Steamboat!! Choo-Choo 8A

Why choo-choo?idk LOL :3 Seriously aku cakap,semua benda jamuan ni cam on the spot ja.First,Anis mesej aku 
'Malam ni ada jamuan kelas..nak pi dok??Izzati ajak'
Then aku call Anis suruh on Facebook senang skit nak bincang sebab top up kredit tak masuk lagi.Then aku confirm ngan Anis Farhana yang kitowang nih nak pegi jamuan tu.Gila engkau tak pegi,tiap-tiap minggu aku dok bayaq duit kelas dowh.Tapi x best lah Saiyidah x dak.Im just wearing simple outfit and Anis is wearing her Bayern Munich jersey.She got that after she got 8A'S in PMR.

Sampai dekat kedai Steamboat around 8.10 p.m. Masuk-masuk tu terus nampak batang hidung Daeng.Mukhriz ngan Izzati.Pakai kebaya doe...emm bukan Daeng yg pakai,Izzati yg pakai.Then terus jalan ngan izzati pegi duduk sebelah anis.
Yang hadir malam tu- 
-Mukhriz-Asha -Shahira-Husna-Alisa-Nisha-Aku-Anis -Izzati-Dinie-Alis-Daeng-Anwar-Ezriq-Danial-Ku Ammar

Makan time..
Seriously perut aku meragam gila sebab lapaq.Bukan aku jah,anis pun lapaq skali.Seriouly dia orang ada apply chopstick.Tension gila,,tensten gila nak kepit menatang tu.Arghh,at last pakai sudu ja la.Yang Husna jadi masterchef dah..Masak daging la apa la.Kami cuma rebus jah.Gila happening kut dengan sembang kuat.Mesti orang yg kat blakang kami annoying gila.Relek la,kami baru habis dapat result yg gempak.

Then tengah makan hujan lebat plak.Tempias kut.So,anis,husna ngan dinie angkat meja x sebelah skit.Powergirls gila kut.Abang yg tolong order tu pakai baju Arsenal.Awesome.Rock gila kami ni.Lusa nak start skolah dah hari nih baru nak buat jamuan.Terbaik.Tapi kesian gak la kat shahmin x leh join.Di duk kat taiping.Yang awesomenya,Izzati still duk kat SMK DERMA lagi tahun depan and Ammar akan blajar kat derma untill 14th Januri sebelum dia pegi sekolah tentera.

Aku,Anis and Izzati sembang.Asha ngan Sha including Alis ngan Dini tangkap gambar x berenti.Huna,Nisha ngan Alisa pun tangkap gambar.Geng laki besalah,,menyembang.Anis mintak nak naik pangkat tahun depan jadi ketua kelas.Aku on ja.So yang tu ja lah jamuan kelas kami.

Okeyh,sebelum tu aku nak ucap tahniah la kepada sapa yang dapat straight A PMR.I got 8A'S in PMR.Alhamdulillah.

Macam tak caya jah aku dapat straight A.Target 6A jah.Mak aku nak beli Samsung S3.Handphone tu dalam wihlit aku.Yehoo.Aku,Anis ngan Saiyidah kitaowang dapat straight A.So,anyone,skateboard satu harga berapa.Sila komen ya price skateboard tu.Bye Muffin :)

Dreaming About Linkin Park #2

There were a giant cake,cookies and other party food.It was weird night party.Im wearing linkin park t-shirt..again .Freehair dude.Got Nikon DSLR in my hand.Im walking around.Why im in this weirdo  night party? Then i heard someone said to her friend "Hey Nathan Sykes behind you".That girl look at nathan and nathan pretend like he doesn't what happen.
Met Nathan and ask him to take pic with me.Took pic with Nathan and Tom.Then i saw Jay.Took pic with Jay and Drogba beside him..what!Drogba? Then suddenly,im at different scene.

Got a key in my hand.Many peeps around me.There was one woman who held a green round pillow.She said "Who got this pillow will go to the stadium by double decker bus.Ahh..i miss the chance.Someone else got the pillow first so i go to the stadium but old yucky bus.Arrived at Stadium Bukit Jalil.LOL.. Bukit Jalil?Still freehair and DSLR in my hand and wearing LP tees.Oh God,Linkin Park...They do some rehearse.Sang along Leave Out AllThe Rest and Powerless with them.


