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I go by the name Deanna but I prefer  'DynoWanted' to represent me because I don't like using my real name on internet lel. I was born in 11th June 1997. I love football and footballers. Arsenal fc is my passion and one day I'll enter Emirates Stadium with Anis and watch our favourite players scoring goals and chanting together uuu .Currently, I live in Lumut, Perak right now. My hometown is Perlis, I stay with my parent and siblings. I study in UNIKL Mimet - Diploma in Marine Engineering with Ain. You can contact me via anything, Ig/Twitter/Fb or whatever

I created this blog in 2011 ( I was 14 that time). I forgot my 13yrs old blog's password T_T (note: don't put your crush name as your password or you'll ended up like me :<) so this one is my second blog. Anis and Naz (currently in America) are the person who taught me about this blogging things. You can check her blog.  ANIS'S. Every year is different me okay. Don't ever mocked my zaman-tak-matang posts xD Everyone have his/her mature phase okay please. I never delete my old posts, because I love to read it sometimes. You may find 20++ my crush's name. Oh Lord .... (it was so embarassing). I admit that I'm a straight-forward person. So if you feel offended or whatsover.. I'm sorry x. I do the coding all by myself.. with the help from google lulz of course. I'm planning to change to (.com) but yeah you've to pay for that so I just wait for the right time for me to spend my moneyy like a boss.

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Finished high school
Finished Diploma
Chief Engineer (Ir. title)
Have my own company
 A boyfriend?????  how?? 
Travelling / Hiking
Go to Emireate Stadium
Buy my own domain
get featured in Forbes's list

You'll begin to heal when you let go of past hurts, forgive those who have wronged you and learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes.