Me Always 'HAPPY'ing People (:

Eyyo (:
Me always 'HAPYY'ing people around me. That's true ! Have you ever saw me with sad face? Emm, i never showed my sad face in front of my besties/classmates/peoples/so on.. i got 1 moment to tell you but first.. i did'nt expect this to happen. So today |1700| Im wechat'ing' ain,, trolling her about what happen earlier today, and suddenly im feeling to start wechat with Mr. Paris..Ahah! im just telling him that his 'aweks' dah diambil orang. And he replied 'who?'.. and i just like.. Are you kidding meh..haritu punya laa buli aku tahap maximum sampai habih meter. Then i just said about his 'Ain'..wahaa, actually ain not his awek basically because tak sesuai.Ahaa, me not jealous kayh. Haha, Then he thank me.. and i just like..aiyy, mr. Paris nii dah kenapa gamaknyaa..Then he replied 'thanks for make me smile after having stres this whole day'.. aku pun cam..'wow' really? ihihihi :3 *gelak sopan* again..did'nt expect that. Im cheering 3 people today y'all.. can i get some trophies or medals for that? just kidding..

that quote not for Upin,,tehee, maybe we could go back in time (: 

So today, form 5 students were having camp because trial is just around the corner..aand guess what.. my dreams,hopes,thoughts,imagine for 2 years has become reality..i met HIM! My crush since i was form 1. My only Upin or i just call him Kabin.Cannot believe with my two eyes.Eyes is two pool of lies. Waiting at the white house,walking passing form 5's blocks for several times hoping that i can see him with his other cool friends.. wait, no cool no cool.. emm, with his other 'rilek' friends..kut. First time talked to him when im in Multimedia Club just like lightning struck through my chest. He the only one who showed me that Black Eyed Peas song, Meet me Halfway.. i just wanna meet you so BAD just now but.. you may not recognise me..yeah, you already have that super,duper,cute,pelakon comel tuu as your girlfriend. And now you're study in Aussie aite? In my wishlist already.. remember, you the only one who'd no facebook account.And now you have.LOL..siap instagram lagii you ada.. manyak hensem luu... i got several pictures of you when you in form're a prefect and your friend, Adam is 'ketua pengawas' that time.. that Adam is so arrogant dulu dan sekarang.. No wonder how me and him fight untill now..teehee.. #sorryNOTsorry .. miss your purple car. I still remember that plat |CBG10| I just miss you Upin..Your look when wearing 'Baju Melayu Derma' with that songkok that show your 'capang's ear. And now, all of you guys separate..ada yang  duk di JB jadi pilot,*mr.lautner* France,that arrogant Adam, Hanan> still my friends lol..AAH!! if i had smartphone when i was form 1 that would be nice.. i will save tonne and tonne your picture. Such a paparazzi me ._. And suddenly i just miss being 13 years young girl..your fault...ngehee..

He looks like a real man of steel right now.. anyway,,im wishing you happy with your life right now. Bye Upin (: we just got a really bad news..Bad news! Our class picture must be retake ..because of what?? that jerk,stupid,fxxxing,sxxx harith..ugh, he gave middle finger in all our class picture.Hang ingat lawokk kud..eyy.Psikik tahap kud..satu kelas kira geram ahh sebab shot gambaq tu dabest gilaa .. all peeps smile and most importantly..we all looks white.LMFAO. Rasa nak belasah ramai-ramai pons ada.Eyy, dia nii..Just forget about that.. hate it.

Oh yess,we all have fun in our English class just now..because ? teacher tak bagi keja..haha, hari nii semua speaking jaa.. talk about unforgettable moment during Hari Raya..All peoples  must told a story about it.. me.. story yang paling fail tahap gilaa aah. Daniel and Afif are such a humourous person. Daniel told us a story about 'KETUPAT'.. and .. dia memang tak lari tajuk..haha.. 'i like ketupat.i love to eat ketupat..when i go to my grandparent's house, i eat ketupat'.. stomach ache..haha.. And afif redza, always disturbing me and lieya by 'tampaq' us using his long ruler..eyy, sakit laa. He just look at me and say, Paiq ada kat mana..ahaa!!me said' dia ada kat kelas laa'..then he ask again..'sayang paiq dak'..and me: krik krik.. akward ooiii..haha, me sayang paiq dakk? tak about paiq..i make him 'cuak' yesterday sampai tulis 'deanna napa aihh'..x da papa,, haha..padan muka..gatai ngan orang lain lagi ..eyy... Oh God, it's |1811| now, gotta do my addmath hw. Bye~~
i love my friends,family,4 harmoni xcept harith,school..maybe,.. ilove you :3