 Then Shinoda came down from the stage.Shinoda again.Got Shinoda signature.Took pic with him.Took a walk with Shinoda and i gave him a piece of blank paper and he wrote some romantic sentence to me..hiish geram aku..I said "ececeicei,,anna did'nt mad with u?"Anna is his wife.
"she does'nt mind"..cewah,cakap ala-ala sean paul gitu.

Then we enter a building and then i saw No Doubt.No Doubt weyhh..ran toward Tony Kanal and took pic with him.Dia bagi aku cubit pipi dia.Ahhh,,geram gila aku.Aku cubit pipi dia.Then i took another pic with Gwen Stefani,Adrian just smiling at me :) that mohawk is smiling to me.alololo cutenya.Gwen was so amazing.Her 6abs was just perfect to me.Rock steady baby.

1 Husband 2 Kids 3 Label 1 Band 6 Pack-Abs and Plenty Of Cool...Sound P.E.R.F.E.C.T to me :)

But,a little bit only a dream :3

Dreaming About Linkin Park #1

I was in my grandma house doodling in my sketchbook.Then I saw a black car.I'm not sure what type of car but seem as SUV.Then,i saw Mike Shinoda came out and he walked toward me.And i was like..Oh my GOD.Is this real??Then he ask me about their song to me.Actually,he is finding a person who download their original song from Linkin Park's itunes.He said someone has deleted that song and they have no copy of it.Im the one who has the song in my Dell Netbook so i gave Shinoda the copy of the song to him.Done downloading the song and then i saw all the member of Linkin Park are waiting for Mike.I was so excited and immediately i took a piece of paper and pink sharpie marker.I got all their signature.After he thank me,Mike walk toward the door and he about to leave me.Then i remember about my wishlist..
'take a photo with MIKE SHINODA'

 Loudly I scream..
And..he stopped and looked at me."Can I take photo with you??."He smiling and said "Sure."I gave him my mom's galaxy tab because he is taller than me and dalam banyak-banyak kamera aku guna galaxy tab....
anddd, 'snap!' Got it,my pic with Mike Shinoda.alololo me taking pic with Mike's cute beautiful face.I'm feel like i'm gonna punch my own face when Mike's face is more beautiful than mine. Then Chester Bennington came and snap picture with us and then Mr.Hahn.Wow,so many pic of us.

Before Mike get into the black SUV car.We have some talk.
"I'm never go to Linkin Park's concert"
"What!! really?"
"Yup"<with sad face LOL.

He took his wallet and gave three concert ticket to me .They will perform live at Kuala Lumpur.Yehoo!!

"OMG..thank you Mike"<almost crying

Mike is smiling to me before he enter the black SUV car.

I was wearing LP black t-shirt.Anis and Aina with me, yehoo.

I met with them once again and MIKE hug me.He smell very nice.That cute smile was amazing.Im jelly..Snap picture with them..again.Andd its time for the concert!! Chester's vocal are so powerful and Mike too.After they done performed Burn It Down, i was screaming loudly Mike's name habis power la.Chester boleh angkat kaki dengar aku jerit.Then,there is a force that push Mike to see me.I was smiling at him and he is smiling to me.We make an eye contact like a second.Then,there were two securities were pulling me up to the stage and I can heard all the people were cheering at me.Jeles le tu kan.Mike said that he had something to give to me.I was so nervous and then he came out with this awesome black guitar with his signature on it.Oh,he also draw skull on that guitar too.Mike love skulls.I'm almost crying up there.Andd 'POOF'

It is a dream.
DREAM??I'm dreaming??
Unbelievable!! I was so upset you know..
Maybe dream come true?I hope so..
Beware.. The Captain is judging you as well as hell.So do I.


