Eyyo (:
I have four bad news today :( First: Mr. Paris is not sure whether he'll back to Perlis to teach us or not..haih..please,,I want him back please..so,i just sent really 'pasrah' word to him on wechat and he just 'hahaha'.. yeah..he is being a Joker for me only..ME ONLY naah..kahkah ..second: my 'ketua kelas' that is Talhah..his family was being robbed at his house at Sarawak.. Im feeling sorry to him.. Kesian Talhah,rumah dia kena rompak kul 5.30 pagi..Depa ikat dia ngan family dia..Now Im afraid..what if I was there and aku kena ikat jugak..sumpah takut weyh : / third: Take a deep breath and brave myself to write this word.. SCHOOL IS COMING IN TWO DAYS! how exciting is that..*fake alert* actually,I just go to school just to meet my friends..only.Can we just add two more weeks  holidays..please..haha NO. last one: LINKIN PARK'S TOUR IS COMING IN TWO DAYS AAND I CAN'T GO.. hahaha..bitch please..why me why?? why this year..just please come back in 4 years..or just make a concert held in Perlis.. ok..that's impossible unless someone do it..

Talking about school..it just remind me about THAT person..im feeling like,..can i just rid him in my mind?because its just make me confuse and all my plan ruin because of him..if I meet him at school..what im gonna do is.. just face it.. because? im his senior! Poyo jaa aku..haha.. to be honest..i don't want meet him..IF he wanna talk with me.. i just wanna run away..ok,thats not gonna happen.. nak buat 'dorama' apa tah aku nii ._. After Hazwan told me about that ONE awful incident it just remind me about..'pendendam jugak ehh mamat nii' so yeah..that dani like someone else..aihh,,'melepas' Dyno..can i just marry Nathan Sykes right now? ok NO.. TWFanmily will kill me instantly..okay how about..can i just marry Nacho Monreal..or Jenkinson..naah,, dah ada makwe..KOT,. tak salah mengharap..haha

About Mr.Paris..i got story here..maybe he'll be embarrass with this..sapa suruh dia tulis status yang orang leh baca kan..i read his whatsapp's status and its written.. 'saya x paksa awk'..kahkahkah..gelak sampai terkeluar air mata aku..dah la aku baca tuu waktu pukul 12 malam..haha  ..and he updated his twitter..'buat2 x nampak noti wechat,'..see? tengah perli padu aku la tu...eyyy.. yang aku nii pulak poyonyaaaaa..remember that one post about him getting transfer to other school.. im gonna labelled that post 'stupid abadi'.. HOW can i cry because of that..seems not LEGIT..i just cry..thats all..haha,,eyy,,if i can back in time..i just wanna hit my head and say..'you're so stupid..he just transfer to other school and you're sitting here crying like a super idiot..' yeah...that's what im gonna do..

PMR..haha,,its just remind me of last year..waktu tu aku tak kenal lagi si Ain ngan Liya..haha..so, my place 'tempat aku amik periksa' located at the back of classroom..'belakang sekali' weyh..haha..near Dini,Zarif,Izatti and Farahiyah.. but thing that i can remember till now is.. soalan Pendidikan Islam susah bhaii.. like..sampai aku 'give up' cekk..because of that..i just thinking ..im gonna get 6A 2B and i'll be hit and scold by my parent.. stail duk ugut parent aku..haih..sedeyh T_T..and luckily,Sejarah and Geo senang..weee..thanks GOD..One of the greatest memory is..'memory paling mahai'..i don't remember what subject during that time..tengah jawab examm..exam PMR kud nohh..then Dini's phone rang..dah laa pakai ringtone Pitbull yang give me everything tuu..and i just sitting there and hold my laugh..rasa nak gelak guling2 jaaa..haha..nasib pengawas steady jaa..and my feeling when the 'result day' came.. rasa nak luruh hancur berderai jantung aku..when im in the car with my sibling going to school..my mom just like 'haa,hang tak dapat 8A hang SIAP ngan aku..'me at the back..'Eyy, dia nii..aku lari keluar kereta bunuh diri baru tau,',,i hate person like' suka mengunggut' ..ishh then after Farahiyah claimed the 'result' ..im just like..please mentioned my name please..sweating.. and then Nur Hanis Deanna>>>> pergh..rasa nak lompat dari tempat duduk and sing The Wanted song pon ada..rasa nak tunjuk depan mak aku..nak bagi dia tau..even aku suka online and dengaq lagu..x bermakna aku looser tahap..werr..haha..so that is my PMR story that ended up happily..haha..happy sangat ._. wanting straight A in SPM badly..

So,about linkin park.. and i cannot even,i can't even, I am unable to even, I have lost my ability to even,I am so unable to even ...speechless LOL XD I can't hear their band name/member and their song right now..im just give up..i just haghhh..i want to go to their concert so BAD.. i wanna meet Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington so bad.. please..i wanna meet you guys..someone tweet / dm about me to them..Mike..we have the same interest..you like art and i like art too..Chester..we also have the same interest too..you are a screamer and me too.. but we're not same..it just..you're a screamer in a good way..you scream and boom..new song...me scream.. at least one person die or muttering me so bad..i wish i can meet you guys..or maybe hug you..oitt 'HARAMM' haha.. so..sapa-sapa yang dapat pergi tuu..listen..you guys are the luckiest person on earth..you can watch and meet em..and you can take photo with them..grmmm.. just remember..you are LUCKY!!  I am so done with my life now..can i just sit at the corner and cry while watching and listening to them..Linkin Park..we'll meet one day ..promise me,,, just don't die in car accident or so on..just wait for me..same as The Wanted and Arsenal..

Am I being psycho right now?? so..i know my post this time is damn too long and many broken English.. you guys have to understand..im living as fangirl right now..its HARD..i can't 'patah balik' IF i can..i won't.. *Dyno start merepeks* actually..im gonna re-schedule my days because..its being to messy for me..aku tak boleh bahagikan masa dah sekarang..dok online jaa..sebab tu otak tepu..haih..so i decided to go online just on Saturday and Sunday or maybe Friday..other day?> studying and completing that damn h/works...life as form 4 students is HARD and it'll be more FUCKING HARD next year ..tadaaa Dyno is form 5 and sweet SPM waiting..ahaih.. T_T i want my life back..haha..okay..i wonder why I often use 'hahaha' in my post..maybe im being Joker as Mr. Paris..meng'happy'kan orang daripada meng'happy'kan diri sendiri..so..yeah..mkay bye..TEEHEE

I SWEAR..ONE DAY,YOU'RE GONNA HATE YOURSELF FOR LETTING ME GO..THAK YOU FOR BEING HONEST AND CHEATER TO ME..BYE bye .. Espero que ustedes tienen una vida feliz después de este ..