Fangirling Over Arsenal

Heyyo (:
Actually im just finished watching Arsenal Player marathon. This Arsenal's boys are the best. I love you guys!! Muah Muah *speak something Spanish* Wojciech Szczesny still my favourite. Awhh, that naughty guy. Ugh.. i love you..only you..alaa.. Awat tak buat Arsenal Tour kat Malaysia..alaa.. *hentak kaki* so, i watched Arsenal Asia Tour video.. wahaa, Per and podolski are Samurai Gunners. Cuteness alert!! Dengan pakai wig atas kepala. Then i watched the outtakes video.. aku cam tak caya jaa kud. Giroud just take off his pants and throw to the fans. Sexy bhaii~~ wahaa. *guling guling* Then ada Koscielny pakai topi ala-ala 2Chainz tuu..dengan senyuman menggoda dia tuu..eyy..geram geram!! haa, aku ada tengok video make quirky Emirates advert.. Szczesny x leyh tangkap bola yang perempuan sepak..haha,,muka awkward dia..comey~~ 

Probably me (;

Then tengok video depa waktu dok kat Indon.Then ada satu pakcik legend nii menyanyi dengan slangnyaa.. 'Arsenal..akhirnyaa kau datang' .. lawokk giloss.Then there's a scene where the boys 'pakai' baju batik. Aand guess what..macam pelarian aku nengok si giroud pakai baju batik dengan kainnya tu. Tau dak gambar dia pakai baju tuu masuk dalam sampah remaja KL. hahahaha~~wat peace jaa (Y) Then ada szczesny main takraw ngan Jenkinson, i guess.. haha,, apa la aku nii..nyanyiokk~

Pastu aku just re'watch' video lama2.. behind the scene 'Arsenal Hadouken' .. lega rasanya hati nii bila tengok Nacho Monreal dah ber'social' sikit ngan team Arsenal..tak lah berkepit tepi Cazorla jaa. Yang cazorla tuu pulak, keja dok gelak jaa.. dah laa ketinggian ngan gigi dia tu seksi..haha. Look alike me.Always LAUGH no matter what.Aand aku tengok gak ulangan Wojciech Szczesny vs Oxlade Chamberlain : Ping Pong. Main ping pong pakai kuali ngan kayu kriket cekk.. gila tak rare~ Ada satu part yang szczesny pukul kepala dia pakai bat ping pong. Don't hurt yourself hun.wooo~~ 


Kiranya hari nii aku meneroka youtube jaa la..cari video lawak-lawak.. subscribe la hoiistroi. Dah la comei Alex tuu. Rolanda and Richard.Wuu.. tetiba teringat esok The Great Nora nak buat test Kimia..hadoii, nasib dia bagi tengok buku.. Kira okeylah laa kan. Dah la tajuk Electrochemistry. Tak faham apa jadah pon chapter tuu. Eyy~~ Anyway,sedar tak sedar, minggu ni last skolah, nak raye.. yeay. Time flies so FAST. plese slow down a bit.. can aa? (broken english) who's care aite? Raya nii aku kira duit ja laa aand exam last.Adoii, Engineering drawing entah ke mana,Fizik melambung ke mana..addmath terjun kod mana aku pun tak tau. Tapii ada orang tu janji nak bagi hadiah kalau addmath aku dapat A+ .. weheee~~ 23.47.. bed time. Goodnight peeps (: sleep well. Toddles .

Happy Enough?