Behind The Screen


I go by the name Deanna but I prefer  'DynoWanted' to represent me because I don't like using my real name on internet lel. I was born in 11th June 1997. I love football and footballers. Arsenal fc is my passion and one day I'll enter Emirates Stadium with Anis and watch our favourite players scoring goals and chanting together uuu .Currently, I live in Lumut, Perak right now. My hometown is Perlis, I stay with my parent and siblings. I study in UNIKL Mimet - Diploma in Marine Engineering with Ain. You can contact me via anything, Ig/Twitter/Fb or whatever

I created this blog in 2011 ( I was 14 that time). I forgot my 13yrs old blog's password T_T (note: don't put your crush name as your password or you'll ended up like me :<) so this one is my second blog. Anis and Naz (currently in America) are the person who taught me about this blogging things. You can check her blog.  ANIS'S. Every year is different me okay. Don't ever mocked my zaman-tak-matang posts xD Everyone have his/her mature phase okay please. I never delete my old posts, because I love to read it sometimes. You may find 20++ my crush's name. Oh Lord .... (it was so embarassing). I admit that I'm a straight-forward person. So if you feel offended or whatsover.. I'm sorry x. I do the coding all by myself.. with the help from google lulz of course. I'm planning to change to (.com) but yeah you've to pay for that so I just wait for the right time for me to spend my moneyy like a boss.

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Push and Shove

Assalamualaikum :)
Nampak gambar di atas ??? Finally,aku dapat miliki cd Push and Shove-No Doubt.. :`) Aku nak ucapkan bebanyak terima kasih kepada saiyidah ngan anis sebab sudi teman aku cari cd push and shove nih..thank buddyz.Yang penting skarang aku HAPPY :)))

Album ni ada 11 lagu dan semuanya best :))
1-Settle Down
2-Looking Hot
3-One More Summer
4-Push and shove(paling best)
11-Dreaming the same dream

Mkay bye :) some gmbar yg ada dlm album push and shove

Saya sayang awak Tony Kanal,Tom Dumont,Adrian Young,Gwen Stefani,Mike Shinoda,Chester,Max,Nathan,Jay,Siva and Tom <3


Trip (KL-Shah Alam)

                                      cubaan untuk menjadi serious dlm post ni tak menjadi XD
1 st day-(18/10)
Selepas beberapa jam tercongok dalam bas,kami sampai KL and terus gi Midvalley.Aku penah pi dah tempat tu,so aku steady jah.Aku ajak la kawan2 kesayangan aku(anis,saiyidah and fatin) gi F.O.S,dlm hati punyalah berharap "Harap2 stil ada lagi baju gambar The Wanted yg baik punya",setibanya di sna..stok habis,rasa nak berguling kat situ gak tpi nasib baik wayar otak aku still dlm keadaan baik lagi.Then kami ronda2 ja la sekitar Midvalley tu.Tingkat bawah tu ada la sebuah kedai CD.Masyaallah,ada poster Linkin Park album Living Things.Gambar Mike Shinoda ngan Chester Bennington pose baik punya.Rasa mcm nak ambik phone aina snap gambar waktu tu juga tapi disebabkan aku seorang manusia yg mempunyai perasaan MALU,tak jadi ahh tangkap gambaq :/ Masuk jah kedai CD,tgk2 anis dah sengih sambil pegang cd 1D dya tuh,and i was like, huh,,directioners... p/s:me hate 1D.Aku nampak cd The Wanted,nak beli rasa x baloi sbb suma lagu ada dah dlm lappy aku.Jalan2 lagi nampak cd Linkin Park ngan No Doubt.And i was like..nak beli!!!gaya mcm zombie nak makan otak.Aku nak cd Push and Shove tu tapi tapi tapi mahall....<first world problem then letak la balik cd tu.sob sob T_T.Lepas tu kami singgah MPH..anis jah beli komok ARCHIE.Aku nak beli Hunger Games (Mockingjay) tpi aku cari x dak.Aku x tau plak MPH besar,aku ingat POPULAR jah yg besar.

