Heyyo (:
Waaa..craving for that Nike tank top but.. i can't wore them in the public//alaaa... So,okayh..mmm.. For right now.. I keep replaying Foxes over and over.. I mean..her song 'Echo' is really ME. So, our new physic's teacher is coming already.And he is a guy and 'guru cemerlang'.. I think his teaching way are creative..I mean,he will demo things that he showing us how physics is applied when carrying a book or pushing a trolley.I can understand Physic better right now.. *crying*.. he also gave us exercises after teach one topic.Make me super understand.Thank you sir :) I have to say this, and its all about teacher..I want to complain about my addmath teacher..the way she teach are torturing us..Can you imagine.. 2 masa .. she teach us like from first untill the end. There's no 5 minutes break.Sometime I feel hopeless and lost my passion to addmath. Please teacher,, please give us some break so our brain can relax for a while >.< I really need to nail my addmath's result in SPM next year so I can become super architect.

Last night, I dreamed about him again..and this dream just make me realize. Maybe this dream is super true. I was standing at stair in block form 2 and my fake sis and her friend there..Then,she say,'Look,'..I saw a girl beside him..I know that is not their classmate returned to their class..Its just HIM AND HER. I threw my phone and started ran and hide in Ajwan's class.I saw him looking for me from my hiding place.And I'm nor crying at that time..I'm just, speechless, confuse, mad and I feel nothing. Ajwan were there and he just looked at me and spoof! I wake up..Everyone is still sleeping. In my head, I had a war with my mind and the result..For this fcking time..I'll keep my promises. No whatsapp with him. Don't make any sweet face in front of him,just make 'you're gonna kill him and tie him at the tree in front of your house' face. Don't meet him. Just follow and trust what Ajwan had said.That my promise. FX

Oh heyy,,today is Independece Day..Selamat Hari Merdeka yang ke-56 guyss.. actually I don't do anything patriotic today..I just online twitter and RT'ed about Merdeka status.My school band were performed today at Dataran Datuk Syeikh.. My house are too far and my mom are too lazy to send me there. I got 1 news for you..I start to do my hobby again..I start drawing from now on..Actually, I'm having my phone diet right now..seems weird right? But,i have to do it..I spent too much time with my phone..Oh, and I decide to live my old life..No phone,having active life,start to workout and study meh ... Exam is around corner..which corner? IDK ;) Gonna continue painting..FX    


Eyyo (:
Today is school day..'boredom' strike us in the morning..i should be in my bed right now..not SMK Derma ._. today we had UITM's program..we're group 17. macam kimia pulak~~ Our brothers and sisters are so damn funny..told ya.. aand they're so cute..not the guys,,only sisters.. their names? sorang Aaron Aziz, Najwa Latif and Scha..nampak sangat pembohongnyaa..kahkahkah..we have to do like some product that are made from recycle things and we decide to do... shhh,,its SECRET XD there was one moment when adik tiri I..*bukan adik sebenar..hanya nak mengucai* lalu depan tuu..aand we all like..'deanna adik hang,' and guess what that one kakak did? SHE CALLED HER!! haha,hadoii,,konfem bengang tahap kud nohh budak tu..'who care,, im walk like Rihanna,' ..haiyer..actually this program run for 1 month..its like we (form 4 students) is helping them with their *kerja kursus..kot*.. i guess,,we're gonna meet next Sunday..aahh im excited X) 

About adik tiri I/..okay okay..buka,let say..budak tuu.. tadi kan..dia kannn..kahkahkah..according to Syamir..just now,that poor lil kid's leg 'jatuh dalam longkang' and Syamir said..'orang kalau jatuh longkang mesti bangun then cover and walk away..dia!! bangun then control comey and terjatuh pulak sekali lagi,,merangkak kawan tuu,' me and ain just laugh untill our stomach hurt so bad..hadoii,tang kontrol comey tuu takleh pii laa..hahahay,,then Syamir added,'kami semua pakat duk kucai dia..1,2,3 merangkak,' hadoii,,hampa memang kurang baik laa..hadoii,tengok..duk ulang ayat 'hadoii' jaa laa nii..