Eyyo :)
Firstly..Salam Nuzul Al-Quran to all Muslims 
Happy Enough? Yes.. im a happy kid again.Yeay ! Just decide to put less time on phone. And put more time on doodles and other drawings.. woot woot (: I really feel that i can move on.Yes..move on.. Yesterday was really unpredictable.. Fizik x dok cikgu, and waktu BI just buat Oral. Harith singing Castle Of Glass just made me SICK : / For those who does'nt even know about him.. please.. don't know about him..haha. He's really f***in weird told you. Yesterday, during reccess.. im accompanying ain and liya to go to 'KOOP'.. buying biscuits look alike buying some drugs from a drug dealer during Ramadhan. True story. Then, while walking, we saw a piece of paper that look alike covering something under that. And, with 'selamber tahap dinosour' ain just kicked that piece of paper aand ..... there is 'dead mouse'!! Ain basically just screamed and ran away from it.. me and liya just laughed like a retard seal i guess.. aand Ain just 'maki'ed at the boys. They are from same batch with us.. Not funny laa..ugh! They took that 'dead mouse' and put it onto the vanding machine.. Boys sometimes are so MEAN than girls.

After that, we had sejarah time.. yeay!! <fake alert> we just walked slowly from chemia lab to sejarah's room. How i hate Sejarah.Aku tak faham pon cikgu dok cakap apa kat depan. Then Liya ajak duk sat kat Dataran Intergrasi because we are too lazy. Then, the boys from our class walked and asked us ..' cikgu x dak kaa'.. cikgu ada kot..kami jaa malaih nak pi..then we saw 'cikgu disiplin'..oo..nak jumpa budak takraw..Aand then the whole class just lepak..wasting 10 minutes of Sejarah's time. Not feeling any guilt LOL >.< After 20 minutes, we just decide to go to Sejarah takut sakgi cikgu perli tahap..  Lepas masuk bilik sejarah..Ain i asked cikgu to go to the toilet with Ain..Thanks a lot Ain..haha. Pasal dia x perlu aku kena spend time lama ngan cikgu sejarah. After we'd done.. kita tawaf satu sekolah dulu..haha.. 20 minits tawaf satu sekolah..Memang tak penat pon tawaf sekolah waktu bulan puasa. 

Anyway..jangan contohi perangai ini.. memang sure exam dapat result teruks..huu. Oh heyy..liya just gave me this NY shirt that she ordered online..It suits me..thanks liya lilo..cip cip (: hmm..this monday, that great Nora wants to make a chemia exam about electrochemistry chapter.. hate it! gonna continue study..bye peeps ;)

This guy is not take HIM~ | LOVE HENRY |

Nenek Si Bongkok 45678910

Heyyo :)

Nenek Kebayan..most common like a myth laa katakan..cerita zaman dahulu.Even P Ramlee pun buat citer ada watak this story..actually my story..that Nenek Kebayan is exist in my life..Hahaa.. serious exist..huh. Of coursee im not that happy like Jay's laugh or Tom's laugh. Basically,she exist when im 5 years old.Ohh so long aite? Mental suicide me.. Im literally jealous with your life.. If your life has no Nenek Kebayan..Lucky you!! So this Nenek Kebayan always ruines my plan. Like literally..always her and her and her..There's no one else can defeated her as plan ruiners. Basically, everyday i tried not to give a fuck to her but.. all my attempt failed. She cursed me..i cursed her back..haa ingat aku tak berani kerr orang tuanyaa puns..hashas

So today,this fucking Nenek Kebayan ruined my iftar planned with my classmates.. Saja trapped laki dia bagi tak payah hantar aku.. She said.."last minute baru nak gitau"..yang last minutenyaa pukul 3 aku bagitau.. kalau aku gitau pukul 6.30 tuu,,kalau dia nak meroyan aku okay fault.. nii alasan paling gilaaa penah aku dengar. Welcome to Asia. Where the parents have closed minded..haa if orang kat luar negara parent depa open minded..kat sini close minded.. x penah dibukanya puns.. pathetic. Bukan nak mengutuk kaa apa.. this post only tuju kat Nenek Kebayan which is she sit behind me right now.. can i just kill her now? Oh wait, let she enjoy this moment for a while.. just play it cool like Henry okay Dyno?

