Heyyo (:
I'm breaking my own rule right now.. Not a good time for online..There're tonne and tonne of homework that I MUST DO!! But, I love to not take things seriously..That explain how I got 3 fails in my previous exam.So, early mornings,big shirts,messy hair,vogue and coffee..Oh GOD,it sound PERFECT to me and my day. Basically,I feel so so happy right now, I mean, I'm in really good mood right now..because,I'm here updating my blog while drinking a cup of tea beside me.It make me chill tonight even there're MOFO addmaths h/work ..I just love to do it in my class tomorrow.

Oh,yesterday,it was TWFanmily 3 years anniversary..and we all did a #3YearsTWFanmilyFollowSpree and guess what.. I got 38 followers..UNBELIEVABLE!! You're so great guys. *thumbs up* .Oh and one more thing, MU lost to Liverpool 2-0.. I was,is this real??? Van Persie either Rooney not scoring for that match..Shame on you!! Hahha,,actually I'm a gooner so...think for yourself ;) Arsenal won yesterday against Tottenham HotSpurs ..My baby giroud had scored.1-0. My twitter is like a grenade being thrown today,.. First, its all about Ozil signing up to join Arsenal Team..OMG, I'm hoping this is gonna be real because I'm having crush with Mesut Ozil for a long long time. I mean, look at his eyes, such a cutie pie XD Second,its all about Dionne thingy..she's mess up with us. Just let that B#$% alone. Third, I gotta to say this, 'Minyak Naik Harga'..k..stop takat tuu..Bukan aku yang selama nii dok isi minyak so..zzzipp. shut up! 

For today,in engineering drawing class,Jamil ask us to build a basic model and me and Lieya choosed to IGLOO!! how creative we are.. *tepuk sikit* Anis and Bella decided to do Eiffel tower..ookayy.. Today,my mom had to pick me up at 4.30pm.. so,no excuses..I'd to help my classmate decorated our class for Merdeka theme.. There're me,Anis,Afif,Farah and Farisha. Afif is the only gentleman there. He helped hanging the flags, pick up the broken door and arrange them neatly,repair things at the back.. He is so helpful though.. After Anis left us,we just started to gossip..including Afif lol..Gossip about my fake sis.. the way Afif talked about her are so damn funny..'Aku jumpa dia aku nak tendang dia!'..hahaahahha,, I know that feeling bro :))

Before that,me and Anis just want to buy burger so we walked and after we passed the school's gate..BAAMM!! there's accident occured.. Me and Anis suddenly became private investigator..LOL XD The conclusion is..'dua dua salah'..the car driver, she should not making a u-turn there because there is a sign showing u-turn is not allowed.. The 'penunggang motor', he should not 'bawak motor tuu laju2 sebab nii depan sekolah' and he is not wearing helmet properly.. haih, Like Jamil had said..'tunggu orang eksiden baru nak pasang traffic light'..welcome to Perlis guys -_- And after that,we're acting cool like nothing had happened ..

Already 10.34 right now..bed time..goodnight :))