Oh,aand waktu duk bincang pasal product tuu..then nampak dia..haih,,dok ada jaa ._. waktu balik tu dia ada jugak..can you just go away please... so that afternoon,he reply my whatsapp..he just know,,i guess he did'nt know or 'buat tak reti' yang aku M E L U A T tahap nala ngan dia..and then he just sent,,'dok majuk lagii la tuu,' ehh helo,,bagi makan penampaq kang..haih -_- i just sent him like almost look alike 'rude' words but he just reply like i was making a joke..hello!! im not being joker for all being joker selang seli ngan Mr. Paris're so weird kiddo..

This Evening,,aidil and old primary school friends invited me to 'makan sekali'..haha,,lambat gilaa kot 6.40pm baru makanan always..gosip tak berenti laki bini just shut my mouth because they talk about their school not for yourself.. while eating Firdaus, Saiful, Syafiq and Airil came..Airil just approached in front of me and said,'kenai aku lagi dakk,'..haiyer,,mana leh tak kenai hang..dok 'seasrama' sekali not having any 'amnesia' airil ._. then,aidil and fatihah just forced me to tell about him..aand the result..kena ceramah free bhaii dengan ustazah fatihah..hadoii..dia jeles mohon habaq cepat.. then i told them about that 'shoe laces story' < cerita ditaja syarikat CamCung> #LawakHambarTahapNalaPetakaLangitNunDiSana ..aand Aidil said like..imagine..that he knee in front of you and say ,'will you marry me,'..ehh laa mamat novel nii..sepak kang..kalau jadi camtu okey gak.. kahX100 ..holiau betul perangai aku..taubat deanna..haha,first time naik moto ngan minah rempit nii..haha ,so finding my 'biawak'..i must Ain who took my biawak..gotta go..teehee.. 



Eyyo (:
Long time no update..haih,, busy laah : / homework banyak tahap nala mana tahh..So today,my school..i mean our school hosted a banquet feast (jamuan Hari Raya).In that letter,it said only baju kurung for girls but what i saw today..there were some wear 'jubah',peplum and so and ain just wore sandal ..lieya? vogue gilaa kau,,pakai heels cekk..haha. before we went to 'Dataran Putra'..teachers wanted to meet form 4 student about UITM's program excited weyhh..esok tak belajaq and pakai baju PJ..weehuu XD So,after that..we're just sat at 'Dataran Integrasi' and wait for teachers to call us to take da food.. and that time..i realised that some eyes are staring at me and syahirah..ahah!! you know what..i still not get it..why they're so mad at us? she's broke with 'abang tiri syahirah' because of her own for yourself..

After we ate..we're just 'lepaking' at our class because things getting bored to us.. you know,this one part where Talhah and Shahmin wanna take our picture (me and liya) and suddenly ..that cool,awesome,mother******* IPHONE slip through liya hand and it fell onto the ground..our hearts literally stop..cek balik..nasib screen tak shatter..pheww.. after dozens of minutes..(bohong) me and syahirah decided to go 'tawaf' sekolah because boredom strike us..aand kali keempat aku lalu depan bilik guru..I MET-

HIM!! actually that not very trust my eyes that time because i have short-sightness..<i made a confession> then syahirah said.. weyh deanna tuu!! im speechless LOL X) in my mind..memang serabut gilaa tak tau nak buat apa..he brought a dozens of butterflies in my stomach.. first thought at that time is.. 'better aku patah balik,its too late', second thought..'just punch him..wait..i don't have the courage,' and so guys know what i did?? this is so embarrassing and i feel very sorry to syahirah..sorry..what i did is.. i pushed syahirah aside so aku tak selisih rapat 0.1cm dengan dia and syahirah just scream..'weyh!,',,rasa nak lembik kaki aku..hadoii..after that incident..syahirah told me that HE was looking at me while holding the camera..normal laa aku tanya lagii..'How his face looked at that time,' the answer is..same as what i thought earlier,, his face looked normal but his eyes just stared at me..i mean..that angry eyes..actually, kalau dia start berang tuu..memang terkedu aa aku..hadoii,,harapan aku musnh bila terjumpa jugak dengan dia..haih..can one of us just comitted suicide?? NO!