Am i sad for not joining my classmates? No.. i just mad mad mad.. MAD MAD MADNESS..aura Muse datang plakk..i just aaahhh.. i hate this situation..why this Nenek Kebayan exist?!!!! 'shout at Nathan' .." Im Jay's mum".. okay  Nathan..Okay fine.. its not your fault  for that Nenek Kebayan exist.. chill nath. Apa yang aku melalu nihh..haish!! So,lets continue, these Nenek Kebayan haunting me like 10 years more.. ugh.. Annoying tahap ke bulan mu tau dok.. She always right..haa.. A L W A Y S!! and im the only one had done the wrong. Haa.. happynyaa life budak 16 tahun.. happy as f***. Mata aku laa ni pun dah cam mata Summer D'Cruz tuu..acecece..bajets uolls. Actually my eyes look alike vampire that craving for blood.. Im not attempt any suicide yet.. Unless im that super duper stupid.. Its not a very good idea for me to attempt suicide like cutting my waist or my 'paha ayam' because i have phobia of anything that relate to blood. Such a fake PBSM member ._. To my classmates.. best dok woih makans.. esok bok mais kats akus skits naahs..

Can I become a vampire right now? Live untill forever with Henry Sturges. Fly here,there.. just us..we can make it.. ayat curi dari filem The Hunger Games.. Can I live like Catniss? Live in the wood..Kawan ngan beruang that chubby macam Matt and kill it and trade it at blackmarket.. or,, can I be Minion..naah,, Tata Balaa Tuu!! or be a part of 'How I met Your Mother' cast? Drinking all day and night// haromm..x boleh x boleh.. or aarghh.. forget all.. i just wanna stay beside Henry Sturges only.. oohh, i heard about acid ._.

So,,  before i start sambung melalut.. my story end here .. oh hey, seriously right now .. im acting like i dont give a f'xxx to my parents..again,, just play it cool like henry.. Present an Oral test in front of my classmates just presenting about No Doubt..And everything was  clear.. like i imagine from early.. my classmate did'nt know about No Doubt..Even Raqib pun clueless.. yesss.. and  i did'nt expect that my teacher has same interest with me too.. she know about gwen.. she came beside me and told me 'Hey,i know her,,Gavin Rossdale's wife' and im just know it right.. Aand she said that she has Tragic Kingdom's album..Nakk.. alaa.. Liya present cara buat totebag guna newspaper..creative laa liyaa nii..haha. Teacher ambik satu beg yang dia buat..tew.. Ain just spontan jaa..baca text tuu..amik kat internet jaa pons.. we're cool..ngehee..peace yaw (Y)


Heyyo (:

Firstly, i wanna ask you guys about something..How that feeling when you ask someone if he miss you or not  then he reply 'entah' to you? Sakit hati?  know that feeling bro~ heheh.. and suddenly it make me realise about..yeah..that is so damn true statement.. he might say 'NO'. Ye laa, sapa laa aku ni yang hang nak rindu kaan.. It make me realise that today genap 4 tahun im being invisible at school.In fact, dari form 1 sampaii form 4 nii, aku tak penah social ngan orang selain dari kawan aku 5 orang tuu ja. Tak penah plak terlintas dalam kepala aku nii nak join group hawt tuu kaan.. Being one of them~~

Tapi tahun nii..everything changed! Me friend with Lieya,Ain,Syahirah,Izzah and the rest..rasa macam orang lain nampak laa aku jugak bilaa aku kawan ngan depa.. samar-samar ._. ngehee~~kalau nak dibandingkan dulu dengan sekarang nii.. aku prefer masa sekarang..hoho,, kalau dulu laa kan.. nak cakap ngan raqib kaa,nurhan or afif memang getaq pala lutut laa..haaha..dah tak besaa.. Poyo truk aih aku nii..By the waym the main point is, Lieya,Ain,Syahirah,Izzah and the rest had changed me like 360 degree. Wuu, But to my old other still the same person that you knew..Always laugh and smile.Peace (Y) *x penah kan aku buat muka serious or marah..kaan..ngehee*

