Heyyo (:
Waaa..craving for that Nike tank top but.. i can't wore them in the public//alaaa... So,okayh..mmm.. For right now.. I keep replaying Foxes over and over.. I mean..her song 'Echo' is really ME. So, our new physic's teacher is coming already.And he is a guy and 'guru cemerlang'.. I think his teaching way are creative..I mean,he will demo things that he showing us how physics is applied when carrying a book or pushing a trolley.I can understand Physic better right now.. *crying*.. he also gave us exercises after teach one topic.Make me super understand.Thank you sir :) I have to say this, and its all about teacher..I want to complain about my addmath teacher..the way she teach are torturing us..Can you imagine.. 2 masa .. she teach us like from first untill the end. There's no 5 minutes break.Sometime I feel hopeless and lost my passion to addmath. Please teacher,, please give us some break so our brain can relax for a while >.< I really need to nail my addmath's result in SPM next year so I can become super architect.

Last night, I dreamed about him again..and this dream just make me realize. Maybe this dream is super true. I was standing at stair in block form 2 and my fake sis and her friend there..Then,she say,'Look,'..I saw a girl beside him..I know that is not their classmate returned to their class..Its just HIM AND HER. I threw my phone and started ran and hide in Ajwan's class.I saw him looking for me from my hiding place.And I'm nor crying at that time..I'm just, speechless, confuse, mad and I feel nothing. Ajwan were there and he just looked at me and spoof! I wake up..Everyone is still sleeping. In my head, I had a war with my mind and the result..For this fcking time..I'll keep my promises. No whatsapp with him. Don't make any sweet face in front of him,just make 'you're gonna kill him and tie him at the tree in front of your house' face. Don't meet him. Just follow and trust what Ajwan had said.That my promise. FX

Oh heyy,,today is Independece Day..Selamat Hari Merdeka yang ke-56 guyss.. actually I don't do anything patriotic today..I just online twitter and RT'ed about Merdeka status.My school band were performed today at Dataran Datuk Syeikh.. My house are too far and my mom are too lazy to send me there. I got 1 news for you..I start to do my hobby again..I start drawing from now on..Actually, I'm having my phone diet right now..seems weird right? But,i have to do it..I spent too much time with my phone..Oh, and I decide to live my old life..No phone,having active life,start to workout and study meh ... Exam is around corner..which corner? IDK ;) Gonna continue painting..FX