Throwback [ My Birthday ] *11 June*

Eyyo (:
So today im gonna post about what had happened on 11 June 2013. Yeah,My birthday.. During that time,my laptop still repaired.. my laptop's screen shattered. My fault ._. So, yeah,this is the throwback.. Should I 'italic' or not? hmm, i choose not (:

11 JUNE 2013

|0000|.. during that time..i was about to sleep and then, my phone that was still charging 'ringing'.. not just 'ringing' was 'ringing' continuously.. i just wake up and went to pick up my phone.It was Ain and Lieya..they sent me Wechat but im just to lazy and tired to read. Im super,duper sleepy that time..can't fought it..sorry (; That morning.. i went to school and im feeling like nobody knows that day is my birthday..but i just keep myself cool because i feel like its kinda annoying if everyone remember that day is your birthday..That day we had Physic's class and im feeling great because my relationship with Mrs. Husni getting better after that incident.. i'll keep it secret. Sorry guys. 

After i got home, i opened my Instagram.. My primary school friend, Fatihah just posted a birhtday picture and she tagged me..thank you dear xoxo. Then i opened my twitter and Hazwan wished 'Happy Birthday' to me..Aiyy, this kiddo is so nice.Then, came out from nowhere,i just had this weird feeling like..serious mann..this is my first time to feel like this.. Around 4 tweeting Nicky Romero.. like..i just tweet that..THAT is the thing! i tweet,'It's my birthday today...Please...,' then i just leaved it like that because i did'nt expect what became next.Who am I to Nicky? im just regular fan of him. Then i closed twitter to completed school task aand then..OH MY GOD! i saw notification that wrote Nicky Romero acc..

AAaaaahhhhh..screaming continuously for 1 day.and im just like.. lihatlah dunia..haha


That gif is so me..haha.. feel like i wanna bang my head onto wall..Aand the most excited part is..he call me bB..hehe..he is being cute..Aiiyy, why me..why me..WHY?!..haha, i could be the one to him jelly (; After that, i received many RT'S and FAV'S from Nicky's fan..Jealous le teww..ilek is my DAY..Not being MEAN toward them XD im feeling LUCKY meh..haa

Then, i took screen shot then i posted it into Instagram and Liya commented 'Lucky you!Fuk' im laughing so HARD..haha,then Hazwan commented 'Paiq jeles teruih'..haha..'padan muka':p Just let him jeles/majuk.. the worst thing is..paiq forgot my birthday...asdfghjkl~!!! i hate him..forevahh. My uncle bought Barcelona's jersey for me..aah, thank you (: appreciate it so much..


so that all my birthday throwback..hehe..thanks Nicky..i love you xoxo

here's my Nicky's picture..enjoy! fx