Back to the main tittle, 'Gone'.. The truth, it's all about that boy..Haa, 'that boy'.. always mentioning hazwan name to me.. F*** ugh :/  im just tired 'perang' with my head that non-stop being 'stupid'!It will always me who start that damn conversation first.. Why Dyno Why?? I need a closure ,,stupid...nice closure,,like serious one. Sometimes,im feeling like i have no one to talk to..i send him that sentence but he replied with 'lalala' ..ugh..always main main..Sometimes we just need to be alone to think about ourselves..about our future,, *macam motivator pulak aku nii..x sedar diri gamaknyaa*

Anyway..he gonna miss me when im gone..sad but gonna 'berusaha' to achieve my ambition..To be an architect.. marine <3 ngehee.. Amin..

' my heart is like an open highway~~ '

Dreaming About Barcelona and Arsenal

Heyyo :)
Its about my dream again...wuhuu.. Im a dreamer kann..
So..lets beginnn

Aku duk kat Stadium Bukit Jalil. How can I be there? aku pun tak tahu. Aku duk sebaris laa dengan peminat-peminat Barcelona yang lain tuu sebab kami macam nak celebrate depa masuk padang laa kan. Aku diri siap sedia ngan phone aku daah nak tangkap gambo katanyaa~~ haha. Aand you know what, aku camwhore ngan Messi..awhh. So cute baq hang!! Pastu nampak David Silva kat belakang ngan Neymar..Oh wait.. silva duk barca kaa?? OoO.. You know what, berlagak nam mampos Silva ngan Neymar, buat tak tawu jaa ngan aku nak amik gambar ngan diorang..eyy. 

Then aku keluar dari stadium tuu then nampak Arsenal's fan duk kumpul kat satu tempat nii.. Oh, diorang tengah wave kat pemain Arsenal yang duk dalam bas tu rupanyaa.. dah aku sedaq aku nii pendek and duk blakang sekalii tuu,aku tak pi laa tengok..sedeyh. Aku pun pi laa jalan sengsorang macam orang putus cinta punya gaya..then..i cannot believe my own eyes.. i saw Wojciech Szszesny,Gibbs,Oxlade Chamberlain, Per and Arsene Wenger..Wuhuu, untung gilaa aku..Berjalan kud nohh. Tanya depa,kena tinggal bas kaa?? haha, senyum jaa per..Apaa lagi akuu..amik gambar ngan diorang laa..haa..skali ngan arsene wenger aku ajak camwhoring.. fan Arsenal lain kan duk ralit wave tangan kat pemain Arsenal dalam bas tuu kan.. wehee..

Pastu tetiba fan Arsenal tuu perasan yang aku jalan ngan depa.. Kami apa lagii.. semua pakat larii skali ngan Wenger..haha..sumpah lawak, laju gilaa kud nohh aku ngan depa larii..Nasib hotel kat depan hidung jaa..Sampai2 kat hotel tu,Wenger,Gibbs,Oxlade ngan Per amik lif lain..Aku ngan Szczesny lagi 'rare'..kami guna lif yang khas untuk pekerja hotel hantar makanan bagi cepat tuu..Lif tuu laju gilaa nak mampos kud nohh..sat jaa sampai tingkat 7..bilik VIP tuu..Aand guess what, aku masuk bilik depa skali kud..wahaaa..aaaa..wuuu..heee.. 

Gibbs,Oxlade ngan Per masuk bilik sebab penat lari sangat..Aku,Szczesny ngan Wenger duk ilek jaa kat ruang tamu tuu..penat gilaa kud sprint larii tadii..Then aku raba poket aku then sedaq yang phone aku x dak.. Memang waktu tuu aku teryak gilaa dah kan..ada gambaq Messi apa semua nohh dalam tuu..Tengok aku dok teryak tuu, Szczesny start panik and hang tau dia just buat apa..dia bagi 5$ jaa kat akuu..sekeh pala sakgii..pastu ternampak yang phone aku ada kat sebelah tuu jaa..maluu!! then camwhore lagi ngan Szczesny..haha..poyo gila akuu..