The banquet feast this year is not that awesome like last year i mean..teachers decided to mixed the all cohort together..we all not like it ..i mean..bukannya kami rapat sangat dengan senior ngan junior..haih ._. Oh..tomorrow is school day..anyone? please help me..tak der mood nak belajar..hadoii -_- so, yeah,, gonna be back again..teehee : >



Eyyo (:
I have four bad news today :( First: Mr. Paris is not sure whether he'll back to Perlis to teach us or not..haih..please,,I want him back,i just sent really 'pasrah' word to him on wechat and he just 'hahaha'.. yeah..he is being a Joker for me only..ME ONLY naah..kahkah ..second: my 'ketua kelas' that is Talhah..his family was being robbed at his house at Sarawak.. Im feeling sorry to him.. Kesian Talhah,rumah dia kena rompak kul 5.30 pagi..Depa ikat dia ngan family dia..Now Im afraid..what if I was there and aku kena ikat jugak..sumpah takut weyh : / third: Take a deep breath and brave myself to write this word.. SCHOOL IS COMING IN TWO DAYS! how exciting is that..*fake alert* actually,I just go to school just to meet my friends..only.Can we just add two more weeks  holidays..please..haha NO. last one: LINKIN PARK'S TOUR IS COMING IN TWO DAYS AAND I CAN'T GO.. hahaha..bitch please..why me why?? why this year..just please come back in 4 years..or just make a concert held in Perlis.. ok..that's impossible unless someone do it..

Talking about just remind me about THAT feeling like,..can i just rid him in my mind?because its just make me confuse and all my plan ruin because of him..if I meet him at school..what im gonna do is.. just face it.. because? im his senior! Poyo jaa aku..haha.. to be honest..i don't want meet him..IF he wanna talk with me.. i just wanna run away..ok,thats not gonna happen.. nak buat 'dorama' apa tah aku nii ._. After Hazwan told me about that ONE awful incident it just remind me about..'pendendam jugak ehh mamat nii' so yeah..that dani like someone else..aihh,,'melepas' Dyno..can i just marry Nathan Sykes right now? ok NO.. TWFanmily will kill me instantly..okay how about..can i just marry Nacho Monreal..or Jenkinson..naah,, dah ada makwe..KOT,. tak salah mengharap..haha

About Mr.Paris..i got story here..maybe he'll be embarrass with this..sapa suruh dia tulis status yang orang leh baca kan..i read his whatsapp's status and its written.. 'saya x paksa awk'..kahkahkah..gelak sampai terkeluar air mata aku..dah la aku baca tuu waktu pukul 12 malam..haha  ..and he updated his twitter..'buat2 x nampak noti wechat,'..see? tengah perli padu aku la tu...eyyy.. yang aku nii pulak poyonyaaaaa..remember that one post about him getting transfer to other school.. im gonna labelled that post 'stupid abadi'.. HOW can i cry because of that..seems not LEGIT..i just cry..thats all..haha,,eyy,,if i can back in time..i just wanna hit my head and say..'you're so stupid..he just transfer to other school and you're sitting here crying like a super idiot..' yeah...that's what im gonna do..

