Eyyo (:
Long time no update..haih,, busy laah : / homework banyak tahap nala mana tahh..So today,my school..i mean our school hosted a banquet feast (jamuan Hari Raya).In that letter,it said only baju kurung for girls but what i saw today..there were some wear 'jubah',peplum and so on..shoes?me and ain just wore sandal ..lieya? vogue gilaa kau,,pakai heels cekk..haha. before we went to 'Dataran Putra'..teachers wanted to meet form 4 student about UITM's program tomorrow..me? excited weyhh..esok tak belajaq and pakai baju PJ..weehuu XD So,after that..we're just sat at 'Dataran Integrasi' and wait for teachers to call us to take da food.. and that time..i realised that some eyes are staring at me and syahirah..ahah!! you know what..i still not get it..why they're so mad at us? she's broke with 'abang tiri syahirah' because of her own fault..so..think for yourself..

After we ate..we're just 'lepaking' at our class because things getting bored to us.. you know,this one part where Talhah and Shahmin wanna take our picture (me and liya) and suddenly ..that cool,awesome,mother******* IPHONE slip through liya hand and it fell onto the ground..our hearts literally stop..cek balik..nasib screen tak shatter..pheww.. after dozens of minutes..(bohong) me and syahirah decided to go 'tawaf' sekolah because boredom strike us..aand kali keempat aku lalu depan bilik guru..I MET-

HIM!! actually that time..im not very trust my eyes that time because i have short-sightness..<i made a confession> then syahirah said.. weyh deanna tuu!! im speechless LOL X) in my mind..memang serabut gilaa tak tau nak buat apa..he brought a dozens of butterflies in my stomach.. first thought at that time is.. 'better aku patah balik jaa..no,its too late', second thought..'just punch him..wait..i don't have the courage,' and so on...aand..you guys know what i did?? this is so embarrassing and i feel very sorry to syahirah..sorry..what i did is.. i pushed syahirah aside so aku tak selisih rapat 0.1cm dengan dia and syahirah just scream..'weyh!,'..aaa,,rasa nak lembik kaki aku..hadoii..after that incident..syahirah told me that HE was looking at me while holding the camera..normal laa kan..so aku tanya lagii..'How his face looked at that time,' the answer is..same as what i thought earlier,, his face looked normal but his eyes just stared at me..i mean..that angry eyes..actually, kalau dia start berang tuu..memang terkedu aa aku..hadoii,,harapan aku musnh bila terjumpa jugak dengan dia..haih..can one of us just comitted suicide?? NO!

The banquet feast this year is not that awesome like last year i mean..teachers decided to mixed the all cohort together..we all not like it ..i mean..bukannya kami rapat sangat dengan senior ngan junior..haih ._. Oh..tomorrow is school day..anyone? please help me..tak der mood nak belajar..hadoii -_- so, yeah,, gonna be back again..teehee : >