Ahaaa..part seterusnya nii akward nak mampos and 18sx..haha.. kan Per,Oxlade ngan Gibbs tidoq so..aku merangkak naik atas katil and tidoq sekali ngan depa..wahaa, nampak dak kegatalan aku nii..haha! Pastu gibbs kata dalam bahasa Inggeris laa aku translate..haha 'Dia ingat orang tak tahu kud dia ada kat sebelah sini..haha' Haha Hehe Huhu..Aku kan tidoq antara Oxlade ngan Gibbs..ngehee, pastu Gibbs amik phone aku then kami ambik gambo lerr..atas katil kud nohh.. be jealous gooner..haha!!

Dalam hatii pun dok kata 'Don't wake me up, don't wake me up'..then Poof!! terjaga..eyyy..huhu sedeyh,,Haish gila bayang dah akuu nii..dah sampai seru kud nak pi tengok Arsenal for real..haha..

p/s: Gibbs peluk kaki akuu..ngeeeheee..hoho

My body is readyy for him ..bee boo bee boo

Stupid me.

Heyyo :)
Stupid me. 
Since when benda nii jadi.How i know about him? How can me and him being friend? How me and him start whatsapp every night without feeling awkward? Ugh..he has his own crush..not me. Let me think..

Kami ada kem PBSM which is everyone is WAJIB to attend that camp. Aku,Aina ngan Saiyidah pi la kem tu..Anis ada hoki so dia tak join. Memang kami kena duduk kat seksyen masing-masing, aku ngan aina seksyen 4. We`ve been told that malam Sabtu ada malam kebudayaan. I don't mind that thing sebab aku tak minat sangat benda tu.Join kem tu pon bukannya ikhlas pon, sebab cuak ngan Saiful jaa aku pi. First day tuu, okay laa kan, just me,aina ngan saiyidah. The second day is all this thing started.. second day i know about him, i friend with him, making joke with him, playing with him, ugh.. so stupid.

That second day, semua seksyen kena kumpul then bincang pasal malam kebudayaan, and kak kavita tuu just ask me and aina to play the role being PBSM member helping those war victim. First tu aku macam, ishh, gena nii.. then i told that kak suruh dia jadi ketua.. then he told that kak asking her to ask me to be the leader.. i say i don't want to be that leader. He keep forcing me and im totally getting annoyed with him. That petang kami ada sukaneka and i keep merajuk dengan dia. I don't know why im being so childish with him. Even im older 2 years than him. And that night,things getting serious, bila duk rehearseal tuu, dia datang then suruh aku jadi ketua. Ugh..Then he started to pijak my kasut. Aku pun balas balik laa kan,mana leh ambil ringan jaa kann.. aand that night he'd agree to be the leader aand the next dayy...

IM THE ONE WHO ASKING HIS PHONE NUMBER.. stupid me! Stupid Deanna is Stupid. Then he gave his phone number to me. And im just like ..okay.. ugh. After a few weeks, my level of stupidity increase when i decide to start message with him.. and he replied. Aahh,those days.. Can i go back to past time? yeah,the answer is NOT! if i can rewind all this time.. things i wanna change.. aku tak mau kenal dia,even his name, that face,smile and his voice. I hate all that.. I hate to have this feeling.

All i want is to format my memories with him.. aku nak kenal Jojo jaa budak form 2.Thats it. Ooh and hazwan. Just that 2 person. Enough. I hate this.Without him maybe i can move on really fast. Focus on my study. Just me and 4 Harmoni being childish and stupid. I'd been stupid for this a few month. All i can do is move on. Being #TWfanmily (the wanted fanbase).. find a crush.. eyy, i have one ;) filled my sketchbook with art.. playing PS2. Filled my world with arsenal and spain. Enjoy every second that tick. Have fun with my stupid and awesome friends.. that would make my day untill next years.. and what will make it perfect is, throw all this stupid mind thingy in the thrash.. 