PMR..haha,,its just remind me of last year..waktu tu aku tak kenal lagi si Ain ngan, my place 'tempat aku amik periksa' located at the back of classroom..'belakang sekali' weyh..haha..near Dini,Zarif,Izatti and Farahiyah.. but thing that i can remember till now is.. soalan Pendidikan Islam susah bhaii.. like..sampai aku 'give up' cekk..because of that..i just thinking gonna get 6A 2B and i'll be hit and scold by my parent.. stail duk ugut parent aku..haih..sedeyh T_T..and luckily,Sejarah and Geo senang..weee..thanks GOD..One of the greatest memory is..'memory paling mahai'..i don't remember what subject during that time..tengah jawab examm..exam PMR kud nohh..then Dini's phone rang..dah laa pakai ringtone Pitbull yang give me everything tuu..and i just sitting there and hold my laugh..rasa nak gelak guling2 jaaa..haha..nasib pengawas steady jaa..and my feeling when the 'result day' came.. rasa nak luruh hancur berderai jantung aku..when im in the car with my sibling going to mom just like 'haa,hang tak dapat 8A hang SIAP ngan aku..'me at the back..'Eyy, dia nii..aku lari keluar kereta bunuh diri baru tau,',,i hate person like' suka mengunggut' ..ishh then after Farahiyah claimed the 'result' just like..please mentioned my name please..sweating.. and then Nur Hanis Deanna>>>> pergh..rasa nak lompat dari tempat duduk and sing The Wanted song pon ada..rasa nak tunjuk depan mak aku..nak bagi dia tau..even aku suka online and dengaq lagu..x bermakna aku looser that is my PMR story that ended up happily..haha..happy sangat ._. wanting straight A in SPM badly..

So,about linkin park.. and i cannot even,i can't even, I am unable to even, I have lost my ability to even,I am so unable to even ...speechless LOL XD I can't hear their band name/member and their song right just give up..i just haghhh..i want to go to their concert so BAD.. i wanna meet Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington so bad.. please..i wanna meet you guys..someone tweet / dm about me to them..Mike..we have the same like art and i like art too..Chester..we also have the same interest are a screamer and me too.. but we're not're a screamer in a good scream and scream.. at least one person die or muttering me so bad..i wish i can meet you guys..or maybe hug you..oitt 'HARAMM' haha.. so..sapa-sapa yang dapat pergi guys are the luckiest person on can watch and meet em..and you can take photo with them..grmmm.. just are LUCKY!!  I am so done with my life now..can i just sit at the corner and cry while watching and listening to them..Linkin Park..we'll meet one day ..promise me,,, just don't die in car accident or so on..just wait for me..same as The Wanted and Arsenal..

Am I being psycho right now?? so..i know my post this time is damn too long and many broken English.. you guys have to living as fangirl right now..its HARD..i can't 'patah balik' IF i can..i won't.. *Dyno start merepeks* gonna re-schedule my days because..its being to messy for me..aku tak boleh bahagikan masa dah sekarang..dok online jaa..sebab tu otak i decided to go online just on Saturday and Sunday or maybe Friday..other day?> studying and completing that damn h/ as form 4 students is HARD and it'll be more FUCKING HARD next year ..tadaaa Dyno is form 5 and sweet SPM waiting..ahaih.. T_T i want my life back..haha..okay..i wonder why I often use 'hahaha' in my post..maybe im being Joker as Mr. Paris..meng'happy'kan orang daripada meng'happy'kan diri bye..TEEHEE

I SWEAR..ONE DAY,YOU'RE GONNA HATE YOURSELF FOR LETTING ME GO..THAK YOU FOR BEING HONEST AND CHEATER TO ME..BYE bye .. Espero que ustedes tienen una vida feliz después de este .. 


Eyyo :)
Haih, you know this Monday..Linkin Park will perform at Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia...aannd I CAN'T GO =( can you hear im sobbing right now?! haih, this year i missed Chelsea,Barcelona,Linkin Park and Pitbull.. hah.. i wish i have my own car right now and have a lot of money then i will drive to Kuala Lumpur..or maybe i can use flight..and i will buy VIP ticket with meet and greet pass..i wish that.. so yesterday,i listen to Era fm and this one lucky girl get meet and greet pass (VIP ticket) after shea answer that simple questions.. 'Give 5 Linkin Park's song'.. i can give 15+.. *riaknya* then the Dj said that this Friday,they'll give VIP ticket again.. i can join that but the thing is..i can't go for sure if i win or not : / right now,i decide to let this ticket go to someone who need it..someone who can go.. *pasrah habis* Basically this Monday..i can even cry in 'Kimia' class.. mengenangkan Mike Shinoda aku bergambar ngan orang lain.. T_T i wanna meet Mike,Chester,Dave,Brad, so badly.. why? why this happen to me?? oh lord T_T 

