Olla peeps :)
Remember the UITM's post? Okay okay..actually.. during that day, I mean, not just THAT day,before that day..The first time when they came to our school, I saw this one guy and heart just racing inside me..his smile,laugh.. gaah!! * smiling * During the actual competition, -acececey- he came to my group and he just..'perlekeh produk kiteorang' ..haih -_- ..but the best damn thing is.. The gap between me and him is way too damn close..wooahh.. I glanced at his shirt and it wrote -Z...- and then I'd to walk to Ain.. After that day.. I'm struggling to know his name,twitter or whatever that relate to him.. I asked Ain about him and with full confidence she said..his name is nazri but..he's already engage with someone else..My heart literally like.. 'BOOM'..frust laa kejap.. When I back home..I just checked Ain's following and.. that 'nyanyuk' girl just gave me the name of wrong person.. and suddenly I just realized that..I still got the CHANCE.. *wipe tears*

After wasting some minutes checking Ain's following....I FOUND IT..his acc Twitter..wooooowoooooo.. and you guys know..that guy just made my day even more BEAUTIFUL when he's mentioning me in Twitter about Arsenal..He's a Gunner too..alaalaaa..* blushing bhaii*  That excitement didn't end in that day..I still excited ..till now..never faded :) so Ain just asked me to asked him about his wechat's id.. I'm so nervous to ask him..I didn't why :( We're in library on that time..Ain just took my phone and start typing and sent to him on twitter.. I'm just like..Ainn.. 'rasa macam nampak sangat terhegeh hegehnyaa' ..but.. it's not bad at all when he respond to my mention..he just said to me to search that name in wechat and DANG.. I found it..

That's so me.. *facepalm* then I sent him some message on wechat..aannd..he replied it..yehooooo...and yesterday..he sent me a tonne and tonne voice message..aww..his cute lil voice..hehehehehe..aand good thing is...psst..he's single..but he's mine,,I already booked him guys.. nyenyenye..hahahahahahaa..just he has final exam..goodluck goodluck mann..Do your best *thumbs up* 

And now..It's all about exam is coming in two weeks..The Wanted performed at Kuala Lumpur for Arthur's day yesterday and I can't go..sad dyno is sad :(((( final exam?? addmath still killer subject for me.. haih..Time to work hard and smart kiddo..gotta go..dyno have to go..bye bye bye :))