Nothing left


Hi guys :) how about your holiday?let me guess, too much homework rite? if you say yes,just like me.Do you remember?Im posting about thinking of deactivate my facebook..Gahh,how much people reading my post?I think its nobody..So ya,i've made decision to --------------->deactivate facebook :') 

more greatness than sadness.Im happy to be lonely.No one care about me just ,myself.Now my focus is to STUDY.Heloo,remember im PMR victim :D how lucky i am <------too fake it isn't?Now im using 3 account for this time,youtube,twitter and blogger.hey,im gonna prove to my parent that im could get that super 8A..they not confidence about my potency.Im just wish that i could study in MRSM because i can live far away from my parent.Im just not like them at all but i still grateful to have them.

Heyh,even im said im lonely, i have super cute and charming friends.They all like my own brothers and sisters to me.They have all great criteria.Some of them funny,romantic *ehem*,clever in math,science,one of them is playboy *BEWARE* and so on.You can't find someone like them in world :'D They just available in 3 Tekun.Did you guys have too?if yes,you lucky tho :)

Ohei,you heard about new english format for PMR 2012.Naahh,am I have enough time to make my mind more familiar with the new format? just TAWAKAL to Allah SWT :) Now,i've little bit confidence for this coming PMR.Hey guys,im coming for the battle yeah,don't forget to jot down my name in fighter list :'D i'll not let the PMR win against me.Now,im become a survivor :) -----> err,is that rite guys?

Deactivate my facebook account feel like very great.Hey,im having broken english tho,if im making fool mistake,please write it on my cbox.Hey 97 batch,lets make good preparation for our biggest battle.PMR 2012 just being too EPIC :D