong bagi soalan berjenis sikit boleh tak dear teacherssss?? I'm begging you like forever but you didn't listen to us. Haih =.= Tuhan Tolong ~~~~ haha.. gonna leave now.. gaya tak macam panjang pon post aku..kk babai..



Hello :)
For the hundredth time.. I'm breaking my promises.. AGAIN! lewls.. am such a dummy. How? ha ha ha, the day after I post that last post in this blog. I tried to message him. I sent "sorry" and 'knock knock' < my message's ringtone> "'meow' sent an audio message" . I thought that every girls that get this type of message must be super duper happy meh. Audio kud..leh replay over and over unless you delete it. Fell like millions of butterflies flew in my stomach. And I was like.. nak dengar ker tak nak.. Tak mau sakit hati lagii laa katakan. The moment when I pressed that audio message.. aand.. alalalalalaa cute nyeww..k.. ter'over' pulak. Dengan slang Perak+KL. haha.. I think he was in the good mood I guess because I can fell that in his "magical" voice. Can't describe how happy I am at that time. haha.. Dyno is happy back again. weehuu.. and that ultimate joker just being 'busybody' ja.. Asking me 'macam-macam'. Adoii, suka buli aku laah. Nak balas dendam ler tu sebab aku pernah merajuk ngan dia dalam kelas math. Salah dia arr, aku tanya.. dia pi layan budak-budak lain. Revenge is sweet. Hahaha

Missing you.. yep.. I'm missing my UITM's sisters and brothers. Sembreak laa katakan. Hhuhu..nak sembang kat wechat macam tak ada topik jaa. I miss the moment when we're just like.."lepak dulu.." while the other groups just "pulun" dicsussing their future project.Lulz.. Teasing liya just because she has bf. Hahaha. Miss all the moment that we'd experienced before. And ain? Missing that less handsome kwang so laah. haha.. Yang hensem "meow" aku.. I think that I should change this "meow" to another word because that word just remind me at kimi. Haha.. kaki bash orang jaa keja. how abaout "sakai"? kesian pulak.. "oi" laah.. because he just love that phare so much.. "cik oi.." ..haha. 

Sebelum terlambat..Selamat Hari Raya Eid-Adha.. weuu..lepak kat rumah tok ja la. Aand I hate that. When all my lil cousins came. Chaos happen. Dah la hyper..Ya Allah.. I can't fit with them because am the only one who age 10+ years.. haih..tensyennya. Dengan tak der internet.. can you feel me. Aand another shock moment when I just know that I've another 2 niece.. oh God.. since when my aunty got pregnant? I don't see any baby bumps.. Adoii.. am not peka with keadaan sekeliling. Oh.. and tomorrow is school + exam days.. yey.. -.- sejarah paper 3 and agama.. wish me luck guys.. 



Hello peeps. Welcome new header,new bio and everything. My status right now? DEPRESSED, HATE MYSELF, SERABUT AND ETC. I just don't know how can I became like this.. Maybe last night. I'm completely breakdown. Broken. Hurt. And realize.. I'm so fcking annoying much. Being annoying to my friends, 'meow',mr.Joker and everyone. Hazwan, kakak2 and abang2 UITM,teachers,parent,lil bro. My idol. EVERYONE!! I hate last nigh.. I hate it I hate it.. *wipe tears* ..thanks 'meow' for that fcking video message. You made me realize about everything that relate to my life. Yes.. I have friends that happy with their lives and having some kind of 'sporting' parent. Me? I have THE MOST annoying parent on earth. They didn't gave me permission to go out..socialize with other friends, holding phone is considered I'm using facebook. About facebook.. I'm already delete my account because I..was so 'tertekan' when my mom always 'bising' at me like forever.. I'm never be perfect in front of her eyes. I'm usually shut my mouth when I'm at home because my life is done there. That's why I'm hyper at school like trolling ain, made fun of liya,syahirah and izzah because.. I can't do that at home. I'm alone. There're just me,books and internet. I have such a pathetic life told ya. Last night, that 'meow' just added another 'pathetic thing' in my life..

I've lost motivation to do anything. The feeling of emptiness and feeling that barely anyone is there for you is killing me in the inside. The feeling that no one understand you anymore. My future seems.. breaking apart. Who am I right?? To have feeling towards my gender is the WORST things I'd ever done. Yeah.. who wants me right? This 'pathetic' girl that never pass in addmath, such a MEAN girl, always wanting people that she never get,spend her whole life to get some attention from community. That's me. Seems God never give me any chance to get the feeling of being love by someone.   

 What's my plan after this? SPM. yeah, get straight A, continue study, fly to England, make my dreams come true and be an Architect. That's it// getting marry and get kids? HA HA HA. Forever alone camni nak kahwin. You mean..marry with person or something. If person.. tak der calonlahhh. so.. babai 'meow'. I'll never bothering you anymore. So keep your thug life ahead. And remember.. you just lost this awesome, crazy, anti-jealousy, TWFanmily , football fanatic, A cute Gunner girl. One day, I'll be miss by you and you'll realize that you just lost me. I'll be always be a #2 Joker in history of mankind and remember.. tanjung dawai ada tanjung and dawai. Remember!! Next year.. let the game change because that is my SENIOR YEAR. RULE CHANGE. New 'DEANNAAAA' is heading and will lead this whole thing. More awesome, annoying and even moreee EXCELLENT. hahahahahahaha.. and remember.. I'll be Henry Sturges cool type.