On The Phone

Heyyo guys :)
Last thursday, i send a wechat message to my sir asking him about giving me Nora's number. (pergh,Nora's number..ngeheh) Then he asked me to write 10 reasons why i want that number and that pissed me off. Nak buat camna kan..Kuasa veto seorang guru kita tak boleh lawan. I gave him that 10 reasons aand he said that he cannot gave me that number..Majuk sat. Then i went out to take fresh air and when i came into the house and checked my phone..there is 1 missed call. Suprisingly,it from my sir,he call me and i like whaatt.. then i wechat him asked him if he really missed me and he said not.Kay fine! Then he called me again.. i cannot believe that i swipe the answer button 0.0

First word that came out from his mouth is 'Deanna marah kaa', and 'yes' is my anwer.We talked a lot! About me,school,Nora -.- and the results. It was fun to has this oppurtunity to talk to him once again.I miss him.I miss his voive..that evil laugh.. Duk keja gelak jaa time kami 2 cakap. Rindu gilaa weyh. And i realised that he tried to bully me on the phone..ugh. You win this time sir. Dari 6.40 sampai 7.30..pergh..masing-masing banyak duit,cakap tuu tak boleh lamaa lagii ka..kehkeh.

After we finished talking,he updated his status on twitter. 'lama x buli deana'.. hoho..told you,he really missed me..kakaka. 




Hello peeps:)
Today is another amazing day for me although there are something happen that make my me so sick of it.First, yang pertamaa sekali harinih ada PJK.Akibat kes yang berlaku minggu lepas (please don't ask), bajet nyesal laa kan. Hate that bij.Haa kena sekali ngan aku.Bajet suci bak kata Lieya..wkwkwkYang best hari nih, cikgu sejarah tak masuk kelas..weee. Me don't like much that teacher. Hari tu perli padu kud nohh kat aku, gila tak terasa.

Petang tuu syahirah dah gitau yang Ajwan ajak makan.Aku on ja.Sampai kat situ,nampak dia ngan Ajwan. Aku saja jaa kucai sikit Syahirah pasai fifaDAY dia tuu kan.Aku tengok dia cam okay jaa.Then dia citer kat aku benda yang jadi waktu dalam dewan tadi.Tadi ada apa tah kat dewan,budak form 2 ngan bdk seni pi laa kan. JengJengJeng, this is what i heard that make me feel so sick of it. 1.Dia gitau yang dia duk sebelah Paiq 2. Paiq duk keja tersentuh dia jaa ..dengar benda tuu aku apa lagi,aku send message kat Paiq then tunjuk kat dia pastu aku blah. 

Rasa macam tak boleh nak jalan dah.Sakit kud nohh.Sampai kat Lieya ngan Ain, rasa cam 'paralysed' sat. Mood aku down 60% terus.Then Lieya cam console aku sikit aah.Pastu Lieya ajak pi bank in sat.Ok laah aku ikut jaa. Aand paling best tuu,Liya blanja aiskrim,wuhuu.. mohon jeles. Aku ngan ain share la aiskrim yang ada kitkat tuu. Tapi,hari nii macam malang sikitt aah,angin kuat nak mampus.Habis kotoq tudung aku,ain,liya. Belemuih dah 3 orang kami.Macam kucing dah aku nengok.Wkwkwkw.\\

Sampai depan library tuu, ternampak budaj yang tak mai sekolah hari nih..Ajeri. Dengan baju kecik dia. Then lepak sat ngan depa.. Pastu Amin ngan Naim join skali.Duk sat, lepas liya dah balik ngan Amin tu,aku ngan ain chow laa kaan. Dalam keta tuu,aku bukak phone. Paiq reply 'buat majuk leh'..rasa macam nak buka pintu keta then lompat biar mati jaa aku nii.Ugh!!

Lepas habis semayang apa suma,check phone sat. Cikgu F. reply wechat aku.Aku nak mintak no. Nora waktu tuu. Then dia suruh aku bagi 10 sebab pasaipa aku nak no. tu. Habis 10 sebab tu dia kata dia tak mau bagi..ishh. Buang karan jaa aku pikir pasal sebab tu. Dalam pukul 7.20 + tuu cikgu call aku.. getaq pala lutut cekk oii,tak penahnya cikgu call aku.Sembang sakan kud nohh. Yang paling takleh pii time aku angkat call dia tuu, dia cakap, "deanna marah kaa" and im just like..what what what what. Comey jaa..haha.Sembang sakan kud nohh.. Aku gitaw dia aku fail 3 subjek (maluuu~~) then dia kata,"apa yang fail, addmath lepas tu.." aku tergelak, cam dia tau-tau jaa addmath duk fail sediaa.. Time aku cakap math aku fail tuu, dia kata pala dia duk berasap dengar tuu..ahaaa,sorry laa.. math Koh buat susah tahap kud nohh.. cedeyh~~ bilanya nak luluih tah.. Lama kud nohh sembang sampai 7.41. Banyak kredit diaa.. ngahaa.

