Mike Shinoda;s Birthday

Happy Birthday Mike :)) 
Asalamualaikum.. hye guyss :)
So today is my happiest day in my entire month.Its Mike Shinoda's 36 Birthday.Happy Birthday S P I K E! My obses toward him never fade eventhough he is married.So,in January,i was sign in for Mike Shinoda's Birthday Project.This idea is from Ana who is the active fan of Linkin Park.You can read all the detail in this tumblr.

You can send your picture holding a piece of paper that write 'Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda' in your native languange.So i just write it in Malay 'Selamat Hari Jadi Mike Shinoda'.Or you can send a short video of you say 'Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda" in you native languange.Actually i was planning to send them a video but i don't have smartphone or my own camera so i just send them my pic.

That day,i was about to send them the e-mail aand my gmail and yahoo stuck.And you know,cursing is good for release tension.That science ;) But i just said, 'Ya Allah' with full of patient.Then Alhamdulillah,it sent.Aand another problem pop up.'Did they receive my e-mail?'..i wonder till today untill they've update their tumblr post said the are replying all the e-mail submitted.I open my gmail and 'Alhamdulillah' the got my email.

I was fangirling + fanboyling that day..plus i was fangirling of my own post on tumblr.I checked my tumblr to see how many tumblr user reblogged my Mike and chester gif.FYI,that my first gif i've made by myself..guess what!! 67 person had reblogged my post.ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

So let's keep going.How about form 4 life.It kinda good and more pressure.Kinda have big problem with AddMath.I've to put more strength on that subject.The f(x) thing was so confussing me.And i can catch up Physics.Yes! now i can study Physics like a BOSS.My physic's teacher face really look like Nacho Monreal And Peter Crouch.You know,It's something.You study at 4 Harmoni's class it mean you live with the boys.There are only 8 girls and the rest of them are boys.I have to be more patient when i face the boys.They're really a gamer 'sejati'.


What do you think of My Doodle.2 days making.Only use pencil and pilot pen.