Nyeep nyeep

Hello :")

First of all.. last Thursday's chemistry exam is SUCK! gaya dah ada nak fail tu. Me tinggal banyak kud nohh soalan, dah la final exam, wanna cry T_T tapi.. nasib baik aku duk kelas Sains Teknikal. The 'worries' of takut turun kelas tak ada in mah mind right now. Wohooo, fail tera mana pun duk klas Harmonikan jugak dengan 'crazy' classmates. Wehee. This whole and next week = FINAL EXAM. I'm so depress as fuck right now. Kecewa dengan diri sendiri you know "-.- Baru nak menyesal lulz. Keep the promise. Don't cheating. Markah haram!! haha. Aku rasa kalau aku fail banyak pun aku still watlek watpis sajaa, tahun depan baru kita tunjuk taring kita yang berkilat nii. Form 4 ni tak show off sangat lah.. *sembang tak penah jatuh*

"Awatlah aku tak struggle dari awal tahun dah tau diri tu 'stupid' bebeno"
THISSS!! deep bebeno

Untunglah kiddo kiddo aku semua happy. Liya,Ain,Syahirah semualah.. semua happy and there's me. Yup.. only me. I use to be single all the time. Siapalahh lelaki bertuah yang mau kat aku yang gilaa gian punya orang. About that 'meow' man.. aha!! so, yes. He's having sembreak right now which mean dia tengah holiday kat kampung kesayangan dia laah. Almost 2 weeks he never replied my wechat. whtdfuq is that? haha, sakit hati nohh. Then, this 'miracle' morning.. he. sent. me. audio. message. awuuuu!! what does the fox say? ring ding ding ding ding..lulz. 6.05am nohh dia hantaq. terus mood naik,teehee, happynya itew!! -facepalm-  tapi serious aa aku happy. ngehee..but.. last night before this happen. Aku rasa cam nak hempuk pala ngan tong gas kud. Aku baca kawan dia tweet.. aand ada nama sorang 'mystery' girl dia mention and I'm just like.. please no please... tak keruan dah aku u know!! Aku dah reka dah post 'pasrah' gilaa nak publish kat blog. Plan to hancur lepas dia hantar voice tuu.. AAAaaa wish goodluck sampai 4 kali nohh.. puas ko deanna?? ahahaha.. macam ter'over' plak aku ni '-- 

Dah dah..dah habis dah cerita tadi tuu..lagha nii semua..tuntasnya, marilah kita sama-sama ke jalan yang lurus dan benar lagi suci. sorry, mood exam still available, entah biler nak invisiblenyaa aku tak tau.. eyy,wanna talk about yesterday. Aku bangun kul 2 pagi sebab nak study kimia sebab dah tau aku otak lembab dan tak boleh terima kimia.. then study ler kan sampai 4.30am.. Nak dijadikan cerita.. gua terbangun kul 7.30am. I mean, bukan aku sajaa, satu family tho. Adoii, sampai sekolah kul 8 and there's me.. still jalan and buat tak tau even peksa dah start. Ain tanya pasal apa aku mai lewat. Aku kan joker kebangsaan, aku pun jawablah aku tak jumpa sekolah. #LawakHambar tapi ain tetap angkat middle finger kat aku..ahaha balik sekolah paa lagi.. kena perli ngan mak aku lewls. Rasa nak nyorok bwah meja pun ada.

Cepatlaa habis exam and cuti panjang.. aku nak lepak and ikat semula 'bond' aku dengan kawan sekolah rendah aku. Duk buat sedeyh pulak kata aku dermarian depa kolarian. ahaha.. rancak doh sembang ngan depa even sembang pasal masalah negara depa ja. Tapi lagi rancak kalau ada ain ngan liya. wuu (peace) Aku dah plan siap listkan lagii list what to do untuk cuti nii.. haha, nanti aku upload ehh. *sembang cam ada reader jaa blog nii* oh and one more thing, I think I need a macbook asap. Tak sedap scroll tumblr pakai netbook ni. adohoii, dengan loading lambat. And maybe a new guy. ok bye, lools. Me myself never learn any 'pengajaran' daripada kisah sebelum ni. Haha..

Oh and.. tahun depan aku tak mau bodoh dah. Stupid pun tak mau. Crazy tuu nak ada lagi la. Bukan deanna la kalau tak gila sehari. Actually kat rumah aku duk diam ja. Bukan ada kawan.. nak cakap ngan adik aku. Buat pecah pala ja eyy. Can I just go to England and further my study dalam bidang engineering?? Gilaa.. craving for that job like forever. Aku still lost kut. Form 4 ni buat hidup aku celaru bagai nak rak ja. Nak jadi budak form 1 balik..noob and nerd jaa. No juniors and hello cute male seniors. hakshaks :)) gatai nak mampos kata kauu.. 

lack of idea right now..sejarah jom.. lai lai :))