Stupid me.

Heyyo :)
Stupid me. 
Since when benda nii jadi.How i know about him? How can me and him being friend? How me and him start whatsapp every night without feeling awkward? Ugh..he has his own crush..not me. Let me think..

Kami ada kem PBSM which is everyone is WAJIB to attend that camp. Aku,Aina ngan Saiyidah pi la kem tu..Anis ada hoki so dia tak join. Memang kami kena duduk kat seksyen masing-masing, aku ngan aina seksyen 4. We`ve been told that malam Sabtu ada malam kebudayaan. I don't mind that thing sebab aku tak minat sangat benda tu.Join kem tu pon bukannya ikhlas pon, sebab cuak ngan Saiful jaa aku pi. First day tuu, okay laa kan, just me,aina ngan saiyidah. The second day is all this thing started.. second day i know about him, i friend with him, making joke with him, playing with him, ugh.. so stupid.

That second day, semua seksyen kena kumpul then bincang pasal malam kebudayaan, and kak kavita tuu just ask me and aina to play the role being PBSM member helping those war victim. First tu aku macam, ishh, gena nii.. then i told that kak suruh dia jadi ketua.. then he told that kak asking her to ask me to be the leader.. i say i don't want to be that leader. He keep forcing me and im totally getting annoyed with him. That petang kami ada sukaneka and i keep merajuk dengan dia. I don't know why im being so childish with him. Even im older 2 years than him. And that night,things getting serious, bila duk rehearseal tuu, dia datang then suruh aku jadi ketua. Ugh..Then he started to pijak my kasut. Aku pun balas balik laa kan,mana leh ambil ringan jaa kann.. aand that night he'd agree to be the leader aand the next dayy...

IM THE ONE WHO ASKING HIS PHONE NUMBER.. stupid me! Stupid Deanna is Stupid. Then he gave his phone number to me. And im just like ..okay.. ugh. After a few weeks, my level of stupidity increase when i decide to start message with him.. and he replied. Aahh,those days.. Can i go back to past time? yeah,the answer is NOT! if i can rewind all this time.. things i wanna change.. aku tak mau kenal dia,even his name, that face,smile and his voice. I hate all that.. I hate to have this feeling.

All i want is to format my memories with him.. aku nak kenal Jojo jaa budak form 2.Thats it. Ooh and hazwan. Just that 2 person. Enough. I hate this.Without him maybe i can move on really fast. Focus on my study. Just me and 4 Harmoni being childish and stupid. I'd been stupid for this a few month. All i can do is move on. Being #TWfanmily (the wanted fanbase).. find a crush.. eyy, i have one ;) filled my sketchbook with art.. playing PS2. Filled my world with arsenal and spain. Enjoy every second that tick. Have fun with my stupid and awesome friends.. that would make my day untill next years.. and what will make it perfect is, throw all this stupid mind thingy in the thrash..