Habih ja beli McD,jumpa cikgu.Cikgu kta bas parking kat depan.Kami pon ikut la cikgu.Habih jah tunggu kengkawan yg sesat sampai,kmi pun heading to bus.Bleyh plak afif ngan bob buat gaya pengawal peribadi mak datin(cikgu masnita).Selepas mengharungi traffic jam yg memboringkan,kami pon sampai la (i-City).Ni pun aku besa pi dah.Best woo main salji.Semua permainan kami cuba.Lama la jugak kami dlm tu..xtreme x kami?hahah,hyper terlebih kut malam tu.Then kami menginap kat hotel dkt la jgk dengan i-City.Tiduq sekatil ngan saiyidah ngan anis.Yg best tu,bangun ja aq pagi sok,saiyidah ckp aku tidur buass..gila! Gena aku x sedar aku tidur buas yg paling weird aq x sedar pun  bila aq bersin..WEIRDO


2nd Day,(19/10)
Birthday anis today.After having sarapan kitorang gi bread town.Sesampainya di sna,snap gambaq x habis2.Syok wo tgk cara buat roti.Then keluar dari situ,smua geng perempuan pakat fokus kat danish(anak cikgu) pose nak suruh abah dia amik gambar.Lepaih tu kami pi Perpustakaan kat Shah Alam.Kalau nak dibandingkan antara perpustakan kat depan sekolah kami tu perpustakaan ni lagi dahsyat.siap ada XD teater.Nanti aq upload pic.Then..SOGO time.Aku just beli baju gambar Eiffel Tower.Believe /Not,harga bju tu RM15 ja.Lawa and jimat.

Malam tu,kami pegi Berjaya Times Square.Aku ngan Anis gi kedai kopi.Anis ckp ala2 British accent kat cashier tu cappucino and Latte.Yg cerdiknya,beli kopi lupa amik gula.Mcm shit sja.Aku mabuk kot mlm tu.Pening kepala sbb too much caffein.Coffe selebihnya aku bgi kat idzuan,mcm mana la mamat tu mau sgt dgn kopi.Anis plak,buat eksperimen tepi jln tu jgk.Buat Cappucino ft Coki-coki.

3rd day,(20/10)
Naik monorel time.Diorang ada reserve satu monorel hanya untuk dermarian babe.Ehem best wo,round2 sekitar KL dgn monorel x sesak ngan manusia.Lepas tiba kat stesen Titiwangsa.Capt.monorel kena gerak ke kepala satu lagi.Fortunately,aq duk dekat la jgk ngan tempat dia drive tu.Hensem kot capt. tu.Orang kelantan.Yg cikgu Nurul beramah mesra dgn capt. tu.Huh jealous jealous...Then ketua capt. tu suruh la guna full throttle terhadap monorel tersebut.Best woo,laju gila.Yg cikgu Nurul cuba mewujudkan suasana EPIC dgn menyebut `Kami nak balik perlis`..aduhai cikgu kaunseling aku nih..haha :D great time.Bila nak kluar monorel tu cikgu nurul pesan kat abg wan tu,suruh bgi Kelantan menang.and KELANTAN menang mlm tu XD.

Kami singgah plak kat menara KL.Habih jah round2 atas menara tu.Cikgu bagi masa kat kitorang suruh enjoy ourself.Kebanyakan gi XD teater.Tapi tidak bagi kami.Kami jalan2 tgk surrounding bertangkap gambar bagai nak rak<aku ngan aina.Then ada sorang mat salleh pompuan ni,anis kata dia dri Spain..kut sbb dialek english dia x brapa nak fluent.Actually dia ajak aina ja just kami ja tumpang masuk skali.Kembang kempis hidung toksah kata.Dah kembang gila kalau Nathan tgk aku,sure pengsan doh..

                                                            Cutenes level over 9999

Lepas tu kami pun balik perlis..Melepas aku CD No Doubt aku tuh :/

Nearly close to the sun

the wanted and tom daley..Team Great Britain

serious comei tahapXD alolo

                                                mike shinoda is creating song..Handsome!!
Duhh lama giler kan aku tak update blog..ngee<im not sorry for that,aku punya blog suka ati aku lah..Cubaan untuk bajet ganas fail :( Sapa lah nak bazirkan masa nak bca post dalam blog ni kan.. anyway..tak terlambat lagi kan untuk aku ucapkan :


