Heyyo (:

Firstly, i wanna ask you guys about something..How that feeling when you ask someone if he miss you or not  then he reply 'entah' to you? Sakit hati?  know that feeling bro~ heheh.. and suddenly it make me realise about..yeah..that is so damn true statement.. he might say 'NO'. Ye laa, sapa laa aku ni yang hang nak rindu kaan.. It make me realise that today genap 4 tahun im being invisible at school.In fact, dari form 1 sampaii form 4 nii, aku tak penah social ngan orang selain dari kawan aku 5 orang tuu ja. Tak penah plak terlintas dalam kepala aku nii nak join group hawt tuu kaan.. Being one of them~~

Tapi tahun nii..everything changed! Me friend with Lieya,Ain,Syahirah,Izzah and the rest..rasa macam orang lain nampak laa aku jugak bilaa aku kawan ngan depa.. samar-samar ._. ngehee~~kalau nak dibandingkan dulu dengan sekarang nii.. aku prefer masa sekarang..hoho,, kalau dulu laa kan.. nak cakap ngan raqib kaa,nurhan or afif memang getaq pala lutut laa..haaha..dah tak besaa.. Poyo truk aih aku nii..By the waym the main point is, Lieya,Ain,Syahirah,Izzah and the rest had changed me like 360 degree. Wuu, But to my old other friend..im still the same person that you knew..Always laugh and smile.Peace (Y) *x penah kan aku buat muka serious or marah..kaan..ngehee*

Back to the main tittle, 'Gone'.. The truth, it's all about that boy..Haa, 'that boy'.. always mentioning hazwan name to me.. F*** ugh :/  im just tired 'perang' with my head that non-stop being 'stupid'!It will always me who start that damn conversation first.. Why Dyno Why?? I need a closure ,,stupid...nice closure,,like serious one. Sometimes,im feeling like i have no one to talk to..i send him that sentence but he replied with 'lalala' ..ugh..always main main..Sometimes we just need to be alone to think about ourselves..about our future,, *macam motivator pulak aku nii..x sedar diri gamaknyaa*

Anyway..he gonna miss me when im gone..sad but true..im gonna 'berusaha' to achieve my ambition..To be an architect.. marine <3 ngehee.. Amin..

' my heart is like an open highway~~ '