Me Always 'HAPPY'ing People (:

Eyyo (:
Me always 'HAPYY'ing people around me. That's true ! Have you ever saw me with sad face? Emm, i never showed my sad face in front of my besties/classmates/peoples/so on.. i got 1 moment to tell you but first.. i did'nt expect this to happen. So today |1700| Im wechat'ing' ain,, trolling her about what happen earlier today, and suddenly im feeling to start wechat with Mr. Paris..Ahah! im just telling him that his 'aweks' dah diambil orang. And he replied 'who?'.. and i just like.. Are you kidding meh..haritu punya laa buli aku tahap maximum sampai habih meter. Then i just said about his 'Ain'..wahaa, actually ain not his awek basically because tak sesuai.Ahaa, me not jealous kayh. Haha, Then he thank me.. and i just like..aiyy, mr. Paris nii dah kenapa gamaknyaa..Then he replied 'thanks for make me smile after having stres this whole day'.. aku pun cam..'wow' really? ihihihi :3 *gelak sopan* again..did'nt expect that. Im cheering 3 people today y'all.. can i get some trophies or medals for that? just kidding..

that quote not for Upin,,tehee, maybe we could go back in time (: 

So today, form 5 students were having camp because trial is just around the corner..aand guess what.. my dreams,hopes,thoughts,imagine for 2 years has become reality..i met HIM! My crush since i was form 1. My only Upin or i just call him Kabin.Cannot believe with my two eyes.Eyes is two pool of lies. Waiting at the white house,walking passing form 5's blocks for several times hoping that i can see him with his other cool friends.. wait, no cool no cool.. emm, with his other 'rilek' friends..kut. First time talked to him when im in Multimedia Club just like lightning struck through my chest. He the only one who showed me that Black Eyed Peas song, Meet me Halfway.. i just wanna meet you so BAD just now but.. you may not recognise me..yeah, you already have that super,duper,cute,pelakon comel tuu as your girlfriend. And now you're study in Aussie aite? In my wishlist already.. remember, you the only one who'd no facebook account.And now you have.LOL..siap instagram lagii you ada.. manyak hensem luu... i got several pictures of you when you in form're a prefect and your friend, Adam is 'ketua pengawas' that time.. that Adam is so arrogant dulu dan sekarang.. No wonder how me and him fight untill now..teehee.. #sorryNOTsorry .. miss your purple car. I still remember that plat |CBG10| I just miss you Upin..Your look when wearing 'Baju Melayu Derma' with that songkok that show your 'capang's ear. And now, all of you guys separate..ada yang  duk di JB jadi pilot,*mr.lautner* France,that arrogant Adam, Hanan> still my friends lol..AAH!! if i had smartphone when i was form 1 that would be nice.. i will save tonne and tonne your picture. Such a paparazzi me ._. And suddenly i just miss being 13 years young girl..your fault...ngehee..

He looks like a real man of steel right now.. anyway,,im wishing you happy with your life right now. Bye Upin (: we just got a really bad news..Bad news! Our class picture must be retake ..because of what?? that jerk,stupid,fxxxing,sxxx harith..ugh, he gave middle finger in all our class picture.Hang ingat lawokk kud..eyy.Psikik tahap kud..satu kelas kira geram ahh sebab shot gambaq tu dabest gilaa .. all peeps smile and most importantly..we all looks white.LMFAO. Rasa nak belasah ramai-ramai pons ada.Eyy, dia nii..Just forget about that.. hate it.

Oh yess,we all have fun in our English class just now..because ? teacher tak bagi keja..haha, hari nii semua speaking jaa.. talk about unforgettable moment during Hari Raya..All peoples  must told a story about it.. me.. story yang paling fail tahap gilaa aah. Daniel and Afif are such a humourous person. Daniel told us a story about 'KETUPAT'.. and .. dia memang tak lari tajuk..haha.. 'i like ketupat.i love to eat ketupat..when i go to my grandparent's house, i eat ketupat'.. stomach ache..haha.. And afif redza, always disturbing me and lieya by 'tampaq' us using his long ruler..eyy, sakit laa. He just look at me and say, Paiq ada kat mana..ahaa!!me said' dia ada kat kelas laa'..then he ask again..'sayang paiq dak'..and me: krik krik.. akward ooiii..haha, me sayang paiq dakk? tak about paiq..i make him 'cuak' yesterday sampai tulis 'deanna napa aihh'..x da papa,, haha..padan muka..gatai ngan orang lain lagi ..eyy... Oh God, it's |1811| now, gotta do my addmath hw. Bye~~
i love my friends,family,4 harmoni xcept harith,school..maybe,.. ilove you :3