Dreaming About Linkin Park #2

There were a giant cake,cookies and other party food.It was weird night party.Im wearing linkin park t-shirt..again .Freehair dude.Got Nikon DSLR in my hand.Im walking around.Why im in this weirdo  night party? Then i heard someone said to her friend "Hey Nathan Sykes behind you".That girl look at nathan and nathan pretend like he doesn't what happen.
Met Nathan and ask him to take pic with me.Took pic with Nathan and Tom.Then i saw Jay.Took pic with Jay and Drogba beside him..what!Drogba? Then suddenly,im at different scene.

Got a key in my hand.Many peeps around me.There was one woman who held a green round pillow.She said "Who got this pillow will go to the stadium by double decker bus.Ahh..i miss the chance.Someone else got the pillow first so i go to the stadium but old yucky bus.Arrived at Stadium Bukit Jalil.LOL.. Bukit Jalil?Still freehair and DSLR in my hand and wearing LP tees.Oh God,Linkin Park...They do some rehearse.Sang along Leave Out AllThe Rest and Powerless with them.


 Then Shinoda came down from the stage.Shinoda again.Got Shinoda signature.Took pic with him.Took a walk with Shinoda and i gave him a piece of blank paper and he wrote some romantic sentence to me..hiish geram aku..I said "ececeicei,,anna did'nt mad with u?"Anna is his wife.
"she does'nt mind"..cewah,cakap ala-ala sean paul gitu.

Then we enter a building and then i saw No Doubt.No Doubt weyhh..ran toward Tony Kanal and took pic with him.Dia bagi aku cubit pipi dia.Ahhh,,geram gila aku.Aku cubit pipi dia.Then i took another pic with Gwen Stefani,Adrian just smiling at me :) that mohawk is smiling to me.alololo cutenya.Gwen was so amazing.Her 6abs was just perfect to me.Rock steady baby.

1 Husband 2 Kids 3 Label 1 Band 6 Pack-Abs and Plenty Of Cool...Sound P.E.R.F.E.C.T to me :)

But,a little bit Frustrated..yeah..it only a dream :3