8 August 2013

Eyyo (:
8 August is the first Eid aite? yeah.. i woke up and took me 10 minutes to think today is 'Raya' ..haha, Slow-lah dyno nii..eyy. So,im getting ready to celebrate the 'Raya'.. wore my NEW chocolate 'baju kurung' and shoes..so first..we're heading to 'kedai gambar' because you guys don't know about my mom ._. we're taking our family photos there.. i did an awkward smile i thought,, i hate taking picture (!) .. but i have instagram.. that was escalated quickly.. So,after that, im going to my grandma house belah mak at Sanglang..actually i had one confession to do.. i did'nt like to be there.. because? my grandma belah mak tak ohsemm sangat.. it just 'boring' to be there than being at my grandma's house belah abah..I sit on the couch and my expression just like..' what to do what to do..oh man, so boring,,oh, that's 'cicak' celebrate their 'Raya',' see? Boring tahap kud nohh..

Then, we're heading back to my grandma's house belah abah..yeay.. Finally (!) When i stepped into the house.. 'krik krik' ..there's no one in there..where's everybody..hello?? to fulfill my 'boring'..i started played some bored game that i thought i never played them in my phone.. Angry Birds. LOL X) 4pm.. my pak ngah (he's from KL) came to my grandma's house belah abah nii..yeay.. mak ngah gave me 'cermin mata' that i tertinggal dulu..finally!! tak payahlaa aku susahkan ain lagii suruh baca apa yang cikgu tulis kat depan.. I sit on the chair while gegirl is laying on the 'buaian' sambil sepupu dia hayun.. then suddenly..'tengg!'.. that tali buaian putus..thanks God.. nasib gegirl jatuh atas lantai..mau terpelanting atas batu tuu..herghh..seremm.. nasib dia kata tak sakit..haha.. sweet memory for her to save in her mind.. yang sweet memory sajisss..haha.

After my pak ngah dah balik.. my mak ngah arrived..haha.. that little 'hyper' boy ._. im so done with him you know.. if he become my lil bro.. siap aku belasah sampai lunyai..  that night.. hehe, we're playing firecracker.. me yang dah 16 tahun nii pon..main jugaklah bunga api cap ayam ponns..asalkan dapat main. Overall,,my first eid seems.. not 'gempak'.. i don't know why.. maybe because as we getting older..the excitements of celebrating Hari Raya is fading away? i don't want that.. excitements please come to me back =(  i hate this..