Haa..tak habis pasai paiq plak..Banyak gilaa citer aku hari nii. who's reading this blog anyway. Im the owner.Ngehee~~ Tadi aku whatsapp dia pasal ...adalah.. then dia tulis..'awat deanna jadi macam nii harini'..aku pun cam..ugh~ annoying tahap gilaa .pastu dia duk reply 'majuk majuk'..ugh..sakit hati kud nohh awokk..tolonglaa paham. Malas kud nohh nak layan perangai main2 diaa..

I'm not important to you.I'm not I'm not.I'll never be.I'm still tryin to accept the fact.


Hello :)
Haiii..ada echo tak?wave ker? fuhh~~ berhabuk blog lama tak update. Laptop gilaaa. Bilanya nak boleh pi beli macbook pro tah. Laptop ni pun aku baru lepas format.. clean baq hang. Thank you Afif Redza.Haha.. budak ICT. konfem laah tau cara nak format netbook kaaann.Yang tu x paa lagi..yang syok tuu,terdelete sekali Microsoft Word.. pandainyaa,lupa nak backup.. last-last anwar jugak yang kena tolong..hmmm. So,its been July already.Wish? I hope my friendships with Liya,Ain,Izzah and Syahirah will be last forever.Aand, hazwan and paiq will be the most sporting junior that i ever have.Tew..bahaha.

Result Mid year?perghh,fail 3. Toksah kata apa laa kalau dah fail 3..nasib still dapat no.10.pheww.. LK lulus jaa?? haih,Deanna deanna..cenggini ko (Y). Dahla next!! about me and paiq..aicehh. Kawan jaa..hmmm kawan. Cedeyh terharu semua ada. wkwkwk..ini semua poyo.

so emm..rabu minggu lepas kann..ajwan ajak aku ngan syahirah gi makan habis time skolah tuu kami plak kena tunggu dia sebab klas di habis kul 2.30.Syahirah suruh ajwan pi dulu.Then habis bincang paa semua aku ngan syahirah pi laa jalan kat ajwan. Yang tak leh pii tu,duk pakat lawan 'hang la pi dulu'..cannot go la syahirah,,last2 aku yang decide pi dulu.First tu cam awkward pun adaa,,nak gelak pun adaa.Ya laa..slama ni kan duk mention kat twitter jaa..mai depan2 dia jadii awkward.Tengah duk bersembang tuu liya ngan ain mai.. x paa laa then tambah paiq plak sorang lagii.. rancak lagii aahh. Then,tengah duk syok sembang adik syahirah lalu..haha *bukan adik sebenar*. pergh,dah la minat kat Roy si senior aku waktu skolah rendah. Ain apa lagii..cucuh bom petrol laa.. Ain duk buat cakap perli deras kat budak tuu.Kesian gila kud. Girls are so mean..haha

Lepas lepak tuu kami kecuali paiq ngan hazwan gi KFC. liya ajak naim tuu skali.Tengah duk sembang rancak ngan Naim dia call awek dia.Punya laa romantik sampai tak bagi kami cakap apa pon.Lama gilaa kami lepak kat KFC.sampai kul 5 tu kami chow laa kaan, hmmm,anyway,besh gila hari tu tapi syahirah tipuu aku..haa,dia kata suara ajwan seksi, x seksi mana ponn,,ugh. Haha "--

Petang tuu kann.dlm pukul 6.30 tuu,aku call paiq nak tanya pasal something aand aku tak expect gila dia duk tidoq time tuu.Time dia angkat call aku tuu, dengaq suara orang mamai bangun tidoq..atototo. Comeyh wee. Tapi bersalah la plak kacau dia. XD

i dont care..i love it.. wahaaa