Heyyo :)
First,let move on to the most embarrassing day in my history of life..Today, I'd Physic's class at 3.00pm and I was I just ran and I opened my usual Physic lab's door and when I entered..Shahira told me that my class is in another Physic's lab..And I just covered my face and ran out..That was so embarrassing.. when I entered the real lab..Mr. Othman just gave his speech about wearing jeans to school..Thanks god..I'm wearing 'seluar slack' .. In my entire class this day..I'm shaking about that incident LOL..Luckily,nobody mention that incident in my twitter or facebook..Thanks guys. What I learned from aware of what you looking for..ASK..don't forget to ask..if you don''ll end up like me..stupidos dynos. But after he gave that half an hour speech a.k.a 'beletiaq'..he taught us about Physic..I mean..he's so funny man.. Can't stop laughing with Farahiyah..

So today..there's UITM's program. Sambung yang haritu. I mean,we can meet that sisters and brothers again..weehuu, so..Ain brought her Ipad today..yeay. Craving for that so bad : / We decided to make our new product..What product?? SECRET! haha..what I can tell you is..our product will win top 3.Just wait and we'll see ;3 That one 'abang' ask Ain to use her Ipad..Then,Ain just gave the Ipad to him..He said like..'aku penah guna dah benda nii,'..then he's just looked the Ipad and touch everywhere..he doesn't even know how to close the page..haha..He opened that Lawson music video..brokenhearted.. There's half naked woman in that video and that 'kakak' just like..screamed to that 'abang' to close the MV..haha..then he opened malay song and started to sing to that 'kakak'..he really look alike Raqib..I mean A LOT!

This evening..I saw him. I still remembered about yesterday..'I senyum like a happy fish,'..haha..BURN.. you look like a lion that loose his wife..I wanna punch his grumpy,angry and 'tak puas hati' face.Luckily, I still can't hold it.. just wait.About Ain..untunglaaa ada kakanda bawu~~~ kahkahkah..oh man,about Nora..Ain just said..'IIiiissshh,' then he came out from nowhere and said to her..'awat,'..The way he said 'awat,' sentence like..eww,,it's gross you he tried to flirt..oh pleasee~~ 

Boredom strike me so hard just I opened omegle and start chatting about stupid things.. 'kutuk' 1D.. Do I care?? so I'd chat with this Hungarian's guy..he's name is meci.. nice..he like 20 years old and still study at uni and lobe to travel a lot.. So,he asked me where I I just said..I live in Kuala Perlis,Perlis,Malaysia.. The moment when I feel very poud is when he said..>wow,such a beautiful country..I'm looking the picture in Google< wow..this guy is really one will ever google your country or state..I mean..he is the first one.. whenever you're.. I salute you mann~~

Today is Max George's birthday..Happy Birthday baldy :)) 

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you MAX GEORGE
happy birthday to you <3