If not now.. when?maybe later..when they're age 55..maybe i can go to their concert..waktu tu Chester mana leh jadi screamer dah..aahh hate this fangirling life..camna leh terjebak aku pun tak tau.. So what im gonna do right now is just let thing past and start studying..get straight A in SPM then take Marine engineering course and get salary RM5000++ that gonna buy the most expensive ticket of their concert and meet them..sometimes...we have to be patient isn't? maybe there're more upcoming event aite? who know.. maybe next year Arsenal will do tour in Malaysia..haa,,SPM pulak ._. no matter what..i must see Arsenal vs Malaysia live in front of my two eyes..tengok dalam tv ja buat apa..jerit nama Cazorla bukan dia dengaq pons.. pi tengok live..leh buat eye contact sikit ngan Nacho then we'll get marry. Haa nampak, berangan namanya tuu.. 

No matter what will happen in the future..if this chance happen gonna grab it..'when you ready come and get it..nananana' *merapu* soim gonna end my sad story with this picture that stole it from weheartit ..


The Wanted - We Own The Night

Eyyo (:
Its finally here.. *British accent*
Finally..we own the night video was released yersterday night while all of us in Malaysia were sleeping ._. The video was madness to all of us #TWFanmily.. there were some part Nathan played piano with hot chick blonde hair girl was sitting beside him,Jay wearing his cute shirt, Tom played guitar, Max kissing a grandma and Siva drinking with a group of old man. How i wish this song could be the theme song for Brazil world cup..speaking about Brazil..It reminds me about that Brazilian girl's video that said she was Nathan's girlfriend. B U R N !! So, The Wanted was doing #WeOwnTheNightFollowSpree ..if i wanna get a follow from them..i should tweet them with that hashtag and screenshot me purchased We Own The Night soundtrack on Itunes.. The saddest part is.. i don't have any apple's product.. How i wish i can help the guys to reach top 1 in Itunes chart by purchasing their song...haih T_T..

So, us (TWFanmily) try to attrack people as many as we can get to watch the video on youtube so we can make the boys get Vevo Cetificate. So..what we do is... we prank the directioner so they watch the video..haha..Fuck us right? haha.. so,im doing it by using here is the screenshot.

*im busted LOL~~

Directoner gonna hate..but..sorrynotsorry.Haha~~ the last one im busted LOL.. she said she'd prank earlier by us,she said that this song was pretty good..haha.Thanks a lot girl xoxo..So yeah..when the song first play at Capital fm..All twfanmily and i did'nt stop tweeting..haha X) im shaking to the death that time.. my mind just like.. 'what song sound like,it is good,slow or party theme?' and then siva tweet us and he left like that..Siva Kaneswaran!! ONE DOES OT SIMPY TWEET AND THEN LEFT..and after the song end.. my twitter timeline just like........ BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM! rancak weyh TL.. for the first time i can't hold my tears when im hearing that song.. sedeyh T_T im proud od you my boys..come to mama..huwaa.. And then,my long time twitter friend just tweet me about that song..we just immature ._. haha and then we'll be like awkward because he is a guy and im a girl and he's 18 and im 16..haha..see? So yeah..haha.

Im sorry is this post gave you cancer,,but if u glad that you like this post..u guys should understand me because i just love this TWFanmily fanbase..actually.. im. just. can't. stop .Fangirling. over.The.Wanted... geit or you just NANANANANA? haha, dyno is 'pening lalats' oohh, wanna promote here..don't forget to watch The Wanted Life on E! ..every Sunday 11pm and repeat on Monday at 12pm. dan lagi here's the video's link> The Wanted-We Own The Night ..enjoy fx.



