Baby Dumont


Heyyo :)
Hi guys ..after a week being form 4 student and all i can say is, 'AKWARD GILES'.4 Harmoni is my class.So,I have mentioned you about i want to be an architect in last post.So,4 Harmoni ada engineering drawing,i see my destiny there.As usual,duduk sebelah Anis dalam kelas.Duk tingkat atas sekali.Ermm,why akward?First,there are only 8 girls in my class and the rest of them is boys..tak kan pondan plak kan.Second,after 1 year he's back as my classmate.Who? Zarif.Third,this is the first for me,anis,fatin and saiyidah being separate.Fatin duk kelas 4B-giles pandais (gila pandai) saiyidah,aina and shahira duk kelas 4C.

This year,new status (menengah atas),new classmate,new teachers and gotta ready for more akwardness.(am i spelling that right).Hve to be more focus and no sleeping in class.So haritu ada mesyuarat persatuan,kelab and permainan.I choose PBSM,SPBT and Bola Keranjang.Cool giles!the crazy thing is,im the AJK for form 4 for Bola Keranjang.A lot of thank for Cikgu Rushayati,my geo teacher when i was Form 3.This Tuesday ada latihan merentas desa.Yehoo,im not sure whether im jogging or walking.But i will do my best.Promise.

To all No Doubt's Fan,it's Tom Dumont birthday!!

Happy Birthday Tom Du-Du-Dumont :) Have a great day and i hope this 2013 being great to you.Happy sweet 45.I love you and your 3 cute son (Ace,Rio an Koa).From Deanna,15,Malaysia.
Congrats The Wanted for Breakout Artist.

tak sia-sia aku retweet 20 kali+.Puas okey! Directioner down.Haters gonna hate.SorryNotSorry.They sang to Ellen.How cute is that :)

I do what chaz do to Zarif in class when he get too focus ;)