The Wanted - We Own The Night

Eyyo (:
Its finally here.. *British accent*
Finally..we own the night video was released yersterday night while all of us in Malaysia were sleeping ._. The video was madness to all of us #TWFanmily.. there were some part Nathan played piano with hot chick blonde hair girl was sitting beside him,Jay wearing his cute shirt, Tom played guitar, Max kissing a grandma and Siva drinking with a group of old man. How i wish this song could be the theme song for Brazil world cup..speaking about Brazil..It reminds me about that Brazilian girl's video that said she was Nathan's girlfriend. B U R N !! So, The Wanted was doing #WeOwnTheNightFollowSpree ..if i wanna get a follow from them..i should tweet them with that hashtag and screenshot me purchased We Own The Night soundtrack on Itunes.. The saddest part is.. i don't have any apple's product.. How i wish i can help the guys to reach top 1 in Itunes chart by purchasing their song...haih T_T..

So, us (TWFanmily) try to attrack people as many as we can get to watch the video on youtube so we can make the boys get Vevo Cetificate. So..what we do is... we prank the directioner so they watch the video..haha..Fuck us right? haha.. so,im doing it by using here is the screenshot.

*im busted LOL~~

Directoner gonna hate..but..sorrynotsorry.Haha~~ the last one im busted LOL.. she said she'd prank earlier by us,she said that this song was pretty good..haha.Thanks a lot girl xoxo..So yeah..when the song first play at Capital fm..All twfanmily and i did'nt stop tweeting..haha X) im shaking to the death that time.. my mind just like.. 'what song sound like,it is good,slow or party theme?' and then siva tweet us and he left like that..Siva Kaneswaran!! ONE DOES OT SIMPY TWEET AND THEN LEFT..and after the song end.. my twitter timeline just like........ BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM! rancak weyh TL.. for the first time i can't hold my tears when im hearing that song.. sedeyh T_T im proud od you my boys..come to mama..huwaa.. And then,my long time twitter friend just tweet me about that song..we just immature ._. haha and then we'll be like awkward because he is a guy and im a girl and he's 18 and im 16..haha..see? So yeah..haha.

Im sorry is this post gave you cancer,,but if u glad that you like this post..u guys should understand me because i just love this TWFanmily fanbase..actually.. im. just. can't. stop .Fangirling. over.The.Wanted... geit or you just NANANANANA? haha, dyno is 'pening lalats' oohh, wanna promote here..don't forget to watch The Wanted Life on E! ..every Sunday 11pm and repeat on Monday at 12pm. dan lagi here's the video's link> The Wanted-We Own The Night ..enjoy fx.