On The Phone

Heyyo guys :)
Last thursday, i send a wechat message to my sir asking him about giving me Nora's number. (pergh,Nora's number..ngeheh) Then he asked me to write 10 reasons why i want that number and that pissed me off. Nak buat camna kan..Kuasa veto seorang guru kita tak boleh lawan. I gave him that 10 reasons aand he said that he cannot gave me that number..Majuk sat. Then i went out to take fresh air and when i came into the house and checked my phone..there is 1 missed call. Suprisingly,it from my sir,he call me and i like whaatt.. then i wechat him asked him if he really missed me and he said not.Kay fine! Then he called me again.. i cannot believe that i swipe the answer button 0.0

First word that came out from his mouth is 'Deanna marah kaa', and 'yes' is my anwer.We talked a lot! About me,school,Nora -.- and the results. It was fun to has this oppurtunity to talk to him once again.I miss him.I miss his voive..that evil laugh.. Duk keja gelak jaa time kami 2 cakap. Rindu gilaa weyh. And i realised that he tried to bully me on the phone..ugh. You win this time sir. Dari 6.40 sampai 7.30..pergh..masing-masing banyak duit,cakap tuu tak boleh lamaa lagii ka..kehkeh.

After we finished talking,he updated his status on twitter. 'lama x buli deana'.. hoho..told you,he really missed me..kakaka. 

23.46 now..off.sleep.goodnight.