Eyyo (:
Today im feeling like regular days back then.. you know hat i did today? of course you don't know bc aku tak gitau korang lagi kann.. #LawakHambar.. im not a Joker like Mr. Paris. The header of my blog is for him actually.. what i did today is........ i deleted my HIS phone number, text message,whatsapp and everything about him. I can't hold this anymore.. after all these days..i've been really patient and being so STRONG untill it makes me change 360 degree.. im being unfriendly,lazy,hate everybody,wanna burn my phone and makes me hate myself..Purpose of that action? from now on.. im gonna be really damn look alike Henry Sturges and Nano..but im still humorous person...don't worry. Im gonna be strong..i wanna change this gloomy life. I wanna forget about him. And at the is just me and my friends.. ohh and that JOKER (: 

Im done with my life this year.. i miss so many events (!) i miss a chance to hug Neymar like that person ._. from now on...i just wanna be ME. yeah, the other #TWFanmily had advise me.. so im gonna take their advise because what? they're older than me so..they'd so much more experiences in their life..So let ready to let anything/person that i love so damn much and start new life.. i don't have to worry because i have my friends to support my back.. do you?now.. its been August since then.. i have to prepare for my final.. 'dyno buat Poyo dah'.. haha.. Architect to be..InsyaAllah. From now on..i should start dating with 'sesiku T, drawing board, Jangka lukis, 0.3 & 0.5 mechanical pencils and A3 paper' .. can we become such a lovely couple? we'll see..heheh

First thing to do is.. getting myself 'rajin'..remember Dyno.. mike shinoda said that he always keep himself busy x. You should make him as your role model.. haih, he already be my idol dude.. 'talking to myself'.. second, diet.. i should stay healthy from now on T_T too much junk food inside my body and it made me numb these day.. so, maybe i should 'tiru' dani..ok,lets stop eating 'nasi' for 3 months..hmmm..okayh, challenge accepted! start eating salad like annees? okay,,i will do that.. drink more mineral water. Oh, and i should do more exercise..jeng jeng jeng.. ladies and gentlements.. give an applause to Nike Training hoping that i get more badges by doing that Nike exercise.. and fourth, reduce time for online twitter,instagram and so on.. im tired being such a loser..being stupid and hopeless.. Im gonna back on track. 'Marilah kita sama-sama kembali pada jalan yang lurus'.. 

So i guess..i can do this 'to do list'.. im gonna start it tomorrow..tomorrow jugak ._. ye la..tomorrow right knee hurt so much..haih,, 'tulang tak duduk di tempat asalnya..bola baling punya pasal..terkepak kaki waktu nak sumbat bola masuk gol'..haih.. almost 7pm now..gotta go..BYE