Eyyo (:
Today im feeling like regular days back then.. you know hat i did today? of course you don't know bc aku tak gitau korang lagi kann.. #LawakHambar.. im not a Joker like Mr. Paris. The header of my blog is for him actually.. what i did today is........ i deleted my HIS phone number, text message,whatsapp and everything about him. I can't hold this anymore.. after all these days..i've been really patient and being so STRONG untill it makes me change 360 degree.. im being unfriendly,lazy,hate everybody,wanna burn my phone and makes me hate myself..Purpose of that action? from now on.. im gonna be really damn look alike Henry Sturges and Nano..but im still humorous person...don't worry. Im gonna be strong..i wanna change this gloomy life. I wanna forget about him. And at the is just me and my friends.. ohh and that JOKER (: 

Im done with my life this year.. i miss so many events (!) i miss a chance to hug Neymar like that person ._. from now on...i just wanna be ME. yeah, the other #TWFanmily had advise me.. so im gonna take their advise because what? they're older than me so..they'd so much more experiences in their life..So let ready to let anything/person that i love so damn much and start new life.. i don't have to worry because i have my friends to support my back.. do you?now.. its been August since then.. i have to prepare for my final.. 'dyno buat Poyo dah'.. haha.. Architect to be..InsyaAllah. From now on..i should start dating with 'sesiku T, drawing board, Jangka lukis, 0.3 & 0.5 mechanical pencils and A3 paper' .. can we become such a lovely couple? we'll see..heheh

First thing to do is.. getting myself 'rajin'..remember Dyno.. mike shinoda said that he always keep himself busy x. You should make him as your role model.. haih, he already be my idol dude.. 'talking to myself'.. second, diet.. i should stay healthy from now on T_T too much junk food inside my body and it made me numb these day.. so, maybe i should 'tiru' dani..ok,lets stop eating 'nasi' for 3 months..hmmm..okayh, challenge accepted! start eating salad like annees? okay,,i will do that.. drink more mineral water. Oh, and i should do more exercise..jeng jeng jeng.. ladies and gentlements.. give an applause to Nike Training hoping that i get more badges by doing that Nike exercise.. and fourth, reduce time for online twitter,instagram and so on.. im tired being such a loser..being stupid and hopeless.. Im gonna back on track. 'Marilah kita sama-sama kembali pada jalan yang lurus'.. 

So i guess..i can do this 'to do list'.. im gonna start it tomorrow..tomorrow jugak ._. ye la..tomorrow right knee hurt so much..haih,, 'tulang tak duduk di tempat asalnya..bola baling punya pasal..terkepak kaki waktu nak sumbat bola masuk gol'..haih.. almost 7pm now..gotta go..BYE


8 August 2013

Eyyo (:
8 August is the first Eid aite? yeah.. i woke up and took me 10 minutes to think today is 'Raya' ..haha, Slow-lah dyno nii..eyy. So,im getting ready to celebrate the 'Raya'.. wore my NEW chocolate 'baju kurung' and first..we're heading to 'kedai gambar' because you guys don't know about my mom ._. we're taking our family photos there.. i did an awkward smile i thought,, i hate taking picture (!) .. but i have instagram.. that was escalated quickly.. So,after that, im going to my grandma house belah mak at Sanglang..actually i had one confession to do.. i did'nt like to be there.. because? my grandma belah mak tak ohsemm sangat.. it just 'boring' to be there than being at my grandma's house belah abah..I sit on the couch and my expression just like..' what to do what to do..oh man, so boring,,oh, that's 'cicak' celebrate their 'Raya',' see? Boring tahap kud nohh..

