27 Aug 2011


Finally.. MERDEKA RAYA arrived.. it extremely good because we get 1 week free without going to school.. no book.. no teacher just laptop.. you know what.. im feel very good and cold because Perlis is facing extremely rain for 3 days unstopable.. jyeah.. feeling like im in CAMERON HIGHLAND because the water very cool enough.. everyone says in facebook.. twitter about they do not want to celebrate HARI RAYA with flood.. even im in KUALA PERLIS.. but i hope there is no flood occur. But that bitch is giving "Folio Sejarah".. OMG.. make my head a little bit dizzy..

u know what, my mum buy 2 Baju Kurung for me.. 1 pink and 1 green..ngee.. For your information, now im playing game without any problem.. because no homework that i have to do as fast as thunder.. ahh.. the rain make me feel better.. it suitable for sleep in this cold condition..

i got to off now.. bye stalker :)
p/s:mukhrizz.. ingat ag sorang bleyh tulih blog bahasa inggeris.. aq pon bley.. huh

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