Eyyo :)
Haih, you know this Monday..Linkin Park will perform at Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia...aannd I CAN'T GO =( can you hear im sobbing right now?! haih, this year i missed Chelsea,Barcelona,Linkin Park and Pitbull.. hah.. i wish i have my own car right now and have a lot of money then i will drive to Kuala Lumpur..or maybe i can use flight..and i will buy VIP ticket with meet and greet pass..i wish that.. so yesterday,i listen to Era fm and this one lucky girl get meet and greet pass (VIP ticket) after shea answer that simple questions.. 'Give 5 Linkin Park's song'.. i can give 15+.. *riaknya* then the Dj said that this Friday,they'll give VIP ticket again.. i can join that but the thing is..i can't go for sure if i win or not : / right now,i decide to let this ticket go to someone who need it..someone who can go.. *pasrah habis* Basically this Monday..i can even cry in 'Kimia' class.. mengenangkan Mike Shinoda aku bergambar ngan orang lain.. T_T i wanna meet Mike,Chester,Dave,Brad, so badly.. why? why this happen to me?? oh lord T_T 

If not now.. when?maybe later..when they're age 55..maybe i can go to their concert..waktu tu Chester mana leh jadi screamer dah..aahh hate this fangirling life..camna leh terjebak aku pun tak tau.. So what im gonna do right now is just let thing past and start studying..get straight A in SPM then take Marine engineering course and get salary RM5000++ that gonna buy the most expensive ticket of their concert and meet them..sometimes...we have to be patient isn't? maybe there're more upcoming event aite? who know.. maybe next year Arsenal will do tour in Malaysia..haa,,SPM pulak ._. no matter what..i must see Arsenal vs Malaysia live in front of my two eyes..tengok dalam tv ja buat apa..jerit nama Cazorla bukan dia dengaq pons.. pi tengok live..leh buat eye contact sikit ngan Nacho then we'll get marry. Haa nampak, berangan namanya tuu.. 

No matter what will happen in the future..if this chance happen gonna grab it..'when you ready come and get it..nananana' *merapu* soim gonna end my sad story with this picture that stole it from weheartit ..