Then, we're heading back to my grandma's house belah abah..yeay.. Finally (!) When i stepped into the house.. 'krik krik' ..there's no one in there..where's everybody..hello?? to fulfill my 'boring'..i started played some bored game that i thought i never played them in my phone.. Angry Birds. LOL X) 4pm.. my pak ngah (he's from KL) came to my grandma's house belah abah nii..yeay.. mak ngah gave me 'cermin mata' that i tertinggal dulu..finally!! tak payahlaa aku susahkan ain lagii suruh baca apa yang cikgu tulis kat depan.. I sit on the chair while gegirl is laying on the 'buaian' sambil sepupu dia hayun.. then suddenly..'tengg!'.. that tali buaian putus..thanks God.. nasib gegirl jatuh atas lantai..mau terpelanting atas batu tuu..herghh..seremm.. nasib dia kata tak sakit..haha.. sweet memory for her to save in her mind.. yang sweet memory sajisss..haha.

After my pak ngah dah balik.. my mak ngah arrived..haha.. that little 'hyper' boy ._. im so done with him you know.. if he become my lil bro.. siap aku belasah sampai lunyai..  that night.. hehe, we're playing firecracker.. me yang dah 16 tahun nii pon..main jugaklah bunga api cap ayam ponns..asalkan dapat main. Overall,,my first eid seems.. not 'gempak'.. i don't know why.. maybe because as we getting older..the excitements of celebrating Hari Raya is fading away? i don't want that.. excitements please come to me back =(  i hate this..


Last Day of Ramadhan

Eyyo (:
Guess what? naw, don't guess.. everyone know that tomorrow is RAYA! baju raya,kasut raya,tudung ... *checked* so, my twitter's timeline is full of 'Hari Raya' hashtags but me.. krik krik.. im feeling like its kinda...not cool. Yeah..that's my opinion. Actually i wanna 'ucap' Hari Raya in my blog only because 80% of my followers in twitter all 'mat saleh'.So, i don't want to spam them. I guess this Raya kinda exciting for me because last year not so 'Gempak' because i've to think about my study.. i had PMR last year so, this gonna celebrate Raya as hyper as i can get.. haha, yang hyper sajaa aku nii ._. but the most exciting about Raya is..firecracker. Hope PDRM does'nt read this. Dealer dia uncle aku laa~~ haha, you know what.. im the only one who age 16 y/o in this big family..all my cousins seems like the smurfs to me : / semua budak-budak. You come to the wrong neighbourhood Deanna.. 



So, here we go.. *Malay mode*

Saya, Nur Hanis Deanna ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua kawans-kawans,cikgus-cikgus,semua pengikuts [twitter/tumblr/blog] . Maafkan saya jika terkasar bahasa,buat lawak tak jadi, jadi 'annoying' ,cakap banyak, suka spam pasal The Wanted..minta maaf ye awoks.. Duit raya? saya tak kerja arkitek lagi so, duit raya tu nanti-nantilah yer.Jadi, SELAMAT HARI RAYA! *awkward* 

Selamat Hari Raya guys (: sapa yang tak ada tu mention me kayh kalau nak bagi ada :D 


Dreaming About LP #3

Eyyo (:
I swear..this thing is getting serious inside of me.. for the third time..i had dream about Linkin Park..about meeting them and took some photos with them.Arghh! why! why me? So my dream begin with im standing in front of the stage..yeah,they're making concert for us..LP Underground.Aand after that, im walking alone like ..i just walking..walking to nowhere. Then, i saw Mike Shinoda..awhh (;

I asked him to take photo with me..Aand he say yes..aa..i took like 6 pictures of us.. how i wish this was real!! than i just talked to him..i talked too much i guess : / but..he seems like he's focus what im saying to him. I still remember his face that time..hahhh,so F L A W L E S S !!! Then i saw Chester!!!

