Nenek Si Bongkok 45678910

Heyyo :)

Nenek Kebayan..most common like a myth laa katakan..cerita zaman dahulu.Even P Ramlee pun buat citer ada watak this story..actually my story..that Nenek Kebayan is exist in my life..Hahaa.. serious exist..huh. Of coursee im not that happy like Jay's laugh or Tom's laugh. Basically,she exist when im 5 years old.Ohh so long aite? Mental suicide me.. Im literally jealous with your life.. If your life has no Nenek Kebayan..Lucky you!! So this Nenek Kebayan always ruines my plan. Like literally..always her and her and her..There's no one else can defeated her as plan ruiners. Basically, everyday i tried not to give a fuck to her but.. all my attempt failed. She cursed me..i cursed her back..haa ingat aku tak berani kerr orang tuanyaa puns..hashas

So today,this fucking Nenek Kebayan ruined my iftar planned with my classmates.. Saja trapped laki dia bagi tak payah hantar aku.. She said.."last minute baru nak gitau"..yang last minutenyaa pukul 3 aku bagitau.. kalau aku gitau pukul 6.30 tuu,,kalau dia nak meroyan aku okay fault.. nii alasan paling gilaaa penah aku dengar. Welcome to Asia. Where the parents have closed minded..haa if orang kat luar negara parent depa open minded..kat sini close minded.. x penah dibukanya puns.. pathetic. Bukan nak mengutuk kaa apa.. this post only tuju kat Nenek Kebayan which is she sit behind me right now.. can i just kill her now? Oh wait, let she enjoy this moment for a while.. just play it cool like Henry okay Dyno?

Am i sad for not joining my classmates? No.. i just mad mad mad.. MAD MAD MADNESS..aura Muse datang plakk..i just aaahhh.. i hate this situation..why this Nenek Kebayan exist?!!!! 'shout at Nathan' .." Im Jay's mum".. okay  Nathan..Okay fine.. its not your fault  for that Nenek Kebayan exist.. chill nath. Apa yang aku melalu nihh..haish!! So,lets continue, these Nenek Kebayan haunting me like 10 years more.. ugh.. Annoying tahap ke bulan mu tau dok.. She always right..haa.. A L W A Y S!! and im the only one had done the wrong. Haa.. happynyaa life budak 16 tahun.. happy as f***. Mata aku laa ni pun dah cam mata Summer D'Cruz tuu..acecece..bajets uolls. Actually my eyes look alike vampire that craving for blood.. Im not attempt any suicide yet.. Unless im that super duper stupid.. Its not a very good idea for me to attempt suicide like cutting my waist or my 'paha ayam' because i have phobia of anything that relate to blood. Such a fake PBSM member ._. To my classmates.. best dok woih makans.. esok bok mais kats akus skits naahs..

Can I become a vampire right now? Live untill forever with Henry Sturges. Fly here,there.. just us..we can make it.. ayat curi dari filem The Hunger Games.. Can I live like Catniss? Live in the wood..Kawan ngan beruang that chubby macam Matt and kill it and trade it at blackmarket.. or,, can I be Minion..naah,, Tata Balaa Tuu!! or be a part of 'How I met Your Mother' cast? Drinking all day and night// haromm..x boleh x boleh.. or aarghh.. forget all.. i just wanna stay beside Henry Sturges only.. oohh, i heard about acid ._.

So,,  before i start sambung melalut.. my story end here .. oh hey, seriously right now .. im acting like i dont give a f'xxx to my parents..again,, just play it cool like henry.. Present an Oral test in front of my classmates just presenting about No Doubt..And everything was  clear.. like i imagine from early.. my classmate did'nt know about No Doubt..Even Raqib pun clueless.. yesss.. and  i did'nt expect that my teacher has same interest with me too.. she know about gwen.. she came beside me and told me 'Hey,i know her,,Gavin Rossdale's wife' and im just know it right.. Aand she said that she has Tragic Kingdom's album..Nakk.. alaa.. Liya present cara buat totebag guna newspaper..creative laa liyaa nii..haha. Teacher ambik satu beg yang dia buat..tew.. Ain just spontan jaa..baca text tuu..amik kat internet jaa pons.. we're cool..ngehee..peace yaw (Y)