Dreaming About LP #3

Eyyo (:
I swear..this thing is getting serious inside of me.. for the third time..i had dream about Linkin Park..about meeting them and took some photos with them.Arghh! why! why me? So my dream begin with im standing in front of the stage..yeah,they're making concert for us..LP Underground.Aand after that, im walking alone like ..i just walking..walking to nowhere. Then, i saw Mike Shinoda..awhh (;

I asked him to take photo with me..Aand he say yes..aa..i took like 6 pictures of us.. how i wish this was real!! than i just talked to him..i talked too much i guess : / but..he seems like he's focus what im saying to him. I still remember his face that time..hahhh,so F L A W L E S S !!! Then i saw Chester!!!

I love that gif..hahah! Chester seems so UNfriendly towards me..hmm : / but i managed to asked him to take picture with me.. i guess..i took so many pictures of us but.. who's care aite? then i called Farisha to take picture with us..i wonder how Farisha can be there..hmm.. you know..that why we call this dream :) me and Farisha took photo with Chester..hehehehehe.. then, they had to go back at their hotel..hmm..dyno is sad ): 

Then i took a closer look at gallery in my phone aand..there're no pictures!! No picture of us ): Then i woke up and realized that was only just a DREAM..ahhh!! i wish i can record my dream and play it back when i wake up..alaaa : / this dream are way too awesome to meh.. maybe i just thinking too much about Linkin Park sampai termimpi-mimpi..yeah..they will perform at Malaysia this August..but the ticket price are way too damn HIGH and im just 16 years old.. can't join that ERA contest to win Linkin Park ticket.. This year,..i miss so many events!! Chealse,Linkin Park,Barcelona,Arsenal...haaaaaaaaaaaa!! can i just SCREAM without bothering people around meh? T_T I really wanna meet Linkin Park's member and their autographs .. i want it soo BADLY!! it's been 10 years they perform at Malaysia..huwaaaaa ):  i can't contain it anymore..Screw my LIFE so much..

Can i just cry now??? last night i was crying too..but im not crying about Linkin Park..i was 'menangis kegembiraan' after 'We Own The Night' 1st play at Capital fm yesterday.. i think all #TWFanmily was crying yesterday.. that song are so FLAWLESS!! im proud of my 5 idiots..thanks guys.. you're the best..