I love that gif..hahah! Chester seems so UNfriendly towards me..hmm : / but i managed to asked him to take picture with me.. i guess..i took so many pictures of us but.. who's care aite? then i called Farisha to take picture with us..i wonder how Farisha can be there..hmm.. you know..that why we call this dream :) me and Farisha took photo with Chester..hehehehehe.. then, they had to go back at their hotel..hmm..dyno is sad ): 

Then i took a closer look at gallery in my phone aand..there're no pictures!! No picture of us ): Then i woke up and realized that was only just a DREAM..ahhh!! i wish i can record my dream and play it back when i wake up..alaaa : / this dream are way too awesome to meh.. maybe i just thinking too much about Linkin Park sampai termimpi-mimpi..yeah..they will perform at Malaysia this August..but the ticket price are way too damn HIGH and im just 16 years old.. can't join that ERA contest to win Linkin Park ticket.. This year,..i miss so many events!! Chealse,Linkin Park,Barcelona,Arsenal...haaaaaaaaaaaa!! can i just SCREAM without bothering people around meh? T_T I really wanna meet Linkin Park's member and their autographs .. i want it soo BADLY!! it's been 10 years they perform at Malaysia..huwaaaaa ):  i can't contain it anymore..Screw my LIFE so much..

Can i just cry now??? last night i was crying too..but im not crying about Linkin Park..i was 'menangis kegembiraan' after 'We Own The Night' 1st play at Capital fm yesterday.. i think all #TWFanmily was crying yesterday.. that song are so FLAWLESS!! im proud of my 5 idiots..thanks guys.. you're the best.. 


Throwback [ My Birthday ] *11 June*

Eyyo (:
So today im gonna post about what had happened on 11 June 2013. Yeah,My birthday.. During that time,my laptop still repaired.. my laptop's screen shattered. My fault ._. So, yeah,this is the throwback.. Should I 'italic' or not? hmm, i choose not (:

11 JUNE 2013

|0000|.. during that time..i was about to sleep and then, my phone that was still charging 'ringing'.. not just 'ringing' was 'ringing' continuously.. i just wake up and went to pick up my phone.It was Ain and Lieya..they sent me Wechat but im just to lazy and tired to read. Im super,duper sleepy that time..can't fought it..sorry (; That morning.. i went to school and im feeling like nobody knows that day is my birthday..but i just keep myself cool because i feel like its kinda annoying if everyone remember that day is your birthday..That day we had Physic's class and im feeling great because my relationship with Mrs. Husni getting better after that incident.. i'll keep it secret. Sorry guys. 

After i got home, i opened my Instagram.. My primary school friend, Fatihah just posted a birhtday picture and she tagged me..thank you dear xoxo. Then i opened my twitter and Hazwan wished 'Happy Birthday' to me..Aiyy, this kiddo is so nice.Then, came out from nowhere,i just had this weird feeling like..serious mann..this is my first time to feel like this.. Around 4 tweeting Nicky Romero.. like..i just tweet that..THAT is the thing! i tweet,'It's my birthday today...Please...,' then i just leaved it like that because i did'nt expect what became next.Who am I to Nicky? im just regular fan of him. Then i closed twitter to completed school task aand then..OH MY GOD! i saw notification that wrote Nicky Romero acc..

AAaaaahhhhh..screaming continuously for 1 day.and im just like.. lihatlah dunia..haha


That gif is so me..haha.. feel like i wanna bang my head onto wall..Aand the most excited part is..he call me bB..hehe..he is being cute..Aiiyy, why me..why me..WHY?!..haha, i could be the one to him jelly (; After that, i received many RT'S and FAV'S from Nicky's fan..Jealous le teww..ilek is my DAY..Not being MEAN toward them XD im feeling LUCKY meh..haa

Then, i took screen shot then i posted it into Instagram and Liya commented 'Lucky you!Fuk' im laughing so HARD..haha,then Hazwan commented 'Paiq jeles teruih'..haha..'padan muka':p Just let him jeles/majuk.. the worst thing is..paiq forgot my birthday...asdfghjkl~!!! i hate him..forevahh. My uncle bought Barcelona's jersey for me..aah, thank you (: appreciate it so much..


so that all my birthday throwback..hehe..thanks Nicky..i love you xoxo

here's my Nicky's picture..enjoy! fx



Can't hold this anymore.




Just me fangirling over this married guy.. Cant hold this ._.