Happy Enough?

Eyyo :)
Firstly..Salam Nuzul Al-Quran to all Muslims 
Happy Enough? Yes.. im a happy kid again.Yeay ! Just decide to put less time on phone. And put more time on doodles and other drawings.. woot woot (: I really feel that i can move on.Yes..move on.. Yesterday was really unpredictable.. Fizik x dok cikgu, and waktu BI just buat Oral. Harith singing Castle Of Glass just made me SICK : / For those who does'nt even know about him.. please.. don't know about him..haha. He's really f***in weird told you. Yesterday, during reccess.. im accompanying ain and liya to go to 'KOOP'.. buying biscuits look alike buying some drugs from a drug dealer during Ramadhan. True story. Then, while walking, we saw a piece of paper that look alike covering something under that. And, with 'selamber tahap dinosour' ain just kicked that piece of paper aand ..... there is 'dead mouse'!! Ain basically just screamed and ran away from it.. me and liya just laughed like a retard seal i guess.. aand Ain just 'maki'ed at the boys. They are from same batch with us.. Not funny laa..ugh! They took that 'dead mouse' and put it onto the vanding machine.. Boys sometimes are so MEAN than girls.

After that, we had sejarah time.. yeay!! <fake alert> we just walked slowly from chemia lab to sejarah's room. How i hate Sejarah.Aku tak faham pon cikgu dok cakap apa kat depan. Then Liya ajak duk sat kat Dataran Intergrasi because we are too lazy. Then, the boys from our class walked and asked us ..' cikgu x dak kaa'.. cikgu ada kot..kami jaa malaih nak pi..then we saw 'cikgu disiplin'..oo..nak jumpa budak takraw..Aand then the whole class just lepak..wasting 10 minutes of Sejarah's time. Not feeling any guilt LOL >.< After 20 minutes, we just decide to go to Sejarah takut sakgi cikgu perli tahap..  Lepas masuk bilik sejarah..Ain emergency..so i asked cikgu to go to the toilet with Ain..Thanks a lot Ain..haha. Pasal dia x perlu aku kena spend time lama ngan cikgu sejarah. After we'd done.. kita tawaf satu sekolah dulu..haha.. 20 minits tawaf satu sekolah..Memang tak penat pon tawaf sekolah waktu bulan puasa. 

Anyway..jangan contohi perangai ini.. memang sure exam dapat result teruks..huu. Oh heyy..liya just gave me this NY shirt that she ordered online..It suits me..thanks liya lilo..cip cip (: hmm..this monday, that great Nora wants to make a chemia exam about electrochemistry chapter.. hate it! gonna continue study..bye peeps ;)

This guy is mine..do not take HIM~ | LOVE HENRY |