Di sini aku nak minta maaf kepada semua kenalanku jika aku tersalah step ka,tersalah cakap ka,terkutuk 1D ka..or else.Secara jujur aku nak story kat korang raya aku tahun ni tak gempak macam tahun lepas.Raya tahun ni ada macam something tak kena.Something missing.Tapi aku tak tahu apa yang kurang.Alhamdulilah duit raya still sama.Lebih RM100.Kalau korang entah 500 apa kan ..Raya tahun ni aku kurang la pergi rumah orang.Nak p rumah kawan2 aku?Depa duk arau, kangar berbanding ngan aku duk kat perlis jah.Rumah tuk aku pun dekat2 jah :(

BTW,Sapa fan Arsenal mesti dah tau kan yg RVP pindah pi mu.Jangan la bersedih..podolski kan ada ^_^ giroud kan ada..Fulamak,dah senyum macam orang gila plak aku tgk nama depa 2 orang ni..Cutee :))Oh ya,tadi aku chat kat IMVU.Aku chat la ngan mamat sorang ni,rupanya peminat MU..Aku apa lagi gaduh terus lah..tapi bukan gaduh sampai bermaki-maki,gaduh2 manja ja..cewahh

Sepanjang raya ni,aku dah TERJATUH HATI kat group LP(linkin Park)..Don`t worry The still hearting you :)) List mamat HOT aku..jangan take aku punya okeyh..korang pegi la kat Zayn apa tuh zayn malik ampa tuh yg kening tebal tuh.

hot Tom Daley XD

1)Nathan TW
2)Tom TW
3Jay TW
4)Mike Shinoda LP
5)Tom Daley GB
6)Jay TW
7)Max TW

Google lah gambar2 diorang..psst mike shinoda ada art gallery..dia sendirik pandai melukis.Untung gila isteri dia.Anak lelaki dia pun tomeii..eii geram gila aku.

Oh yaa,aku dah achieve target trial PMR..Alhamdulilah :) 
i`ve got scars beside my eye.Firecracker :(

CookieMonsta fabulous :)))))

Heyoo peeps :) firstly happy birthday to my besties NURSAIYIDAH..I hope hospital SM5 akan wujud nanti Aminn..bhaha,baru mula ayat dah merepek dah..FAIL! Dah tau kan SPAIN menang..sayangg cassilas ngan fabregas.muahh *kiss from Malaysia :) Dude,hari nih bosan gila,belajar bm and buat keja elektronik jah..suma cegu sibuk nak buat hari anugerah cemerlang.Untunglah jazli ngan asha naik pentas..huh -,-

Actually im having a very very great time with farah who belong to Mr.D,mukhriz,sha and dinie.They`re crazy!! Tak hairanlah dalam kelas bising tahap diorang suma nih.Buat keja ngan dini ngan sha sambil dengaq lagu.<--seriously sedang melanggar peraturan sekolah..whatever..Kucai farahiyah dengan skandal beliau dengan MR.D.John Lanford jadi sekutu aku.bhahaha.

Seriously waktu ujian oral harituh teacher tanya pasai apa aku minat modern stories that traditional story..aand my spontaneous answer is.... I HATE FAIRYTALE! tetibe je kata macam tu,..waktu tu cuak tahap dah aand teacher tanya why not..aand my feeling keep whispering me,,just say you don`t like fairytale and mostly unicorn.....But i don`t say it :( actually a little bit menyampah kat orang yg addict tahap kat princess semua tuh..fairytale are full of lying and i don`t like to imagine that im a princess that met with prince charming because i do have my prince now...<--sentence yang akan dikecam...mesti punya..

Other story,aku FRUST!ARSENAL nak lawan dengan MALAYSIA aand aku tak boleh pi..Adam..Zarrin...sponsor la tiket untuk aku ngan anis nak p tengok arsenal.Aku nak jugak duduk belakang Arsene Wenger.Aku type ayat ni sambil buat duckface,,curious gila..Untunglah kepada peminat2 arsenal yang berada di KL nun,kami 2 ni hanyalah 2 insan yang minat arsenal dan menetap di negeri Perlis dan tidak mendapat peluang menyaksikan arsenal lwn malaysia.*sad music playing..

but...lucky me because ihave them :`D

awww..tom and nathan :333 ILOVEIBIZA&YOU

NATHAN,TOM,SIVA walk like a BOSS :3 <3

Gotta Go Now,I hope you guys enjoy the last photo...1001 meaning LOL haha.source_9GAG